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For the scifi and cybre folks: Gibson talks with Leary about the backstory of Chase (from Neuromancer) and how he was highly influenced by Burroughs (audio download)

If you ever think that you can save time by doing something clever: don't

If anyone is located in and is interested in there are two events next monday, 11.12.2017:
Eclipse DemoCamp with a great speaker lineup:
Eclipse Hackathon (with international guests :) )

The examples all look the same for me in the newest Firefox and Chromium (on GNU/Linux), can anyone explain?

Earlier I talked about how I love Mint Mate for letting you install packages from the start menu. When you think about it imho it becomes pretty obvious to include this. You should never let the user run into a dead end if you can offer him a solution instead. What does the user want in the start menu? Search for a program to start. Possible problem? Program is not installed yet. Solution: Search and offer to install it from the package manager.

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So, no proposals about Mastodon or ActivityPub for the Decentralized Internet devroom at next FOSDEM ?!


I even have almost all the extensions I want. I can live without Vim keybindings for now but I really need a good tab unloader. Then I can see myself going back to FF for a while to test the waters. :)

Firefox 57 feels great (performance wise), also looks great, I even like the rectangular tabs ;) But god, do I hate the margin in the url bar. Why wouldn't you make the url field take as much space as possible? Urls get insanely long these days :x

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”
Yupyup, just finished reading Neuromancer. It's actually pretty fucking good imho. I wasn't sure if I would like a cyberpunk novel because this is a very visual genre for me but Gibsons language is very colorful (although sometimes hard to read for me as a non native) I can see why it had the impact such an impact :)

TIL you can embed videos in epub O.o

Hum, has anyone ever tried to build a decentralized and self-hostable online music store like bandcamp?

"Learning modern JavaScript is tough if you haven’t been there since the beginning."

Great article for all the folks confused by modern javascript (like me) :wink:

Is there a way to see all the instances and accounts that my own instance blocks?
What is the expected behavior when I try to search / add someone that has been blocked?
Is there even a way to block individual accounts on an instance level?

wow, I think this is a really important talk on the sustainability problems open source software currently faces:
"Rebuilding the Cathedral" by Nadia Eghbal

color me impressed, stackoverflow just reminded me that I should vote on answers too because I've only voted on answers lately, pretty neat imho

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If people are motivated to help organizing the Decentralized Internet devroom at FOSDEM, ping
@taziden, @nitot or me.

For the details, FOSDEM:
- is the biggest European FOSS dev meeting (so: technical subjects)
- 3/4 February at Brussels
- a devroom is a thematics room
- we did that last year archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedu
- the work is centered around organization, planification, communication, writting stuff
- decentralizing internet is like /important/ 😋

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What does the fediverse recommend for a cost effective VPS?
Scaleway seems cheap but I remember some folks posting about getting burned.. :x