I absolutely hate it when a podcast doesn't have the RSS feed listed anywhere on their website.

Every software project has developers that have political leanings that are contrary to mine, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop using those projects. Realistically, what's the alternative? As a pragmatic person, it's Firefox or something Chromium based. What's the lesser of the two evils here?

@lunduke On Twitter, I saw you ask which is the biggest PeerTube instance. That got me wondering why @purism doesn't spin an instance up for Librem One users? I think it would be a good value add. I'd use it as a content consumer and I think it would be a good thing for the Librem One evangelists I follow like yourself and @gbryant.

Have to ever heard of modelines in ? This seems a bit nasty.

Thinking back to The Phantom Menace, when the Neimoidians are holo-conferencing with Darth Sidius, we get our introduction to Darth Maul, who stands there as a hologram with his arms crossed like a badass. Personally, I think there was something missing in that scene. He should have shown the Neimoidians that he really means business by igniting his lightsaber right there on holo-camera. That would have punctuated the scene nicely.

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Some folks on birdsite are tagging our project account in tweets like "hey jack twitter should copy this thing mastodon does". The idea that this is merely about features is short-sighted. Twitter will never, ever, ever be your friend. They are the shareholders' friend, not yours. No feature will let you see what their engineers are working on, what's under the hood. No feature will fix their headquarters in the US following and enforcing US laws and customs worldwide.

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks When using wordgrinder, why do you choose to save your work as ODF instead of native wordgrinder files? If you're saving as ODF and then converting to Word for compatibility with other people, why not save everything as wordgrinder files and then convert to other formats only when necessary?

Is anyone else using the extension on having trouble logging into their vault? The Chrome extension crashes and then disappears on my 17.04 system right after I enter my credentials. When I go to my installed extensions in Chrome, it shows that the Lastpass is corrupt. This happens every time I try to log in. I'm able to log in from the web, but if I then use the extension to access my vault, it crashes. This is
getting to be an exercise in frustration! 😣

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks Have you seen this thing? An Internet Hayes modem that lets you dial into any telnet BBS from any old computer with an RS232 port. Access The House of Lunduke the proper way with an old 386 running ProComm! Or maybe from your IIGS. I can't remember what people used for terminal software on the Apple IIGS. Unfortunately it's been sold out for a while, but the fact that this exists makes me so happy!


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