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prolie tariat 🌹☭

the will of the people must prevail over the will of the profiteers

like this tweet and i’ll DIAGRAM one of your tweets

free housing
free transit
free association

the poverty of the masses is structural violence worth fighting against

poverty of petty capitalists and libertarians is just hilarious tho

your header is dumb

radical transparency into all processes of society

strengthen / build mechanisms for democratic involvement in all state affairs

elevate the masses to the helm of society

computer vision algorithms to classify satellite imagery for ecological studies

how are we tracking our successes and how might we strengthen our movement against attacks by capital

workers must conduct studies of their workplaces to identify influences of global capital (typically investors, etc)

study the methods and mechanisms of the powerful

map of all buildings so we can track progress towards collective command over society and abolition of landlords

distribute the spoils of society to all

is there an automatic aromatherapy machine thing that can wake me up with chemicals and make me a morning person or

a visual flow from source material to meaningful knowledge