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Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena@mastodon.social

tired: car/cdr
wired: first/rest
inspired: primus and secundus

Testing the tag on Artodon and it looks great!

These hands are made for walking! ♫ ... wait, no, that's not the right lyrics. Yeah some hand sketches because I want to get better at them

#sketching #sketches #drawings #sketchbook #hands

Does anyone know Amazon Linux? Someone is having trouble compiling librsvg there, but I have no idea how it works: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/librsvg

me: *uses accented letter in project name*

software: "you can only use letters"

me: fuck off you north-american centric piece of shit á IS a letter

ok why didn't anyone tell me that #mastobikes was a thing?

@YaLTeR and @alatiera are KILLING IT with their librsvg merge requests! So much code cleanup and more Rusty idioms.

Currently moving the actual drawing code in librsvg from C to Rust - the code that ultimately frobs the Cairo surfaces.

Doing this gradually requires more refactoring than I expected. However, the code is "naturally" ending up with a structure more similar to Firefox's SVG implementation. It's comforting to see that we both have the same gnarly problems around bubbling up SVG bounding boxes to the right place.

did you know that rustdoc has nightly features just like the compiler? i'm currently writing them up here github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull #rustlang

Are there any black trans game developers out there in masto land that are willing to make themselves known and point me to your work?

"You're a time traveller? Why don't you go to professor Hawking's party?"
"I'm a nobody. Why would he want to meet me?"
"He invited you! 28 June 2009, 52° 12 21" N, 0° 7 4.7" E."
"Go! He's waiting."
"I'm too shy. He's one of the greats."
"Please don't make me."

Rust refactors so nicely. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's a very pleasant thing to do.