O @irapuan faz falta aqui na Federação, parece que voltou pro birdsite :((
Mas da para suprir as doses de trocadilhos e piadas infames seguindo @Meshelly

First shot at translating @aral 's "Encouraging individual sovereignty and a healthy commons" to Portuguese: blog.fabricio.org/soberania-in

Se você fala Português por favor dê uma mão lendo e sugerindo onde pode melhorar :)

#ptbr #p2p #facebook #web

This is the last message this node will ever send. Over the last few weeks, it's become clear that Mastodon is not something I want to be a part of. I see the road that the instance admins are leading you down and it will end in tears.

So, I'm out. I'll be posting only from sungo at public.sungo.io, my GS node.

Olavo 70 anos 

Parabéns a este mostro, exemplo de trabalho esperança e perseverança, talvez o brasileiro mais importante vivo e em atividade, grande inspiração. Felicidades professor!


#Olavoday #Olavo70Anos

I'm considering setting aside the compute resources to host some small salon-sized (say 16 user) instances to see how well they develop.

I would be willing to set up and host ~10 of these as an experiment, and would commit to both operating them for at least a year and to making them as easy to move as possible should a particular salon decide they'd prefer to self-host.

I would like to offer either postActiv or Mastodon servers for this at the salon's choice.

Would there be interest?

I wrote a thing on how to automatically crosspost specific posts from Mastodon to Twitter:


If you have any problems with the directions let me know. :)

#Mastodon #Twitter #crossposting #howto

I plan to ping on different instances from time to time. Here is my cybre.space account: @fabricio

I've been drawing a few of these whimsical fantasy-ish contraption type things lately. They're a fun change from mandalas. Hope to turn the idea into a game of some-sort eventually. :)

mastodon.social/media/n37EyuLC mastodon.social/media/dkJW8Kjl

cybre looks nice and glitchy(compliment), I should move here… but bugging up the 228 people I follow on my main instance with "fabricio followed you" notifications makes me unhappy, I will just take this opportunity to redo my contact list from scratch

The 8values things is so packed with loaded language and vagueries that I just can't even...



#harokelloggART #drawing # #イラスト

Come for the pineapple revolution
Stay for the promise of ambiently learning five languages at once
Become ever so slightly more of a furry in the process

Identity redundancy across federations needs to be addressed, and doing so would also deal with portable identity.
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Technical explanation of why Privacy Advisory is a BAD IDEA and you probably SHOULDNT DO IT basically comes down to: "Creating an expectation of privacy where there is none, is a bad, bad idea."
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Okay, so Mastodon has reached the stage where we need to implement the Game of Life in it. This is going to be some trouble but I have faith.

We'll be needing an instance with some nice, round number of members, at least something that we can make a square or rectangle out of.

I guess we can just have each member follow the members who are "adjacent" to them, so we'll need to assign everyone a set of coordinates.

Maybe we'll set the toot length to 1, and the only possible characters 0 or 1.

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