They gave her a pet rock as joke. A lonely pet for a lonely woman.

She grew fond of it anyway.

She greeted it every morning when she turned off her alarm.

She rolled it in her hands while she thought.

Sometimes she painted it with bright patterns or cheerful meadow scenes.

When it purred for the first time, she was startled but pleased. It began to follow her to work, rolling tirelessly in her footsteps.

All the love she had given it, it returned tenfold.

#microfiction #TootFic

Video games (Bloodborne) (+), fantasy bloody footage 

The visceral attack in Bloodborne has to be the most satisfying mechanic in any video game _ever_.

Look at this, especially starting at 0:30:

The incredible sound design, the subtle camera zoom perfectly sync'ed with it, the incredibly bloody graphics, and how satisfying it is to execute one of those when the game is often so punishing... just adds up to an amazing feeling 😄

Haven't yet voted for your favorite drawing for the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen?

There are still 11 hours and 37 minutes left to take part in the community vote!

Cast your vote here:

#inkscape #aboutscreencontest

(Reposting a beginner sewing guide that I made on cooler mom.)

I thought since there are probably a lot of people who didn't learn the basics of sewing, and since it is such a useful skill and I know a bit about it, I'll share what I know.

Here are what I use the most in my sewing kit:
Sewing needles, seam ripper, nippers, beeswax, and thread.

RT @krucial_a
Looking for a POC game writer! Currently working on a serious game with @gamingfordev about the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on communities of color. Small scope, only 5-6 pages of dialogue needed. Unfortunately tight timeline so will need to be finished by March 5th.

Instance admin just lost their job, might need help is one of the largest and nicest instances on the Fediverse, run by an enthusiastic admin called @stux

Unfortunately Stux has today found out that they are fired from their day job 😞

However, by happy coincidence, Stux had just set up a hosting company. If you need web hosting, domain names etc please consider using Stuxhost so that Stux can continue working:

The bundle of holding just released a new bundle _strictly for charity_ that features free games. All the money after fees will go to the RPG Creators Relief Fund.

One of the games is a storytelling game about The Suffragettes (in particular) and activism (in general) called "Deeds, not Words", written by yours truly! 😄 🤯

I'm really hyped about this, check it out!

My wife on password managers: "why do they call it keep ass." I'm never going to look at it the same again. You're welcome.

Are you a native speaker/writer of Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), or Polish? Please help finish translating the new OnionShare. These languages are nearly complete and I'd love to include them!

Here is the OnionShare project on Weblate

OMG @mardelvallearts joined Mastodon! 😍😍😍

They are (among other things) the incredible illustrator who made the cover for my game "Deeds, not Words" (and some illustrations for some scenarios I have written):

Hi, I'm Mar del Valle, a queer nonbinary illustrator from Spain! (she/they) 🌈 I love to draw powerful women and queer characters, often with a dark, occult, mythological touch. I also have a soft spot for paganism, witchcraft, vampires, angels, demons and fae.

I'm new on Mastodon, and I'm so happy to be here! 💖

✨Shops and more:

#introductions #introduction #illustration #art #goddess #paganism #witchcraft

Happy "I love Free Software Day" everyone 💕

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know that K-9 Mail needs your help.


Please remember: functional cookies (login session, shopping carts) do not need user consent. So every time you see one of this oversized cookie banners someone is trying (often through dark patterns) to make you accept the whole tracking and spying as well. Don't be mad at the legislative for creating the need for tracking consent. Be mad at the websites that are trying to stir you up against that law by annoying you with those banners.

3D light sources question (Maybe Godot-specific) 

When I create them through code they don't work because the light is not pre-baked or whatever. So I can create a GIProbe node to re-bake it after creation... but the problem is that it only affects a certain "box", and my scene is a bit too big for that to be practical (and I seem to recall it gave me some problems, surprises, too).

So, is there any way to reliable import/create many (spot)light sources in Godot?

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3D light sources question (Maybe Godot-specific) 

I would like to have spotlights in my game (have a "night mode" and the only light is from artificial sources).

I cannot seem to import light sources from Blender (they get imported as type Node, and even if I change the type, I _can_ see the light in the edit/preview UI, but _not_ in the final game through the camera!).

They are impractical to create by hand in the Godot UI, and the other thing I can think of is creating them through code (1/x)

Open Science job opportunity, UK-based 

STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council) in the UK are recruiting an Open Science Services Manager in their Scientific Computing Dept


Share in this thread 1 track you produced yourself.

Advice: you'll get more if they know what to expect, so I'd love to read about genre, context, idea behind the production etc.
Please specify the licence if it's "free/open", I'd love to share it.

You're not a ? Boosting is caring. Musicians need listeners.

And now let's hear some music!

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