if Bernie had won the elites would've done a Business Plot against him. And he's not even a socialist. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business

stop bailing out failed companies. let them die.

anarchism is when you side with the CIA against a socialist government because "all states bad"

pretty awesome that Podcasts are hard to censor, since they're distributed through a protocol (RSS) instead of being uploaded directly to centralized platforms

Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden all are going after Julian Assange

Empire hates truth

We must continue to expose empire

donate to the ongoing development of FOSS alternatives to all proprietary tools you rely on

wish Weibo would improve internationalization I'd love to vibe out on Chinese social media

monero is what bitcoin investors thought they bought

the workers of the USA must forge for themselves a new political party

down with the US Democratic Party they're owned by the billionaire oligarchs

As US sanctions suffocate Syrians, regime-change operatives attack anti-war movement in open letter youtu.be/eIyDph25s10

Watch interviews of Assad.

Quit believing the US media about the boogeyman

imagine living in a society where "medical bankruptcy" is a phrase and not deciding that your government needs to be replaced with a new one by any means necessary

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