Unionization at Google 

Several Hundred #Google / #Alphabet workers, software engineers and other have formed a #labor union. It is a 'minority union', and while it can represent its members, it can not speak for the potential bargaining group as a whole. A step forward, nonetheless nytimes.com/2021/01/04/technol

Workers make the world - workers should run the world.

build open source alternatives to all proprietary and closed source software

the middle east has already had 8 years of being bombed by a Black man I don't see what's so groundbreaking about this new imperialist

donate to anti-censorship technology

donate to anti-surveillance technology


Mastodon *clients* need translation, to be sure. Last I looked, Azure cloud services were the cheapest, but it's been a couple of years since I last checked.
Bring your own translation credentials, pay for your own translations, don't lock it into any one vendor.

Silicon Valley is basically the government

we need to build Dual Power

Bernie sold you out to the Democratic Party

the Democratic Party is the enemy

we need a new party

if a politician doesn't do what you want them to do, make their lives absolute hell

that's what democracy looks like

China coordinates the exchange of industrial cooperation, human resource cooperation, etc between poor western regions and rich eastern regions

good policy

There is an acute shortage of Tardigrades on the tl today.

the FTC should require USB-C on everything, and if it is impossible for a certain product, they should be able to apply for a waiver

as much as I love donating to independent journalists, I'd love even more to be able to donate to those trying to synthesize relevant political analysis

they should try a 3rd after this one to really demonstrate that the Democratic Party simply doesn't give a fuck whether or not you live or die thanks to not being able to afford medical care

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