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Esteban Manchado Velázquez

me: hmm theres something in this bash script thats taking too long and slowing it down. i wonder if theres some kinda profiling tool for bash that lets me see what it is

me: *types 'bash profile' into google*

I just released my new album! It includes 11 songs that I've been working on this year, and they're all inspired (in one way or another) by the theme of 'work'. I used a lot more synthesizers than for my last album.

#music #mastomusic

The first Project is an in-browser tarot card reader.

For now it only has one deck available, a discording tarot card deck that I designed. It only has one layout also, the everything for that was done by @estebanm

We designed it so that other decks and layouts can be added. So if you want to make a tarot deck you could add it. Or if you want to write interpretations we could add them.
or just play with it.

It seems to have problems in safari at the moment.

We're almost there: we're just $2206 short of the new member contribution goal to get a $10,000 match - and the deadline is tomorrow! Please help us get there:

@inmysocks See a new commit in the branch "improved-layout":

Much nicer layout now. Not sure if you need anything else, I'll probably stop working on it unless you need anything else.

Holy shit. Sounds in Super Mario Odyssey Harmonize with the Background Music:

In other, related news, I was on Saturday in a music studio for the first time. We recorded five songs.

Still need mixing and everything, but I hope to upload them somewhere public soon!

I'm looking for a good Video platform for my and for ones.

I'm an

Any recommendation?

@inmysocks Hey, where did you get the deck JSON? Is that some kind of standard or did you make it specifically for this project?

There are several things I'd change in there, plus it seems that the shuffling function doesn't work at all. It would be easier if `Deck` was an array and not an object...

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@inmysocks Heads up! I'm going to have a look today at the Tarot reader code, and try to rewrite some parts.

🎧🎶 Tired of listening to cis men whine about nothing? support trans musicians by buying and listening to their music!🎶

Here's a list i made of trans and non-binary musicians you can find and support online. It's long as fuck and organized by genera so you can find whatever you want to listen to 👍

#trans #music #TransMusic #upthequeers #punk #queer #lgbt #nonbinary

Double your impact by donating to EFF this week. We’re in the courts, fighting mass surveillance, the DMCA and censorship; building tech to limit corporate tracking and make encryption ubiquitous, defending hackers and activists in the streets and at the borders.

There’s lots to do and we couldn’t do it without you:

Announcement post for the North American morning/afternoon crowd:

My Ansible playbook for installing Mastodon is in a complete and usable state:

Please try it if you wish, file any bugs you notice with it in the GitHub issue tracker.

Otherwise feedback/critiques are welcome as replies to this post.