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Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena

RT @Gankro: I'm working on fallible allocating APIs for @rustlang's collections, and want to interview people who've dealt with this in oth… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/88

@federicomena I sincerely believe that usabilitywise, #gnome is superior. I can give a clean Fedora install to a windows user and they'll be delighted, vs giving a macos and they'll need hand holding (anecdotal of course). With a few improvements on the software center UI (and amount of commercial apps) I think gnome is the way to go.

It keeps boggling my mind that Rust code that does proper error handling is often shorter and more legible than code which ignores errors.

@slomo ooooh. It's a shame librsvg doesn't do scripting/animation yet.

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Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman honored with the Fields Medal, has died at age 40 of breast cancer.

Librsvg 2.40.18 is out! Fixes CVE-2017-11464.

gstreamer-plugins-bad requires librsvg πŸ€”

@federicomena That was the pattern that first motivated me to try writing a C-to-Rust translation tool, when I was trying to read some code in Mesa. πŸ˜†

@jamey speaking of which, I want to split up rsvg-filter.c and run each filter through corrode...

You know that ugly C pattern

struct foo {
char *something;
gboolean free_something;

struct foo foo;
foo = gimme_a_foo ();
if (foo.free_something)
free (foo.something);

TIL that 's Cow<T> is exactly for that, and it's prettier, and automatic. Yay!

Trying to reduce the number of parsing libraries I'm using in librsvg...

Luciana is drawing Ferris the Rustacean illustrations for my talk. Just sayin'.

Programming is like a murder mystery where you're the victim, and also the detective, and also the murderer as it turns out.

I think we undersell GNOME's little usability features.

In several occasions I've seen people get annoyed at how hard it is to align/move/resize windows in MacOS.

GNOME makes that trivial, out of the box, no hotkeys required.

Had pancakes for dinner last night and had the trippiest, liveliest dreams. Coincidence?