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you know how a coupla years back, just as the Outage Machine was really starting to hum, there was this orthogonal push to stop tweeting about your lunch, because nobody cares about your sandwich? that was the thing I loved best about Twitter: people sharing their most mundane, their most regular experiences. It's like a warm blanket, mercifully free of judgement and outrage. I'm no Buddhist, but I really dig the concept of the sacredness of the every day.

I had grilled cheese with bacon, btw.

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Here's a new #introduction for new visitors... Show more

it took two days but i finally know what day it is in the campaign.

i told this to @aktei, who asked me if i knee what today's date is in the real world, which frankly was pretty rude.

in a way I've been prepping a campaign my whole life. I've had this for 20 years.

I like Telegram because Björk treats remixes as first-class citizens, and features mixes that are thoughtful, interesting counterpoints to the Post versions. So many remix albums are a hot mess of au courant garbage assembled by labels cashing in, but Telegram introduced me to several artists with fascinating takes. Isobel (Deodato Mix) still crushes me.

And the remixes of this record! good lord.

One of the things I find interesting about _Debut_, Björk's 1993 post-Sugarcubes solo record, is that it's as much defined by her choice of collaborators as any of her later records -- her talent for finding precisely the right contributors to reinforce her ideas was evident even then.

Nellee Hooper is all over this record, so much so it sits comfortably next to the best acid jazz, trip-hop and pounding dancefloor electronica of 90s Europe, while remaining unmistakenly Björk's statement.

It's Björk Tuesday! in anticipation of the new record, I'm working my way through her solo catalog.

The quietus really knocked it out of the park on this Björk retrospective. thequietus.com/articles/23621-

muted. muted. you're all muted.

i just looked at my email drafts and i have one with the subject "Randall The Terrible" and i assume this was some related idea I no longer remember.

well that's my weekend sorted.

gotta say I'm thoroughly enjoying fucking with my party members.


my day is better than your day because I'm dressed as a goomba stack. (another @aktei original)

"Dear Mama And Pops, I DO NOT LIKE BEER. I am on the Mayflower. Love, Sam."

preschool is killing it this week.

Petition to amend federal employment statutes to make it a crime to place their staff on on-call rotations that conflict with their schedule.

if your day is grey and rainy, try setting off a supernova.

I'm not anticapitalist, but I do try to limit my consumption of frivolous, random crap. So when Anti- announces they're gonna reissue all their Tom Waits records on vinyl, which I already have lossless digital waveforms thereof, I am totally, completely unaffected.


Forget it.


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fave parts abt tonight, no.1

when nobody in the party speaks goblin and none of the players speak hungarian so i can just have my goblins speak hungarian to them

ran my adult game on Saturday, my 4yr olds' game on Sunday, I'm doing a solo session on Tuesday for the player that missed Saturday, and the adults again this Friday. Truly this is the nerdiest universe.