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prolie tariat 🌹☭

make software changelogs visual, with diagrams of data changes or wireframes of UI changes

workers councils to lead society towards the abolition of class society

build improved systems for monthly donations to FOSS developers so we can fund the shift away from proprietary software towards FOSS

a People's Facebook to crush the Capitalist Facebook

it's well known that opposition to a particular meme only makes it stronger

oil execs will not be spared in the revolution

i used to recommend chomsky to people

now i recommend lenin

communism is pretty girls not being with gross ugly rich old dudes for their money, because everyone's material needs are provided to them after we guillotine jeff bezos

finally learned an important distinction.

"To each according to his contribution" is the lower phase of communist society,

& "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is higher phase of communist society

luxury & leisure for the masses

eat the rich, vacations for the commoners

class society is something forced, taught, socialized

kids are proletarian before they're poisoned by class society

all power to the teens

teach the kids how to run the city

give the kids power to take over society

cities should take over their own internet infrastructure, and anonymize all traffic so their citizens are protected from surveillance

place the whole state under the watchful eye of the public

monitor the police
monitor the military
monitor the representatives
monitor the state

read lenin's state and the revolution

make software development easier, flood the labor market with low-skill workers, sharpen the contradictions of capitalism, overthrow the bosses

I can't imagine i'd be a fan of living in LA but idk