to those who are currently in charge of the resources, this will be a theft, an attack against their sovereignty

such was antagonism between kings and those who sought democracy

the allocation of all resources should be democratically planned by the people

washington post is owned by a billionaire but they really paywalling me

nah it's not worth it

technological advances should seek to make cities entirely self-sustaining and self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable

would be nice if YouTube would warn people that CNN is owned by AT&T and MSNBC is owned by Comcast and Fox is owned by a family of billionaires instead of only screeching about state-funded media in other countries

using the internet, we could collaboratively build model of exactly what everything does

does it do bad things? destroy it.

does it do good things? strengthen it.


workers councils to be placed in command of the EPA

the EPA to be given tanks and other military equipment

imagine living in a society where your labor hours are allocated towards projects which benefit society instead of generating profit for a few rich assholes

> There’s a new social network in town. It’s called Mastodon.

No, no, no! It's called the fediverse, and it's been around for nearly a decade.

wish there was a mathy way to measure the class character of a state

i'm sure there is, i just need to get learnt a bit more

send the war propagandists to the front lines

the peace-loving citizens will stay home and build houses for our homeless people

thank the automobile industry for lobbying to make society more profitable for them

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