folks you hear about bitbucket? they're getting rid of [squints at cue card] 30 to 50 feral hg

Visiting Japan has taught me that it was a mistake to focus on kanji/vocab and hiragana and not worry about katakana; katakana is used at least as much as hiragana from what I've seen, and because almost all loanwords are written that way, words I'd normally recognize are unreadable or slow to register.

I'm cramming katakana flashcards on the shin to Kyoto as penance.

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

I feel like I've been on some sort of personal improvement bender since the year started: losing (a lot of) weight, learning 日本語, "swiping right" again, even stopped biting my nails.

It seems I'm coming to a critical juncture though: I would cut someone for a little pasta, Japanese makes me feel dumber every day, I remain desperately lonely, and my goddamn fingertips itch.

(Not really looking for advice or help here, just having a shitty night and screaming into the void a little. It'll pass.)

When someone asks me the reason why fascist scum is on the rise worldwide

Also, is an international treasure. I don't even have the words to explain how good their dictionary is.

The GNOME 日本製 IME is tremendously good with a Latin keyboard: type romaji, get hiragana/katakana/kanji automatically. Even an idiot like me can use it.

I'm similarly impressed with Google's IME for Android: it's basically T9, but for hiragana. I'm guessing this a pretty common input arrangement on mobile in Japan?

(It'd be easier to use if my instant recall of hiragana was better. 😛 I have so much work to do here; I'm still not sure why I thought learning a new language was a good idea.)

If I once had the notion that I was modestly intelligent, and perhaps even capable of learning new things, I have thoroughly driven those ideas away by trying to learn a new language.

(But I still think Japanese is a ton of fun.)

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Trans bay-area friends looking for portfolio shots, or who just want to try doing an artistic shoot: an amazing friend who does queer & body-positive photography is looking for models for a (timely) new project.

I can put you in touch, or their Instagram post is here:

heyyy uh

quick reminder

ESR took a cool counterculture and got his shitty right-wing UNIX ideology all over it—he's not just a bad person, he's a exceptionally bad historian and you shouldn't take his word for anything, the jargon file that he "curates" reflects nothing like an actual 70s/80s programming culture.

here's a pre-ESR jargon file for reference:


I'm realizing that there's a common misunderstanding regarding tech principles such as "Free Software" or "transparency" or "standards." Even democracy!

The point has never been that every single person should edit source code and submit FOIA requests, all while running for parliament...

Even if you never intend to do so any such things yourself, if you have the option, it means you (or your community) can, if necessary, recruit an expert who will.

Having such options matters a lot.


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