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I/O diagram of the worker under capitalism vs. communism.

"to each according to their need, from each according to their ability"

since WeWork isn't profitable, we should nationalize it and integrate it into the public library system

we must use urban planning and urban policy to promote car-free lifestyles and make it very difficult and inconvenient to own a personal vehicle

ive said it before and ill say it again

100% inheritance tax

equip communities to build threat models so that they can prevent malicious actors from sabotaging their efforts at building a local solidarity economy (community gardens, cooperatives, etc)

replace all proprietary software with free and open source software

the land, labor, and markets of every nation should be made to be fully independent of multinational conglomerate monopolists

land use under capitalism is when you have surface parking lots in downtown and you're actively destroying the environment by expanding single-family home suburbs at the outer edges of the metroplex

here's a thing i found that allows you to comment on the various activities undertaken by the federal government ... imagine if we improved it and used it for direct democracy

we must invest in large-scale community self-reliance projects to increase the economic and political self-determination of all peoples against the exploiters

investigate who owns and controls critical infrastructure upon which your community relies

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