Out for a rip in mountain paradise the day before the smoke rolled in.

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With enough snacks you can do anything.

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tech meta, racist terminology 

...honestly, the various uses that "master/slave" terminology gets put to in computer programming and electrical engineering and other such fields is


/profoundly/ distressing to us as an anxious black plural system that's intimately aware of how dangerous it is to normalize hostile language towards a marginalized group

so, like, just want to note that y'all pushing for changes of wording here are definitely helping some folks

- 🦎 🦊

There's some stuff about syncing the notes with via in there too. Kudos to all the developers who made this pretty easy.

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I adjusted the configuration of my @nextcloud instance to allow me to edit files from nextcloud's web UI pretty easily. evanpower.net/geeksout/keeping

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I saw a blue piece of bird eggshell in the forest yesterday. Check it out.

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I feel like less and less people on the fedi are using imagine descriptions and it bums me out so fucking much.

we have a tool that allows us to, with almost no effort, make this space wildly accessable to people who don't normally get that space. a tiny amount of time that has a huge impact on people's lives

how do you not see how powerful and cool that is how do you not use it I just don't understand

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so apparently dad jokes in this star trek format is a thing

i am sharing the ds9-ey ones because the garak and bashir faces are really perfect

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An OpenSCAD cap-with-thread generator for all your "cap-with-thread-generator" needs:


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