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We are very happy to say that our account is back up & ready to go

All thanks goes to @agate for helping us sort it out

Expect to see wee [& special] things, that we feel would be better suited to the platform, rather than using bandcamp for uploads we feel could be better on

We will still upload to bandcamp, of course, but having other decentralised platforms to share our music is great 🤘




We had our single 'Numb Change' reacted & analysed

This was quite unexpected to say the least, & we are happy that the reaction was what we wanted it to be. Meaningful

We do thank Half Life Sistah & Wolf Kain, for doing this reaction & analysis. But thanks also goes to @Bella for putting it forward in the first place

We appreciate an analysis of what we do. We want people to think & to question more & shout louder & louder


Links on mastodon have been updated, as well as the website 👍

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We do thank @oleksiy for pointing it out & sharing this. It had been on our minds for a while, but we have been busy getting this album made

So it was time to rip the band-aid off & start again

We are always looking for great, decentralised ways to share our music & message. We just don't need to do it on platforms which have terrible content that puts back progression

We love you all for your understanding & support ♥️

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We've joined

@oleksiy gladly pointed out bittube was rife with hate speech based content, & we don't dig it

We make songs that point out problems, but we are masters of our destiny & won't blame others just because of their skin, race, religion etc

Peertube is all encompassing for active instances. But we dont need to be part of one that has a collection of objectively wrong subjects, in the worst way

We can do better, & we will

Here is a wee snippet of a track called "What's Beneath"

We are doing the vocals, but felt to share this beast marching feel we have going

Much love to you all ♥️

We want to share a 'test' we had made

12mm ear plugs for stretched ears. 1 plug saying 'MADE OF', & the 2nd plug saying 'ERUERS'.
It's kind of, but not really merch right now, hahaha

We had 2 pairs made

We're pierced & wanted to try something a wee bit different than what other people/bands do.
Though we are looking at shirts & the such, but really nice comfortable ones. We don't want more cardboard feeling Gilden shirts, hahaha


Everything that has happened & continues to happen, we were never sure we would get this album done

We can happily say that the album's nearing the vocal recording phase.
We still have a few things to do & to make sure everything 'feels' correct.
But once vocals are done, it's the final mix down & master stage

We will also be looking at the artists that have grabbed our visual interest & will be looking at what feels right for it & see about working together 👍

We have currently removed our funkwhale account. Due to sorting out the account

Should be back up soon


We are now on, which means our site & ourselves are fully decentralised

We plan to share some more things thru, these will be snippets as well as tracks we feel couldn't live elsewhere

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positive trans music vibes 

@lewlepton @eruers I love your music and the message behind it ❤️

Little demo snippet off one of the tracks we are working on

We funnily are starting to say to ourselves that we need to *stop* making more tracks & get the ones we have already recorded, finished.
Because if we keep recording new things, we won't have enough time in the year to get this album finished

No rest for the wicked 🤘

But rest assured, we are so incredibly happy for getting this album done

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A snippet of what we are cooking up & looking forward to releasing to everyone. Its been quite a ride, but we are feeling great about ourselves & what we are doing
#ERUERS #music #demo #snippet #sound #drums #alternative #guitars #boost #share #rock #noise #support #bandcamp #LGBTQIA #queer #trans #blacklivesmatter #blm #protest

We have joined the platform from funkwhale

Expect to see things crop up. We will be saying goodbye to soundcloud very soon, extending our decentralised world & ridding ourselves of ad-centric & harmful platforms

We now have a BitTube account. Making our move even further to come away from ad reliant platforms

We have ideas & plenty of them to do visually. But first, we need to get this music done 🤘

We would like to thank our supporters & listeners

We are not stopping anytime soon, at all. We have so much more to do

But this month has been lovely to not only introduce ourselves & our project, but to see how people have reacted to what we are doing

Its been very positive & we love you for that


We have put our notice up to our Twitter followers & said about the move exclusively to @Mastodon & @pixelfed for our social media. Our instagram will soon follow

We also have pointed to the projects as well in the tweet, stating reasons as to why. Keeping it simple & straight forward.
Giving people a choice to find us

We appreciate the time & effort these developer have put in, along with the community involved.
We believe in the action of decentralised platforms & support them fully



There is still a while until this is fully ready & plenty more arrangement to play with.

But we are so damn happy with what we are doing in these crazy times & what it means to finally tell our stories & share our message.

Who knows

But one thing for sure, is that we can not wait until we get to share it with you


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