The European Commission's call is closed - we are curious about the result! In the meantime, we continue to pursue our mission to bring about a paradigm shift in the digital world. For example, by allowing software update to Android 10 for Fairphone 2.

We have submitted our position on the initiative “Sustainable consumption of goods” to the EC. You still have time to do so as well! In line with our manifesto, we support legislation for a circular economy. Read our statement here:

The European Commission has started the initiative "Sustainable consumption of goods - promoting repair and reuse” and is calling for public input. We welcome this, are already preparing our statement and encourage you to participate as well:

On average, around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions related to phones, notebooks or tablets occur during manufacturing. Therefore, focusing on sustainable production lines, longtime usage and repairability are part of our paramount objectives. Check out @Fairphone

For the last years, about 500 Mt of CO2 were emitted owing to the operation of telcom-networks and data centers. 90% of this accumulated due to day-to-day usage. See the importance of an ecofriendly network operation. Check out @neibo, @telecoop, @wetell, @phonecoop

German bitkom association showed that up to 3.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to digital technologies. Data computation, infrastructure and device manufacturing – all of these processes impact our climate. This is where makes a difference!

For more detail check out:

An interesting comparison of two large organisations within the electronics industry. However when examining sustainability within electronics industry it's important to go beyond the hardware.

This is what we do at FairTEC. We provide an offer that not only looks at the hardware but also the operating system, network and economic model to which that offer is provided.

Find out more out

Austrian and French regulators have found Google Analytics in breach of GDPR rules. At FairTEC we offer privacy enabled solutions that do not store infinite amount of data to profile you. Find out more at

The right to repair movement still has a long way to go globally but we're pleased to see it being increasingly recognised.

FairTEC will continue to champion the right to repair movement in our offering and lobbying efforts.

At FairTEC, we are working together to offer credible and sustainable alternatives in order to create a paradigm shift.

That's why we're super thrilled to see that Fairphone's Fp4 is now compatible with @e_mydata

Find out more about FairTEC at:

We are happy to announce that our German partner, the mobile provider WEtell, is now part
of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG). This is yet another demonstration of their
strong determination to set new sustainable standards in the German mobile industry.

Congratulations to everyone at @Fairphone for this new milestone! We are thrilled to see new options for anyone looking for long-lasting phone with extended warranty and electronic waste neutral!

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

Your Co-op Broadband are the only Co-op utilities provider in the UK offering; broadband, energy, phone and mobile services.

They’re owned by their members and run for the benefit of their customers.

Discover More:

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

WEtell provides a completely sustainable mobile service that protects our planet and the climate.

Discover more:

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

TeleCoop is a French telecom cooperative offering mobile services to support digital sobriety and keeping your mobile for longer.

Discover more:

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

The fact is, the longer you keep your smartphone, the smaller it's environmental footprint.

Fairphone is challenging the industry by creating smartphones that are sustainable, ethical and built to last.

Fairphone is a proud FairTEC member. Find their offering at

Discover more:

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

Introducing /e/ to FairTEC.

Tech Giants have built their business models around data collection, logging and tracking our every move from our very own pocket. Is it possible to use our smartphones daily without giving away our privacy? 

/e/ believes it should be. 

Discover more:

/e/ is a proud @FairTEC member. Find their offering at

Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

Commown is a French cooperative that supports fair and sustainable electronics by providing HaaS services with devices designed to be repaired and to last longer.

With this model, Commown aims to: fight against planned obsolescence, reduce the amount of e-waste, and help consumers make their equipment last longer. 

Commown is a proud FairTEC member. Find their offering at

At FairTEC, we believe that organisations have a responsibility to offer credible & sustainable alternatives.

FairTEC was launched to do just this: a group of different organisations working together to offer a more responsible way of operating in the digital world.

But who are these different organisations?

Starting today and over the coming weeks we will introduce each FairTEC member in our series.

Find out more at

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