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I/O diagram of the worker under capitalism vs. communism.

"to each according to their need, from each according to their ability"

the only app on this phone will be TikTok, again, out of solidarity

might buy a Huawei phone out of solidarity with the lads being attacked by the screeching imperialists

seize all imperial wealth to be used by and for the people

*50 years after the defeat of the capitalist ruling class, pushing towards the noble goal of communism*

me: i still don't know how to spell bourgeoisie

population maps > political maps

borders are dumb, fake, and useless --- the workers have no nation

a website to scrape LinkedIn to figure out how much bosses could save [sic.] by automating / outsourcing their workforce

so as to accelerate the contradictions of capitalism towards a revolution-sparking hellscape

slaps pretty hard that communism is inevitable imo

wikipedia has a cool system where they mark all .pngs that could be turned into .svgs

even better yet, we could convert all diagrams and graphs and stuff into actual data, to allow them to be styled and visualized differently

if a system cannot be repurposed to serve the needs of the people, it must be dissolved and not permitted to operate any longer

"how can this existing system be repurposed to best serve the needs of the people?"

this is the question communists must apply to every instrument of modern society

every UI element (small, large, buttons, entire apps) should have a linked documentation page which could include

- how to use
- feature requests
- who built it? where's the source code?
- etc !!!

towards a Poor People's Dictatorship against those who own the factories, distribution centers, banks

if everyone modeled their workplace, they'd be able to identify their distance to the big booj

what is the relationship between your workplace and the big booj? important questions to investigate

the only folks who think "capitalism works" are the people who live in the imperial core

capitalism has extracted the wealth and labor of the global south to benefit the imperialist nations

your nikes cost like $10 to make, yet you bought them for $250

a federal agency to build business process models of all businesses to make it easier to nationalize everything

It does not spark joy in the cold dead hearts of the imperialist West when the Global South has democratic elections

single payer funeral payment system because what the fuck funerals should be free and paid for by my tax dollars

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