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I/O diagram of the worker under capitalism vs. communism.

"to each according to their need, from each according to their ability"

free and fast internet for all members of society

what if the corporate media was nationalized and subsequently municipalized into the hands of local communities and cities

build institutions to contribute to preserving and disseminating a People's History to combat that of the ruling elite

every neighborhood needs a monthly People's Assembly, staggered by week, to allow neighboring People's Assemblies to attend one another's meetings

ban fraternities and sororities ... the seemingly benign social network of the rich and elite

let's build a map of (1) everyone's wages and (2) corporate profits so we can identify which workers are being most screwed by their bosses and seek to organize them to fight for higher wages

nationalize (and shut down) bottled water companies

North Korea must be destroyed because their social system provides and example of a society where there's zero homelessness and that's very dangerous to the interests of capital

thankfully Venezuela is prepared to defend their homeland from a murderous imperialist Sanders presidency

Mastodon should make it easier for me to view a user's instance (by clicking the latter part of their username or something)

i wish Dallas would integrate into the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

Syria condemned Sunday joint U.S.-Turkish patrols in a border strip in the northeast of the country, saying it was a “flagrant violation” of its sovereignty, an official statement said.

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