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Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena@mastodon.social

> this is a unix system i know this
> wait shit
> gotta clone my dotfiles
> these keybinds are wrong
> why is this BSD sed instead of GNU sed

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

Attack Em All 2017
I am a trash protocol
410757864530 DEAD ROUTERS

Etertics GNU/Linux

Distro 100% libre y latinoamericana, desarrollada por comunidad de Red de Radios Comunitarias y Software Libre, orientada a trabajo diario de medios comunitarios y alternativos compatibles con Free Software Foundation mastodon.social/media/wO2Dza_7

Ratatouille, mashed potatoes, creme brulee.


Collaboratively inventing the word "synecdomeme" for the practice of using a filename, or notional filename, to stand for a multimedia item. E.g., "homer simpson retreats into shrubbery.gif" or "dumpster fire.mp4".

in Python they don't say "always fucked up", they say "fucked up if True" and I think that's beautiful

Why the fuck is it so hard to find pans with tanged handles, riveted to the body of the pan? Everything else gets loose and gunky.

Call for help: fund GIMP (an open source and free Photoshop alternative) development & Libre animation.

The funding really did help the Blender Foundation for example, and it brought us a solid 3D software with tons of resources on the internet.

This could be GIMP's blender moment, let's get them funded!



[tootsuite/mastodon] web: Replace the 👀 emoji with a JavaScript implementation of xeyes(1) that follows the cursor

A lot of people are missing the point of the twitter boycott. Ok heres how twitter works, they sell your data to advertisers for money, any interactions, good or bad are data they can sell.

All that harassment women get? That makes them money. All the call outs, all the toxic shit, all the fights with bad people? Makes them money.

They have a vested interest in creating engagement and nothing does that better than anger. They keep the bad people around because they know you will fight them. Thats data, they can sell that and then market to people just like you.

While they market to the people who want to abuse you too.

*not using twitter* is literally the only way to hurt them.

Also by way of #introductions to the Shop, we have a calendar we might resurrect - wandering.shop/calendar/

Meaning today is #fanfic/#fantasy/#ff Friday!

Who should we be following, and what should we be reading?

Could the convention of only using last names when casually referring to science papers lead to women's erasure?

For a large part of my life I've been aware of "Jensen and Wirth's Pascal User Manual and Report", but have never seen it in person. Only today did I learn that it is actually Kathleen Jensen.

Since each programming language's visual patterns are different... maybe your eyes need to learn the right dance for each. Until then, the language looks weird and awkward to read.