Ohio launched a website where employers can report workers who refuse to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

So this hacker made a script that fills the website with junk data in an attempt to make it useless.


@faehnrich “It’s easy enough to go to the page and fill it out, but that wouldn’t amount to enough data to make these particular gears of the state grind to a halt,”

This person clearly hasn't used the Ohio unemployment website. It was crippled under the weight of regular users for weeks. Now I am only supposed to use it on Tuesdays in an effort to spread the load.

@Timmy yeah the site to file unemployment dies under any load, but I wouldn't be surprised if this site to deny unemployment is rock solid

I don't get it. Why people who don't want to work should get taxpayers' money?
Who should work for them?
Maybe this 'hacker' should buy them food and pay rent.

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