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Donald: Thou art a fuck-ass!
Rosemary: I beseech ye.
Elizabeth: Hark! Didst thou refer to me as a "fuck-ass"?
Rosemary: Elizabeth, cease!
Elizabeth: Thou canst suck a fuck!
Donald: Oh, pray tell, Elizabeth, how doth one "suck a fuck"?
Elizabeth: Wouldst thou like to know?
Donald: Pray, tell me!
Rosemary: We will not suffer this in the place we sup!

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Eugen, with a whole boot in his mouth: MOB RULE IS DANGEROUS

some say if you put your ears to a boot, you can hear eugen saying "in this instance, wil leaving was a win for abusers"... powerful....

"haha aw dang you all are really cool-"
Eugen: Please don't use that kind of language here.
"what, "dang"? sorry, i thought-"
Eugen: No, "cool", you're only able to praise d-list former child actors. Any praise not direction unto a celebrity who has spent more years playing himself than any other role is grounds for discipline.

"hey mastodonians. really didn't like that episode of star trek i just saw, but-"
"i didn't do any-"

how the hell do i follow people on this without importing

people are getting mad that my posts about a certain starfleet boy are making the rounds. theyre dming me saying things like "sapiosexuals put headphones down their pants and play mozart before a date". should i be persecuted for the power of my posts? do i not deserve to speak freely on line? to this, i say: when sapiosexuals want people to shut up they say "listen up, 100s, a 115 is speaking"

they do not think that things are the way that they are, but i can assure you that they, in fact, are

Gonna refuse to be topical on this one, lads. I'm trying escape the demon that has the lease on my soul rn and I do NOT have time for this one

no one has considered that jonathan frakes could be helping willy with this.

i hate when people talk about a popular topic. it pisses me off. why arent u talking about what i want to talk about? FUCK YOU. I WAS IN HONORS IN 5TH GRADE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! 😠

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