"But why?" he asked, confusion filling his bloodshot eyes, "no one's ever helped me like this."

"I learned long ago," the time traveller smiled, her words radiating warmth and confidence, "if no one helps you–"

"–always help yourself," he finished.

She brushed back her hair to show a birthmark on her neck.

A genuine smile lit up his face for the first time in years as he touched the same birthmark on his own neck. The future had never looked brighter.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

(New) Oslo public library (+++) 

I'm still amazed by the new Oslo public library. I love it so much. The building is gorgeous, they offer so many services, it's so nice outside, so many spots to just sit and read, or work, or use computers for free, print, sew, listen to music, record audio (like podcasts) in a special room, play instruments, watch films...



Ya está abierto el C4P para la @PyConES 2020 (online, este año) es.python.org/abierto-el-call-
No lo dejes para el último momento. Y aviso, si no hay charlas suficientes, igual eligen una propuesta de las mias. Si lo quieres evitar manda una charla de esas cosas interesantes que haces🐍

Don't let anyone tell you that searching for answers online in a technical field is wrong or somehow a sign of weakness. It just means you're not sure how to do something and are asking questions from the internet.

Weakness is part of programming. Not understanding is part of programming. Nobody understands all of this shit without someone helping them. It's just that some folks forget who helped them.

(I wrote a book on this and other things about programming here: themediocreprogrammer.com).

Remember that cover of Fragile I was making? We're still learning it and it doesn't really sound good, but at least you can get an idea of the "flavour" of the arrangement.

I'm not so sure that it's more natural to feel the second half as 3-2-2, at least in this take, but hey. I'm still really proud of this chorus 😅 However, I do wish the bass was more prominent in this recording! Or, you know, that it wasn't a crappy phone recording, generally.

The Last of Us Part II (+++++), NO spoilers 

I finished my (first?) playthrough of TLOU2. I already had that impression a couple of hours in, but the more I played, the clearer it got: while you might not _like_ the game (people have different tastes), *anyone* who says this is a bad game is either (a) a bigot, (b) a grifter with an agenda, or (c) someone so ignorant about video games, storytelling, and design, that... you can safely ignore their opinion.

UK people, please join me in signing this petition asking the government to keep gender transition treatments legal for trans kids!


Dear lazyweb: anyone has any idea how to get a list of popular baby names *per country* for around the 1920-1950?

For the US is trivial, but I'm looking for other countries too, esp. European countries (say, Germany, Poland, France, maybe Scandinavia... and a couple from outside of Europe would be nice, too!).

KeePassXC, my password manager of choice, just released a big new version, including:

- New theme(s) and icons
- Database password health check
- Separate, opt-in HIBP online check for breached passwords.
- Complete refactor of hardware key integration (YubiKey and OnlyKey)

More about the new version: keepassxc.org/blog/2020-07-07-

Download latest version: keepassxc.org/download

They also published a new "Getting Started" guide for users: keepassxc.org/docs/KeePassXC_G

Brazilian games company Behold is hiring trans women as story writers / worldbuilders for a tabletop about magical girls and cosplay. Full-time for 18 months, salary ain't bad either at r$5k. bit.ly/beholdcontrata

if it wasn't so important for me to stay in Germany I'd be so all over this omg

tiendachulito.com/ shop has an option where you can sponsor a gift for a black person for a 1 time donation! A free item will be given to a black person , with priority given to black women, black queer and trans folks, and black youth.
This is such a nice idea & I strongly recommend that white people who can afford to do this spread a little bit of joy.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackArtists

Krita.org needs #krita artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

First, listen to the solo in Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi (the notes that sound like "screams" between 2:40-2:43):

Next, Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria (notes 3 and 6 in the riff, eg. at 0:14):

And finally, Spiderwebs by No Doubt (many between 0:26-0:30, again only the notes that sounds like screams):

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Music Monday! This week, artificial harmonics. Some weeks ago we saw natural harmonics (music.hcoder.org/music-monday/), but artificial/pinch harmonics sound different and are produced in a very different way. It's not that easy to find examples because most I could find combine these harmonics with other techniques, so it's a bit hard to tell apart what is a harmonic and what is the other techniques.

See examples in the next post.

Developer mini-rant 

I just upgraded some (Node) dependency because of a security issue, and it turns out that I have to use a newer Node version because the upgraded, safe version of the module needs a newer Node.

It's true that the fixed version of the module is a newer major version, but.. that's not my problem? 🤷

And now I had to delete node_modules/ to recompile all modules with the newer Node version. This is ridiculous.

since everyone is calling on everyone to their #Bandcamp pages, let me tell you that [I am / we are] promoting bandcamp as the only true fair trade music service without VC investments...

give your financial love to my releases here:

or to releases on the label I'm managing:

It's all :cc_cc: #CreativeCommons & #NameYourPrice anyway.

(see Kamizdat values wrt :bandcamp: at kamizdat.si/about/)

New blog post: "Building an accessible emoji picker" nolanlawson.com/2020/07/01/bui

In which I describe how I implemented #accessibility for emoji-picker-element. Happy to hear feedback on how I can improve as well! 😁

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