Remember the Bolivia lithium coup?

The US wants to try to do that to China. For Rare Earth Minerals.

Dems are gonna lose the house and the senate because they suck shit

socialism is economic democracy

hence, national liberation is the form of economic democracy playing out on a global stage (challenged by imperialism)

this is why national liberation must occur before socialism can be constructed within a country

high cost of living isn't a neutral and agnostic result of "the market" (a faceless caricature)

high cost of living is a consciously pursued policy decision by those who stand to benefit from economic rents

do with this information what you will ❤️

i will never bathe!! the tankies can't make me impose hierarchy on my skin microfauna

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

if I was a socialist country sanctioned by the West I'd probably funnel state revenues into counterfeit industries ... just to crush the profitability of the Western brands

China is advancing into the future

The West declines into the past

inflation is not transitory ... the dollar purchasing power is collapsing ... buy gold or bitcoin or my favorite: Monero

Biden, Pelosi, Obama: "No Billionaire Left Behind"

someone please tell Cuba about Monero so they can circumvent US sanctions for payments


🇨🇺 Let Cuba Live! Over 400 politicians, intellectuals, clergy, artists, activists & ex-heads of state call Biden to immediately lift Trump's 243 sanctions on Cuba.
Full page ad in the NYT tomorrow

Visit to sign the petition.


imagine storing your hard-earned labor-value in a fiat currency that's being debased at an increasingly rapid pace

"the business of America is war, the business of China is business"

"if the US leaves, ISIS will take over"

The US created and supports ISIS. Kick the US out.

Cuba and their trading partners need to use Monero to privately circumvent the sanctions

the hysteria surrounding “online conspiracy theories” is actually a reaction to “loss of unilateral narrative control”

some things are false. some things are true but not permitted. thus, polemics and dialectical debate is necessary to establish fact.

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