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Really handy if you work with a lot of languages and frameworks and don't want to remember (or look up) the specific commands for each and every environment.

Btw bkeepers started this cool little project called 'strappydoo' a few days ago.
It tried to provide a universal interface (one command) for every framework and language to: retrieve dependencies, start a dev console, start the server and run tests.
It already supports quite a bunch of languages: github.com/bkeepers/strappydoo

Whenever you wan to know how an API is used or how some config is done: search for code on GitHub and look at existing code. 90% of the time it works every time :)

Why would Kernighan write "The Elements of Programming Style" with examples in FORTRAN, when they already had invented C? *grrr*

Gentle reminder that HAWP is absolutely hilarious, have a nice day and be safe :*


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The 3rd edition of Eloquent JavaScript is now the definitive edition! eloquentjavascript.net

I also don't see how people that just learned recursion with the first chapters might derive much value from the last chapters as the jump in complexity is quite large.
As I understand chapter 1-6 where part of the first edition and the rest was added later but still..

So, I finally "finished" reading "The Little Schemer".
I'm really conflicted about the book.. I know that many people hold it in high regards and I feel that the first 6 chapters do a great job in teaching recursion. But the pacing is way off, if you already know recursion you'll probably breeze through those chapters. The last 3 chapters (8-10) really get serious and I don't think their teaching style works there (at least for me).

Time is a mess and I don't want anything to do with it :x

lol, just watched a talk from fosdem while listening to a live concert in the background and the audience cheered just at the right moment so that I thought: "wow, he sure gets a huge response from the crowd"

Really liked Mike McQuaids talk about open source project management and how to engage your users and encourage them to become contributors and maintainers. Great talk to finish the community track and the first day of :)

Heading out towards in less than an house :)
Have you established some sort of mastomeetup now? Did I miss something?

this is great, in the future we'll hopefully be able to watch all movies with Nicolas Cage in every role:

I'll be at again this year, looking forward to it :)
Hit me up if you're there and want to talk or hang out.

Just watched "Patterns Failed. Why? Should We Care?" by Brian Marick. Great talk, not a talk with clear and easy to follow message but great insights and many interesting leads (and book recommendations) to follow and think about.
Anyone else seen it?


AHH, my change broke the thing :x