Oh no, I don't want sbc going away, please save it.


It's a freaking coop, it shouldn't go down because of one person.

suspended the DisneyDream spam bots

dev console snippet for admins:
Account.where(username: 'DisneyDream').find_each &:suspend!


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I have probably mentioned before that one of my favourite YouTube channels is Blind Covers, a show in which a band covers a song they _don't know_, just from the lyrics. So, basically, they write a new song using the lyrics of an existing song. And they only have one hour to finish it and record it!

One of my favourite covers is Erin & Melissa's cover of Pride by Manchester Orchestra:

JavaScript Template Attacks – new possibilities for browser fingerprinting:

ndss-symposium.org/wp-content/ (PDF file)

"We found environment-dependent properties in all major browsers, including Tor for Android, allowing us to reveal the underlying operating system, CPU architecture, used privacy-enhancing plugins, and the exact browser version."

#tracking #javascript #fingerprinting #privacy #jsta

"I notice that the people who are afraid of machine super-intelligence are almost exclusively white men. I don't think anxiety about AI is really about AI at all. I think it's some white men's displaced anxiety upon realizing that women and people of color have and have always had sentience, and are beginning to act on it on scales they're unprepared for. There's a reason that AI is almost exclusively gendered as female."


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VLC media player 3.0.7 released, containing mainly fixes for security vulnerabilities discovered due to the EU-FOSSA program.


– over 40 security vulnerabilities were fixed
– detailed report: jbkempf.com/blog/post/2019/VLC

#vlc #videolan #mediaplayer #update #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Music Monday! This week I wanted to show what we take for granted in music. It sounds good when there's "groove" and all instruments are in sync. A band/song is more than just several instruments playing at the same time. It's something you learn by playing with other people, it's not easy to learn by yourself!

See 0:35, when the other instruments enter. It's a complete disaster, like listening to three songs at once! Also 1:36 is worth... experiencing.

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Github used Haskell for their program analysis system and they wrote an explanation on why they picked Haskell



two very long (8 and 12 hr) dj tracks i used to play on youtube to get me through hard focus days got pulled down though i'm not sure why.

archive stuff you like when you find it folks. the digital cloud is ephemeral, just like the analog ones.

"How To Draw A Horse" by Emma Hunsinger (seriously, read it through to the end) newyorker.com/humor/daily-shou

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William Goldman wrote the book and screenplay for The Princess Bride. I like this story he told about Andre The Giant.

just published a short article on some stuff i've learned recently about Jest mocks.


thanks to @estebanm and @federicomena for the encouragement to write it!

hey everyone here's your reminder to back up 👏 all 👏 your 👏 stuff 👏 👏 👏 👏

We are proud that our tools can serve the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in places where it is dangerous to be out.

This June and year round, the Tor Project stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy ! blog.torproject.org/pride-and-

For the love of St Cobain, please don't lump us Gen-Xers in with the boomers.

Hey fellow Bi and Pan folks!

Imposter syndrome is super common within our adorable little subsets of the community!

Worried you’re not Bi or Pan enough? That’s the imposter syndrome talking!

But you ARE!
You’re more than enough!
You’re awesome!

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