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prolie tariat 🌹☭

ahhhh haaaa the elites can't kill ideas lmao rekt

How to reduce dependence on cars, thereby reducing carbon emissions:

Place all human needs within walking radius, & connect walkable neighborhoods via train

would be cool to be able to group a whole bunch of commits to make a "version" (instead of using tags) so the commit list is a changelog

a live map of fossil fuel company activities so we can mobilize the people to obstruct operations

liberals stay useless to the needs of the working class, nothing's changed

an underground network of places to stay for traveling organizers and revolutionaries

a chrome extension to help you visualize every website as an API on which you can build new UI and see what UI other people have built with a codepen-like editor

give the kids tools to empower them to become hundreds of thousands of document-leakers and political dissenters and people-organizers

Coworker: I'm tired of being micromanaged.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: I'm tired of working 50 hours a week and being on-call every weekend.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Our managers are doing some really shady things.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Why doesn't anybody keep the remote team in the loop?
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Talking to HR isn't fixing anything.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: But I'm scared of getting fired without cause.
Me: Then... Let's unionize.


Breaking: The Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote has delivered a major blow to workers, ruling for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws.

copied from NPR's twitter

they might not have a union but we should definitely arm the tesla workers with class consciousness and solidarity with other workers so we can build a mass labor-led movement

chinese j-20s look like they got the nose of an f-22, the butt of an f-18, the wings of an f-35, and those little front flappy things of the Su-30

place Google, Facebook, and Twitter under the revolutionary guidance of the working class

love watching poor white people blame poor brown people for their own poverty

Because why would we blame rich people, who hoard resources, for our lack of resources ?

When capitalism doesn't work:

Fascists blame brown people, communist blame the economic system

More trains fewer cars

More trees fewer parking lots