It is really weird hearing second-hand that someone you worked with for years is just poof, gone, because of COVID-19.


I have nothing insightful to say here. Wash your damn hands, wear a mask, and if you're American, vote in November like your life depends on it.

"Learn how to burn down your state from experts in the field!"

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Got an email titled "You are Invited: PG&E Wildfire Safety Webinar and Town Hall" and I'm genuinely confused, is this, like, a how-to tutorial session?

I never thought I'd be stuck voting for Creepy Grandpa Joe and a cop that hates sex workers and transfolk, but I guess the hits just keep on coming in the year of our lord 2020

So, uh, I'd just like to say that five months ago I was way more optimistic than I should have been.

A quick chronology:

Pirates of the Caribbean
2 Pirate 2 Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End
Pirates of Caribbean
Pirate Five
Pirates of Caribbean 6
Caribbean 7
The Fate of the Caribbean
Sparrow and Swann

happy feral hogs tweet anniversary, here's to 30-50 more.

It is funny to me how Twitter just posts merrily about their "new API" like it's the hot new thing when they've systematically burned bridges with every app developer after ruining a flourishing API ecosystem a few years ago

I never got around to reading Harry Potter, but I imagine a lot of people right now feel the same way about JK Rowling as I did about Orson Scott Card when I first read his opinions about queer folk, or Scott Adams' positions on...well, almost everything.

Really weird that a successful space launch requires running commentary about American exceptionalism and a thank-you-dear-leader speech at the end, but I'm not a rocket scientist, what do I know

Oh no I accidentally watched Clannad again

My eyes are leaking why do I do this to myself

If shortbread is so good why isn't it longer

So apparently I've adjusted. the eye strain I felt even a week ago is gone.

This has meant I've taken a very large bite out of my reading queue in a very short period of time. I'm reading significantly faster than I was a few months ago.

It seems obvious now that my dip in reading was due to unnoticed discomfort (the effect); my eyesight was degrading so slowly that I hadn't noticed it.

I should have done this a year ago. 🤦‍♂️

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Proof that I am, in fact, aging: I've owned reading glasses for a few months now.

How do people get used to these things? These past few weeks (thanks, pandemic!) I've been reading almost as voraciously as I did when I was in high school, but while the early mild headaches and dizziness went away quickly with regular use, my eyes are still *exhausted* after a session.

Maybe I'm just working them harder, now that I can actually focus on what I'm reading, rather than inferring from vague shapes?

What idiot called them "Rustaceans" instead of a "cargo cult"

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