Is it just me, or are Captain Pike's quarters *enormous?*

What do you plan to do with your Twitter account?

Well, this ought to be a cheap way to generate activity:

Elon Musk has put forward a USD$41 billion hostile takeover bid for Twitter. If he were to succeed, would you keep your acount there?

@ihorner Just got finished watching TTSF recording for Feb 17. Is there an epilogue for Graham's phone?

2/2: Today, if you over hover a thumbnail, the thumbnail "inflates" a bit, and the full video starts playing within it.

Seems cool? Well, it's not, because that now gets logged in your viewing history, which you have to manually delete. So it will fsck up recommendations chundered up for you by The Algorithm, but it will also skew view counts and view analytics for creators.

Basically, a change nobody asked for that improves nothing, and indirectly breaks a bunch of other stuff.

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1/2: TL;DR: Exercise Caution on YouTube.

Dunno if this is in general release, or whether I got dog-fooded, but YouTube has changed the behavior of their thumbnails.

Previously, if you let the mouse hover over a thumbnail in YouTube search results, you'd see an animated GIF about five seconds long that represented a snippet from the middle of the video.

Not a slam against GOG (it's not like it's their fault), but the offline installer for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is 66GB! Even with gigabit fiber, this is going to take a while...

@Caltrain I know it's not an "official" app, but are there any updates on the horizon for CaltrainDroid?

Signal boost. Razer have lost not just the signal, but the carrier wave as well. I switched over to Corsair years ago.

Also: WTF is Windows doing slurping down software and running it at system privs just because I plugged in a mouse?

@ihorner I'm hearing disquieting news about new fires burning in BC. Hope you and all of the LRR crew are safe and well.

@ihorner So, are you planning on freezing swimming pools in Miami and altering the path of the Gulf Stream on today's TTSF?

@ihorner : Hearing unsettling weather reports from BC (49°C/121°F). Are you and the rest of LRR doing okay?

Disneyworld has announced a new exhibit in the Hall of Presidents -- a coin-operated animatronic Donald Trump. When you insert 25 cents, for six minutes the animatronic will stop talking.

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