Not gonna lie, the new Splatoon looks pretty neat. I had a lot of fun with 2 but playing Nintendo games online always feels like you’re fighting against it since they go out of their way to make the experience as clunky as possible

I don't 100% understand why there are no bookmarks though? There are "Favorites", which are the ones that are always open, but for me Bookmarks are more of a way to remember the ones that I don't open as often. I've created Folders for now, but not sure that's how they work.

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Dividing things between spaces is nice - especially for those that keep changing contexts all day. Being able to set a different color for each of them gives a nice visual separation that also looks cool as heck 😎

Show thread Initial impressions: the onboarding process was great; it does a really good job of showing its features and explaining its UI but in a way that's not overwhelming. Not a fan of the "startup sound" though. Using it so far has been fun

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I finally got my invite for ’s Arc Browser! 🤩

So, I had quite a lot to say about Elden Ring and ended up putting it up on my website instead. So here it is!

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Sooo my internet was out since yesterday and I had to go outside like the cavemen used to do. ‘Twas nice.

My plans to only have one job instead of two have been interrupted by me getting a third

Pls help

I wasn't impressed at all with GitHub CoPilot while working with frontend stuff (HTML, CSS, JSX, Svelte). But the moment I worked a bit with SQL... it's already saved me a couple hours writing the queries for me 😅

I didn't write a mini-review yet because I started playing it again with a different build. It's so fun 🤩

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I'd honestly really like to know why a big company like Google has come to implement a basic thing like "dark mode synced with system" SO DAMN BADLY. Why the heck does the page need to be refreshed every time it changes????

Just finished Elden Ring… incredible. Worth all the praise it’s got. Mini-review soon

Man I just got Malenia to like 20% health (2nd phase) only to have her completely obliterate my entire health bar in a single hit 😭😭😭


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