thanksgiving plans: gonna tell my family that I'm seeking to equip the working class to take over industrial production in response to the shittiness of the Democratic Party

nationalizing tech companies to force them all to have a consistent dark mode is extremely something I'd advocate for

a diagram of who owns what and who controls what would immediately turn 99% of people into communists

this website (twitter, actually, not mastodon) and knowing things about stuff and being less ignorant than I was yesterday ... makes me incredibly angry

let's use our anger to make things better :)

the world needs more angry compassionate people willing to sacrifice to make things better (that's us, be that person)

Counterfeit economies should be promoted, all profits must be threatened

ok but what's the plan for building a worker's state

but not US military tanks, just tanks, for the neighborhoods to use, for whatever

unite the poor

issue tanks to working class neighborhoods

"the purpose of a thing is what it does"

we must monitor the activities and actions of society's entities, so we can determine if they're good or bad

China’s violations of intellectual property rights is actually really good.

All countries should steal all ideas from each other.

ban the production of gas-powered vehicles. all new vehicles must be electric.

imagine thinking a member of the New Democrat Coalition could win in 2020

Beto will lose to Trump. as will any other "third way" "pro-business", "fiscally conservative", "socially liberal" establishment ghouls

seize all fossil fuel companies' financial assets, use that to build massive renewable energy projects, put millions to work building them

give the union of concerned scientists tanks and battleships

somebody in my mentions said this with like 5x the number of words, 100% seriously, not a hint of irony, I want to die

"socialism is when the government does things"

- Karl Marx

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