A short film about on person's journey to mountain biking and her drive to share the sport with more women and girls. The voiceover might seem a bit hard to follow, but if you know the trails in Squamish you'll catch the references. youtube.com/watch?v=TERvepM984

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If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

This one's for @pla. I didn't know him personally, but I'll miss the passion for that was evident in his posts.

I went for a bike ride. There was a little snow and some really cool trees.

Hot diggity, it was a nice day in the forest yesterday!

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A little pop rock ditty for your Wednesday: Blackstarkids - Sounds Like Fun

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Il s'avère que j'ai "vélos bizarres" dans ma bio mais que je n'ai jamais évoqué le sujet.

Voici ma dernière acquisition : un TD bambou issu des mains de fée d'Oryanne, cadreuse dans les Cévennes.
Depuis que j'ai connu cette forme de cadre, j'ai revendu tous les autres vélos et ne roule qu'avec cela. C'est confortable, performant, polyvalent et très grisant.

#bikes #vélo #photo
@mastobikes_fr @mastobikes

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It looks like there's a lot of confusion as to what open-source hardware is, so we made a godawful flowchart to help make it more clear what it means.


A little snow on the ground. A little sun in the sky. Better go for a ride.

Start projects like you have have all the time in the world. Abandon projects like

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2000s: I pirate media so I don't have to pay for it, and if that means companies don't make money I guess that's fine

2020s: I pirate media so I'm not supporting megacorp media conglomerates, and if that means I don't pay for it I guess that's fine

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My editor's back to normal. I like Scheme again. I mostly understand why it's like this, but sometimes it seems crazy.

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I was learning to program in , having a grand old time, until my editor stopped highlighting matching parentheses. Then I hated scheme and its ridiculous syntax.

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“Do I even want to ride it?”
☝️ Perhaps 'tis not the right question.

“Why did I agree to ride this one?”
☝️ Because. 🤷‍♀️ I mean, is there another that you prefer and can actually have already?

“What’s the point of riding this bike?”
☝️ To get from point A to point B? Or maybe just to enjoy the ride? 🚴

👩🏻‍🏫 #Life (and #work) is like riding a #bicycle. Sometimes we gotta pedal hard (uphill), sometimes we can take it easy. Regardless, it's nice to have a #bike. 😉

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hey white people, the DARVO thread going around is good resources for spotting bad actors in the community that come for the BIPoC, especially the Black femmes on the fedi. if you want to help stop racists smearing reputations, its important to understand what you're dealing with


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