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@fil0gelos ¿Qué ha pasado? ¿No habían hecho incluso un rediseño hace poco?

Are you queer or gender nonconforming? We need your help!

My little sister is a high school teacher who's looking for queer & gender non-conforming students to answer a few questions about how she can best support them in the classroom!

If you have a moment, please fill out her form here:

Please boost this! Thank you! ♥️

@Canageek @tindall TBH I think it sounds amazing, but I don't have time to read and understand the whole thing :-( I play very little, and there are so many other games to try that require much less effort :-/

@federicomena Sadly, people probably tried but didn't bother to report bugs, or didn't know how. TBH I rarely report bugs myself, and I'm a developer! :-/

CON 👏 SID 👏 👏 ER 👏 MORE 👏 👏 👏 COM 👏 PLEX 👏 RHY 👏 👏 THMS 👏

@craigmaloney BTW, suggestion on birdsite was to use Immutable.js, which has proper data structures that behave like they should.

Unfortunately, in my case this is too much so I'll end up making the comparison by hand because my case is very controlled and limited.

Git Gud? More like Git Push Origin Master

@craigmaloney what I want is a set, really, but one that correctly compares non-scalar items (unlike the one in JS). In my case, each element in the set happens to be an array with two elements, and JS can't compare arrays with ===.

In Clojure, and probably most other functional languages, is laughably easy. I wouldn't even think of it.

@craigmaloney Given an array with the three elements ["item", 1], ["section", 2], and ["item", 7], I want to add ["item", 1] to the array and have it not change (still have three elements, not four). It seems to be extremely awkward to do in JS :-( But maybe I'm missing something...

Given an array in JavaScript like [["section", 1], ["item", 5], ["item", 17]], what's the best way to add to it without duplicates?

Finally finished Queer Privacy ( by @sarahjamielewis. It's a very interesting collection of articles about queer (non-cishet) privacy challenges and stories. They were generally enlightening, and the one about trolls was really scary!

Consider buying it and supporting work like this!

Pixiv launches Pawoo Music, a #Mastodon instance dedicated to music, mostly for independant artists.

- Music upload (audio+picture) with automatic tag detection
- Plays media with audio in timelines
- YouTube integration
- Docked player with playlists
- All improvements (local timeline preview on homepage, media timelines)

I just checked it and it's AMAZING.

poke @Gargron :]

@ekaitz_zarraga Animation are pretty shite for modern standards, but it's still cool: And it's challenging to keep rhythm with L1/R1 while trying to chain movements and such. Also, if you like Parkour, have a look at Free Running. It's kind of fun.