texas ""instruments"" yeah sure. how am i meant to play anything on this

BREAKING: country which has been a plutocracy since its inception continues to exhibit notable characteristics of plutocracy

"I can hire half the workers to kill the other half" - Jay Gould

US Pol, Biden also a Dangerous Monster 

Biden states he was behind #PlanColombia a project that armed Right Wing Death Squads in South America.

Via CPD Action on Twitter: twitter.com/CPDAction/status/1

would be cool to be able to donate XMR to TeleSur

how to get away with murder: be a cop in the USA and only kill Black people

whole lotta social democrats advocating Crime Bill 2020

if Gaddafi's son wins the Libyan election the Obama/Biden/Clinton wing of the Democratic Party is gonna be PISSED lmaoooo

reminder that the heroic vietnamese army shot john mccain's plane down because he was bombing a factory--which breaches the geneva convention btw. fuck him. rot in hell cracker.

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the Tibet strategy failed, then the Xinjiang strategy failed, now the CIA and State Department are trying the Mongolia strategy. It will probably fail too.

Americans need to research Operation Gladio. The Years of Lead.

Expect the state to stir up some trouble for them to consolidate power.

throwback to the fact that inter-sect conflict was much lower prior to the US invasion of Iraq

Iraq’s foreign minister was an Assyrian who was Catholic :)

the popularity of right wing populism is the result of the left abandoning populism

people want something to believe in. If the left does not provide this (unite against the billionaires, build a new society) then the right will (unite against some innocent ethnic group)

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