Upgrading from an original Apple Watch to the newly released series 4 is entirely recommended. ⌚️ They’ve improved nearly everything that needed work… and the speed boost is remarkable. Order the one that is compatible with your current band size and it should fit similarly. (I went 42mm to 44mm and it was the right choice).

If anyone has questions AMA 🎙

Perhaps drinking cold brew with dinner was a bad idea…

I’m starting to realize what a huge mistake it was for this non-morning person to agree to an early morning kid rideshare to school. (And in the background, the audience hears the crash of a thousand matchbox cars outside the bathroom door…)

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Apple really has perfected the art of taking as much money from customers as possible, as quickly as possilbe.

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Boom. 44mm Aluminum Silver to arrive at my door 9/21. Very excited, this will be a huge upgrade from my original series 0 watch.

Is anyone else planning to pre-order a series 4 Apple Watch tonight? I’m looking for a hi-res gallery of hands-on images to compare the different models and bands.

Does anyone know how to turn off boosts per account in Tootdon?

My 8 year old is taking breaks from robot-building by teaching himself to play the piano—and I could not be more pleased with the plinks, plonks, dinks, and donks emanating from the living room right now. 🎼🤖🎹🎶

Playing everyone’s favorite game… “where’s the adapter”

"The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars" —a great short video about an inspiring man with a mission to fix wrecked Tesla cars:


I'm very happy to hear that hurricane Lane has dissipated quickly. Hopefully there is only minimal damage and all our Hawai’ian brothers and sisters are safe. 🤙


Ready for a social network dedicated to just baby bunny updates from @fraying

Many times over I’ve been shown what a truly small world we live in—and how especially important it is to be kind and courteous to others. That good will always come back in spades.

I absolutely LOVE seeing passionate creators with their work—and this video of Weta Workshop sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen's tabletop model is no exception. The detail, the artistry. AMAZING!


I love where Mastodon is taking the conversation—it feels so great here as we all settle in. But it won’t feel “complete” for me until there is an Iconfactory-polished iOS app to accompany it. So much of my Twitter experience is tied to their thoughtful design and codebase. Hoping it makes financial sense for them to port it here soon. I for one would be happy to pay/support that development.

cc @bigzaphod @gedeonm @chockenberry

Ate homemade cheesecake and literally passed out on the floor from delicious.

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