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In my column this week, I write about biometrics giant NEC's new research for including untagged images into facial rec databases.

this makes the pipeline from online images > facial rec database much shorter

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We all childishly believed that the arrival of fascism in America would be marked by armed paramilitaries loyal to a racist strongman descending on cities with "WE'RE FASCIST" signs, but in reality it's that without the signs

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The portland situation has nothing to do with property damage and has everything to do with violently punishing and oppressing "liberals"

i feel like it's not even hyperbole to call a trump toadie that's disappearing people in vans a traitor, no?

these are the same motherfuckers who chant "lock her up" because of an email server

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Actually you're a traitor who's undermining the foundational values of our country πŸ–•

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Our men and women in uniform are patriots. We will never surrender to violent extremists on my watch.

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guys, i'm planning on taking some vacation time in september, do we think... planes will still be a thing?

I find it absolutely fascinating that OnePlus is able to generate so much earned media for its boring, middle-of-the-road products

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I, like many many many other New Yorkers, was out after curfew, sometimes protesting said curfew, sometimes just going about my business, and didn't get a summons for it. This is ridiculous: gothamist.com/news/mayor-de-bl

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The cancel culture efforts against the 1619 Projectβ€”bullying, harassment and death threats, and now state censureβ€”show how the greater threat to free speech and democracy is from the corrupt class of bigots, anti-science clergy and rightwing extremists.

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I guess conservatives only believe in "state's rights" when it benefits them. Chilling.

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Militarized Federal Agents from a patchwork of outside agencies have begun policing Portland (in rented minivans vans) without the explicit approval of the mayor, the state, or local municipalities. This is what that looks like in practice: twitter.com/matcha_chai/status

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My story on the β€œBlack at Nike” Instagram account that was posting stories about alleged racism inside the brand. The page just mysteriously vanished and Nike says it had nothing to do with it. Instagram confirmed to @inputmag@twitter.com it did not remove the account inputmag.com/style/black-at-ni

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