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you know how a coupla years back, just as the Outage Machine was really starting to hum, there was this orthogonal push to stop tweeting about your lunch, because nobody cares about your sandwich? that was the thing I loved best about Twitter: people sharing their most mundane, their most regular experiences. It's like a warm blanket, mercifully free of judgement and outrage. I'm no Buddhist, but I really dig the concept of the sacredness of the every day.

I had grilled cheese with bacon, btw.

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Somebody has animated sheet music of John Coltrane's saxophone, holy shit. Actually a little dizzying to watch, but so much fun too. -- 9.3% of my library didn't import for various reasons, mostly tags, so I've turned picard loose on the library and now my laptop sounds like it's aiming for escape velocity.

That said, nothing I've encountered has failed to already be logged as an issue with the project, and it's getting a ton of attention at the moment so I remain hopeful, and will follow the project with delight. I don't have much time to devote to hacking outside of work, or I'd be jumping all over that issues queue.

evilchili radio is now running 0.17. My first impressions:

1. Wow! this has real promise, I'm super impressed, and
2. Wow! this is not ready for prime time, yet.

Installation was painful. Imports are painful. But the real concerns are usability: the UI needs a *ton* of work, the subsonic API is only half-implemented so 3rd party players are often not happy, and (crucially) media format support and handling of incomplete metadata makes it painful to import a library of moderate size.

aha! we don't like volumes with spaces in them.

Started afresh with my installation and things are much improved; I was able to create a library and upload an mp3. Importing in-place is still having trouble tho...

Welp upgrading to 0.17 has totally trashed the web interface

Also watching a project rolling database migrations is hitting me right in the web developer feels. Been a long time since I worked on customer-facing stuff.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS docker installation required massaging docker-compose.yaml to version 2, and with docker started by systemd all docker commands have to be run under sudo, but otherwise no problems so far.

good morning fedifriends! has anyone done a migration from subsonic/madsonic to who would be willing to share experience? I run madsonic locally and it mostly Just Works but I've never been a fan of the interface, and end up using jamstash when I'm at work (and dsub when mobile). was thinking about giving funkwhale a whirl.

Brewer's Guide to Phrase and Fable just revealed to me where the unit of measure I first encountered in CSS originates. Best book!

Current status: threatening to PLONK coworkers on internal chat, having to stop to explain PLONK.

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Seascape in gouache. Really loving this aquabord, the roughness of the surface makes it easier to blend colors smoothly. And I find I work better with the small size, I don’t fuss too much over the details.

#mastoart #CreativeToots #art #gouache #Seascape #waves

The Empress. mixing charcoals, experimenting with the soft charcoal for emphasis and harder charcoals for sketching. I have no idea what I'm doing!

The Magician. I originally was thinking of attempting a strong angular stroke in charcoal but I a) don't know how to do what I was envisioning and b) I didn't really plan the pose, which is why his left arm is the size of a leg. Hard charcoal is fun tho.

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