We're hiring! My team (Virtualization & Storage) is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us (remote, EMEA/LATAM). If you're interested, you can contact me via DM or Keybase (check my profile).

ACUARIO: Es posible que hoy quieras arreglar algunas cosas y eso es algo que debes meditar, o al menos consultarlo con un experto. Tus adicciones van a mejorar tu relación con tu pareja y/o Chicho Terremoto y viviréis una etapa muy tierna. Hoy tendrás ganas de hablar sobre un equipo de fútbol con tus seres queridos.

TAURO: Vuelves a analizar cuidadosamente el vino tinto, y eso te da ánimo para seguir hacia delante con más afán que nunca en esta tarea. Hoy no podrás enamorarte de nuevo con Ren y Stimpy, pero es que si te das cuenta, nunca han sido de fiar. No permitas que los compromisos laborales te arruinen la existencia.

WTF ... Mozilla had always running JavaScript inside PDFs disabled by default.

But now with FF 88 this option is ENABLED by default. Which means, if a PDF file contains JS it will run without any user interaction. What can possibly go wrong?

To disable this:

pdfjs.enableScripting --> false

# FF 78.10 ESR doesn't include this option and still blocks JS in PDFs by default. Just tested.

Wow, Tantacrul is now in charge of the design of Audacity, which means for the first time in its 20+ year history, it will stop looking and functioning like ass.


Req for help w/mental health: 

I need psychotherapy. Urgently. :_catsad:

The cheapest price I could find (35€ a session) is still too much for me, and I need several.

If you can help, I'll be very grateful for anything you can spare my way.

From 3€ as a sole donation to 3€ a month on my ko-fi, every bit counts & makes a huge difference!

:paypal: paypal.me/eloisa85

:ko_fi: ko-fi.com/eloisa

If you have the means, please help me. Boosts are also very welcome! :blobcatheart: Ty!!!

Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

I search on the web, wondering if there's truly no way to join from a browser. And I find a Microsoft support page that says that videocalls are not supported on Firefox. So this piece of shit not only doesn't work on FF, it doesn't even *say* that it doesn't.

So I try with Chromium and sure enough, it finally loads. I kind of hate the experience, but at least it worked.


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Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

Had to join a Microsoft Teams meeting (first time). WHAT A SHITSHOW. WHAT THE FUCK.

I was given a link to join. When I click on it, it shows me a landing page that tells me to download the "Linux app" for "the best experience", but no option for a presumed "not best" experience on the web.

I give in and click on the link and it gives me... a WINDOWS executable, and I see no option for any other platform 😠


What's that Craig?

Penguicon is this weekend?

Why, yes, it is, and have we got a line up of awesome folks for you to come visit:


It's not to late to register, but you'll want to make sure you register soon. Procrastinate on this and you'll miss out on all the great panels we have lined up:

Learn more at:


#penguicon #penguicon2021

Last #drawtober I created some art based on this "Vampire: The Masquerade" official prompt list. I love vampires and I love this game, so I've kept working on some more illustrations. I'm starting this thread to share all of them 🖤
El #drawtober del año pasado hice algunas ilustraciones basándome en la prompt list oficial de "Vampiro: La Mascarada". Como me encantan los vampiros y adoro este juego, he seguido trabajando en más ilustraciones. Inauguro este hilo para compartirlas todas 🖤

Here comes #GodotEngine 3.3, paving the way for many exciting 3.x updates while we wait for Godot 4!

This release has countless bugfixes and new features to make Godot 3 a stable, reliable and high-performance #opensource game engine.


Complaining about allergy, swearing 

Fuck you too, allergy. Fuck you too.

I still cannot get over this incredible cover of "Would?" (the Alice in Chains song) reimagined as a Soundgarden song:

I haven't heard that much Soundgarden, but to me it sounds *so much* like them, and how he imitates Chris Cornell is 🤯 The choice of notes, the harmonies, the changes in the guitar parts... wow. I love it when people can "distil" and deconstruct what makes bands sound like they do.

I strongly considered applying for this role myself (I think I'd be a strong candidate), but I decided I'm currently fine career-wise: torproject.org/about/jobs/tor-

Maybe it should go to someone with more C++ experience? Is that you?

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