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Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena

GNOME will be at the #openSUSE Conference, May 26–28 '17 in Nuremberg, Germany, stop by our booth and say hi #oSC17 #gnome !gnomedesktop  https://quitter.no/attachment/1208228

From the last paragraph of "The UNIX Time-Sharing System" github.com/papers-we-love/pape :

A "crash" is an unscheduled system reboot or halt. There is about one crash every other day; about two-thirds of them are caused by hardware-related difficulties such as power dips and inexplicable processor interrupts to random locations. The remainder are software failures. The longest uninterrupted up time was about two weeks.

Starbug [from CCC] was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems.

.../... the iris picture is printed on a laser printer. .../... a normal contact lens is placed on top of the print. This successfully fools the iris recognition system into acting as though the real eye were in front of the camera.


\o/ CCC \o/ <3

Me clonaron una tarjeta de credito. Estoy mas intrigado que molesto.

Nunca uso esa tarjeta, solo lo hice el domingo para hacer una recarga en Virgin usando el celular, marcando al *188# y llenando un menu.

Ayer me llego la notificacion de que esta clonada. Entonces:

- O la informacion que viaja por la red celular no esta encriptada y alguien aprendio a capturarla,
- O alguien dentro de Virgin se esta robando los numeros de tarjeta.

@ebassi thanks for this fantastic work :) It's amazing to see the infrastructure getting a refresh!

@juanlibres Hehe, librsvg was being written while the SVG spec was still being written. It took a seemingly long time for the web to have a vector graphics spec. The new edition of the spec is a work in progress, and it has some pretty nice things - curved arrows, etc.

@Spider er, last toot was meant as a reply to this. Clicked on the wrong place :-P

I'd blame much of those browser inconsistencies on the SVG spec... it *looks* thorough until you try to implement it, and are left with missing cases. The test suite helps, but not always.

Visited a friend today who is sweet, kind, fun, adventurous, involved in all kinds of volunteer & self-ed projects, and on top of it all, just plain *nice* - and who is needlessly apologetic about her messy house.

I told her I love her house (which is true, I do) and that I come to visit *her*, not audit her #housekeeping skills, but still she frets.

So, I'm sending her this & in case others might need it as well, am posting it here for y'all. 😇


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Librsvg implemented SVG patterns in two parts: a C part to hold the actual pattern data and the DOM stuff, and a Rust part to resolve patterns with SVG's fallback machinery.

Now patterns are fully implemented in Rust! No more wild sharing of pointers everywhere!

no. 8 sapodillas, painted by amanda almira newton, 1906

@federicomena I prefer the enum versions btw, it makes it easier to add a 3rd (or more) case later without changing the API.
Also in many cases you can give a better name to the two variants. Compare e.g. hypothetical glib::SourceReturn::Continue / ::Remove with glib::SourceReturn(true) / false (i.e. G_SOURCE_CONTINUE / _REMOVE).

@federicomena This trick (or rather that problem it solves) can be found as "boolean blindness". Very useful indeed!

finally, my #rustlang #mastodonAPI client has some code that connects to servers! Its been long, the tests are still incomplete, and serious refactoring needs to be done still.

I'm guessing that maybe in a week I'll have something worth sharing.


@luke_nukem aren't you going? The Foundation sponsors SoC students...


It doesn't actually do anything yet, but I'm sketching the multi-process satefy design here: github.com/chergert/periscope

I don't know when/how much time I can give to this though, I got a ton to do for Builder this cycle.