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I worked on a custom layout for , you will be able to use it and interact with your Mastodon accounts. I attached a short video to show you that.
When the api will be ready, you should be able to see your home, the local and the notification timelines for Pixelfed accounts.

PS: It's an example from the follow instance feature. That will be faster if you connect directly your Pixelfed account.

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Funkwhale, docker, request for testers Show more

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#Funkwhale Sync 2 went quite good! If you want to know what was discussed, I've published the meeting notes, and there is also an audio recording of the session (in french though):



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I released in the beta channel the version allowing to follow instances with your Mastodon account(s).
You will be able to interact with "Notes" and Misskey accounts.

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After 2 months of inactivity we going to realease a hot update of the version 0.1.5 of #p2play. That have a subcriptions to channels, rate videos and more!
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The priority after federation support is mobile APIs.

We are working with a few mobile developers to ensure they have the right tools to build amazing apps and experiences.

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I finally fixed last bugs and the new version is released 1.50.3

Happy holidays! 🎁🎄

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Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse.

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:pixelfed: Update: We have successfully tested federation (following, likes, shares and replies).

Our goal is to deploy this to a few instances this week and work out any bugs before the v1.0 release.

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You can now albums and individual tracks from open.audio into third party website (as long as you can insert an iframe into them and the embedded content is available publicly), as shown in the video below \o/

Le hashtag de @Air est élu le meilleur hashtag Avril 2018.

Sont nommés pour le fediverse d'or du meilleur bot mastodon Avril 2018:




Bientôt .... les récompenseront les meilleurs comptes de la !


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