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prolie tariat 🌹☭

lmao a 2 hour flight from Dallas to Chicago is $105

a 22 hour train ride from Dallas to Chicago is $130

what the hell

things which the people need and rely on should be placed under the command of the people themselves

thus, twitter and Facebook and other various internet companies should be forcibly open sourced and publicly funded

NATO blows and anything Trump does which weakens and destabilizes it, is good

my twitter-to-mastodon mirroring hasn't been working recently :/

political planning should employ the use of the critical path method

live dashboard of all worker's strikes so we can donate to many strike funds

we should build timelines on each wikipedia article

free housing in San Francisco

crush the landlords

can't decide if I wanna call this place an app or a website

also On Here is an agnostic solution that feels just as weird

Dallas could municipalize all the 7elevens we have downtown

hey why do y'all use it's super slow

y'all should migrate to or

why does the department of transportation's logo look evil

publicly funded ridesharing app:

- free rides
- higher pay for drivers
- tax the rich