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We join with @openrightsgroup in comments to the UK government that
urge restraint in applying anti-money-laundering rules to the
publication of open source software. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/06/eff-

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this kind of in-your-face combative messaging addressed at changing harmful behaviors towards queer people is a great example of a large organization doing pride right

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The most ethical #smartphone is one you keep for as long as possible.

However, if you have to buy a new one, there are a couple of models you might consider:

@Fairphone - Modular #phones made with a more ethical supply chain and greater environmental considerations. Available now:

@Purism - The Purism Librem 5 runs proper Linux (not Android) and is designed to be as private and open source as possible. Due out in April 2019:

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I am still completely gobsmacked each time I think about Ayn Rand and realise, again, that there was a dedicated, organised movement in American culture since the 1950s to literally *call empathy and altruism evil*. To make people less loving. And that very high ranking politicians, businesspeople.... and religious leaders, who know and teach better... bought into it.

That stuns me. Still does. Every time.

How. How did that happen? How did we let these people, this ideology, run our society?

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comic, the nib, humor on alt-right self-victimization 

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Hi. Just quit twitter. My communities were celestial but that platform is infernal, so I had to leave. Feel free to ping me about trans/queer stuff, Smash Bros Melee, or just about anything.

I chose the name dirt because it makes me laugh. #introductions

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eReaders, advice wanted 

trying to make a life in here... killing

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looking for interesting tags to follow on digital rights, numeric-arts / digital art, opensource-radical-political-techno-projects... any suggestion?

thankyou! 😍

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@kikir this list of anarchist audiobooks/audio productions is somewhat hit and miss, but there's some good stuff in there


I would recommend "to our friends" and "at daggers drawn"
and, of course
the cyborg manifesto


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