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Is there a way to see all the instances and accounts that my own instance blocks?
What is the expected behavior when I try to search / add someone that has been blocked?
Is there even a way to block individual accounts on an instance level?

wow, I think this is a really important talk on the sustainability problems open source software currently faces:
"Rebuilding the Cathedral" by Nadia Eghbal

color me impressed, stackoverflow just reminded me that I should vote on answers too because I've only voted on answers lately, pretty neat imho

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If people are motivated to help organizing the Decentralized Internet devroom at FOSDEM, ping
@taziden, @nitot or me.

For the details, FOSDEM:
- is the biggest European FOSS dev meeting (so: technical subjects)
- 3/4 February at Brussels
- a devroom is a thematics room
- we did that last year archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedu
- the work is centered around organization, planification, communication, writting stuff
- decentralizing internet is like /important/ 😋

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What does the fediverse recommend for a cost effective VPS?
Scaleway seems cheap but I remember some folks posting about getting burned.. :x

wow, my chromium settings page crashed every single time I tried to search for a specific cookie so I had to delete them all :x

I sadly can't remember who recommended it (it was someone on mastodon) but I've been using the emacs tangotango theme for 2 days now and so far I'm loving it (switched from monokai).


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Funny that we seem to be going in circles.

The web started as a bunch of individuals running their own servers. Then things got professionalized, and we got the mostly benevolent, for-pay corporate services. Now that your data is more valuable than whatever meager subscription fee you're not going to pay for anyway, we're back to trusting the randos.

The plummeting server/software costs help, but it would be impossible without volunteer labor.

It behooves us to support the randos.

wtf, just updated Thunderbird and it now has to redownload my whole inbox, this is going to take forever...

@tomharris Thought I'd let you know. You might want to have a look at your media queries, your blog is a bit hard to read on my widescreen monitor. xD

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If anyone knows of a person with access to a Linux or BSD box physically in Azerbaijan, or with an exit point in Azerbaijan, please let us know. We need to map out how AZ government is blocking our website so that we can take appropriate measures.

Thank you!

"Oh, and one more thing: making humans edit XML is sadistic!" [0]

I feel seen, I feel understood.

[0] docs.djangoproject.com/ja/1.9/

Good and Cheap, by Leanne Brown 3/3

This book was financed through Kickstarter and is the most professionally produces book of the three. All recipes have beautiful, high-rez pictures. It starts with a short collection of (shopping) tips but mostly focuses on recipes.


The New Economy
Chapbook Cookbook, Coordinated by Gabrielle Calvacoressi with Melissa Studdard 2/3

This book is the result of the collaboration of various activists.
"May all sentient beings be free from suffering. May all sentient
beings have food to eat." nuff said.
This is just a collection of recipes but they look good and many have pictures.

Vol. 1: southernfoodways.org/app/uploa

Since we had a discussion about financial problems and low budget cooking a while ago I've assembled a few good (and free) low budget cook books. Please share :) 1/3

How to Survive as a
Low-Budget Vegetarian, by Charles Obert

This one is probably my favorite. It not only gives you nice recipes, it teaches you how and where to shop. Charles hasn't only collected recipes but teaches you cooking patterns that invite you to experiment for yourself.


Why would anyone write a programming tutorial and post the code snippets as screenshots? WHY? x.x

"The more communistic the license, the more capitalistic the practice. [...] Today we have some sort of cyber-communism operating at the heart of capitalism."

- Michel Bauwens


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