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you know how a coupla years back, just as the Outrage Machine was really starting to hum, there was this orthogonal push to stop tweeting about your lunch, because nobody cares about your sandwich? that was the thing I loved best about Twitter: people sharing their most mundane, their most regular experiences. It's like a warm blanket, mercifully free of judgement and outrage. I'm no Buddhist, but I really dig the concept of the sacredness of the every day.

I had grilled cheese with bacon, btw.

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A (revised) introduction... 

Hey. I'm a guy in his 40s doing platform engineering at AWS (sorry). I'm married to the best person I know. We're raising twin 6yr old twin boys to be empathetic, careful and considered members of society, I hope. It's really hard.

I dig . I drink . I play and run . I have a half-blind greyhound, Rufus; he's a lovable idiot.

I post random nonsense about my day, music I'm listening to, and what I'm having for lunch.

I'm not saying it's been long time since I cleaned out the garage, but I haven't lived anywhere where these norton bucks have been considered legal tender in 15 years.

It's also fairly OP because of the difficulty required in recalling and executing a glyph correctly, but I wanted to entice them to use it. At 2nd or 3rd level finding the spellbook was a major win.

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When we first started playing I gave one of my players a physical spellbook describing a custom magic system involving drawing glyphs. The intent was to have them draw the glyphs in real time at the table; whether they could recall the correct glyph and draw it well was part of the challenge.

We ended up streaming our games and drawing and sharing glyphs became too much of a pain so we abandoned it, but I transcribed it anyway because I think it's a cool mechanic.

Good morning friends. Another Monday slouches toward us to be borne. But with planning and preparation we can make it through.

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Me: *listens to John Zorn's Calculus while washing dishes*
wingus: *comes into the kitchen and does a crazy dance in his underpants*
My wife: I blame you
Me: at this point it would be hard not to

Charterstone (from Stonemaier Games, makers of Scythe, Wingspan, Viticulture, etc) has been on our shelf for a while. We don't often reach for eurogames and legacy euros in particular, but I'm glad we pulled this out. It starts easy and tight and builds complexity only when you choose to. Turns are fast and decisions are interesting, but nothing is overly crunchy. My 7yr olds kept up with us just fine.

today: No Man's Sky, Charterstone, pizza, root beer and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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@evilchili Golden Grahams is permanently tied to "Happy Together" by the Turtles, in my brain, thanks to advertising from my childhood.

Somewhere in the multiverse is a world where David Bowie became the official spokesman for Golden Grahams cereal and had a surprise number one hit with a rerecording of Golden Years.

golden grahams
golden grahams...

Wingus has also completed his design. It's called Good Day, Bad Day! You're given 15 bucks at the beginning and you move along a path landing on spaces like "Good! +5" and "Bad! - 27!" The person with the most money at the end wins.

He has made the Dark Souls of roll-and-moves.

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Immersive sim trope tier list:

F: Can't put anything down quietly
D: The deep moral complexity of lethal vs non-lethal
C: You already knew what the first code was
B: Unconscious guard cuddle pile
A: Escaping the world via crate stacking
S+: Hidden switch under rich guy's desk

my boys are making their own ! Dingus is prototyping a farming euro about getting crops, protecting then from critters, and then selling your harvest at auction to pay off your mortgage.

The nerd is STRONG in this one.


These are randomly generated names using phonetics of Tolkein's Queyna language, because yes I am that nerd

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do you all know Pentangle? I assume you all know Pentangle. But in case you don't, Pentangle:

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