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Gosh, I wish youtube would let you jump to a part of a video by searching through the subtitles..

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🤯 €10 000 pledged in 24 hours for #Mobilizon 🤯 !
Thank you for your trust 💖 !
Keep on sharing joinmobilizon.org to raise awareness among acitvists all around you.

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Today is the last day to make Better Than IRL happen!

If you (like me) have ever made a friend, found a community, opened your mind, grown as a person, changed your life, or all of the above because of the Internet, please take a look at this Kickstarter and consider throwing a few bucks toward making it a reality. Thanks!



I'm listening to the Better Oblivion Community Center album and I just recognized Connor Obersts voice on the last track (on the second listen to the album) and realized that he was the singer of Bright Eyes..

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alright! was finally able to build and run in an emulator (and debug! with symbols!) a ps1 homebrew demo app. it took a surprising amount of tweaking to tools that were supposedly ready-to-go.

I feel my biggest problem with css is that it's like declaritive programming but it's not like there is a basic logic underlying it all like with something like Prolog.
Fair enough, probably a bad comparison, but I feel like there should be some basic ideas that I could grasp and get a better intuition about wtf to expect when I'm doing writing css.

Feelin' pretty good about myself. Did something not absolutely basic with css and didn't have to tinker for hours..^^"

Oh Javascript... the hello world exercise from exercism.io just installed 701 packages.. x.x

~/exercism/javascript/hello-world$ npm install

added 701 packages from 383 contributors and audited 20019 packages in 24.503s
found 63 low severity vulnerabilities
run `npm audit fix` to fix them, or `npm audit` for details

Anyways, this blogpost lists all needed dependencies: programcreek.com/2011/01/a-com
But I have the feeling that I'll end up running a headless instance anyways because without it you can't access the Java model, which really limits the usefulness of JDT.

JDT FAQ tells you that "Hence you can use it in an Eclipse headless application or include all the dependent jar files in the class path of your application."
Which I think means "Create Plug-in Project" > "Configure Run-configuration" > "Add jdt.core dependency" > "Press add dependent plugins button" to find out which plugins you'll need..

Just got JDT running outside of an Eclipse plugin project. Took a bit longer than expected because the first things that I blindly copied from old forum posts and SO answers didn't work out and I was too tired to read properly..

At first it pained me how little she seemed to know about therapy, medication, etc. but she deliberately holds back in the first episodes to let the listener experience her journey how it actually went down.

For me it definitely got better in the latter episodes, but then I also understood how the series was set up, actually pretty smart imho.

Definitely give it a chance if you think you might like it or it could give somethint to you, it's only about 3 hours total.

I was really sceptical at first but "No Feeling Is Final" is actually a great podcast about mental health problems.
Honor Eastly describes the journey with the voice in her head and through australias mental health system, aided by snippets from her audio diary.
Would recommend it to people struggeling with their demons but also people who maybe want to better understand their loved ones.


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somehow managed to miss out on one of the most exciting 'hacks' demonstrated during #35c3 : the rental housing syndicate in Germany.

135 solidarity organizations that keep rental #housing #affordable in city centers by maintaining 'deprivatized' and 'unsellable' housing stock. These are collectively owned buildings with provisions against speculation. The organization is also involved in co-financing other similar housing projects.

Talk (german):

The talk also mentions related projects vrijcoop.org/ in #NL and habitat.servus.at/ in #AT

Project website:
syndikat.org/ (currently down)

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Five morning rituals to increase productivity:

1) Face North, thrice chant "inbox zero"
2) Face South, thrice chant "bullet journal"
3) Face East, thrice chant "pomodoro"
4) Face West, thrice chant "soylent"
5) Throw your head back to the sky and roar "PRODUCTIVITY"

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Are you going to #35c3 in Leipzig this year? Want to meet fellow participants from the bsd.network instance, and other ones (especially chaos.social)?

Join us at events.ccc.de/congress/2018/wi

Not just for admins/devs, everyone is welcome! Heck, you don't even need to have an account.

I've heard (well, started) rumours there may be stickers there. :flan_hacker:

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