So glad to hear Immy Kaur @ImpactHubBrum talking about a less commodified, more local and democratic approach to creative social enterprise

Thanks @EWTCCE and everyone @InfoTCCE for amazing, simulating day @theBluecoat @cvanetwork

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Ich habe so dermaßen die Nase voll. In Deutschland herrscht das reinste Mittelalter, was die Behandlung von Frauen angeht.


Did you see this graph by Kleven et al. (2018) showing that earnings of men and women in Denmark diverge sharply right after the arrival of the first child?

Kleven et al. (2019) now studied the same for Sweden, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the US.

And guess what? (1/6)


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As if you needed any more impetuous to migrate away from ELS products...Mendeley encrypts users' database after Zotero provides an importer:

> Mendeley 1.19 and later have begun encrypting the local database, making it unreadable by Zotero and other standard database tools. Elsevier made this change a few months after Zotero publicly announced work on an importer

Petition: Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disabilities in ATU’s

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Too all the new people, especially the ex-#tumblr people here on the #mastodon or the #fediverse:

The fediverse we have different mastodon instances, with different regulations, but also other types of sites working within this fediverse. Such a #hubzilla, #pleroma, #friendica, and soon #pixelfed. All accommodating to different needs in regulation and user-interfaces. While still talking together.

Try stuff out, find comfortable place that suits you. :)


@EWTCCE introducing a roundtable consultation on Boosting Resilience

Ruth Catlow @furtherfield - tech isn't a magic app for social cohesion, tech blended with human and experience and networks can mobilise difference

@trainline I'm a uk user, I can't add journeys to my calendar anymore - too annoying, looking for better provider

I should go and zone out to music before I start questioning my entire life choices :D

Wondering idly how it comes about that everyone I know is in a couple when apparently 80% of gays my age live alone?

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