It’s Friday night. I ate pizza, drank two beers, and watched this movie. A fitting end to a week.

Contrasting news items on TV this morning:
🇺🇸 Grand Central giving away free vaccines PLUS free 7-day Metrocards
🇯🇵 Govt pledges to vaccinate “85% of the elderly” by August
🇯🇵 Vaccine registration website crashes
🇯🇵 960 vaccines spoiled due to improper storage
🇯🇵 O L Y M P I C S

I can’t explain it, but the entirety of my mental faculties today has been preoccupied with Resident Evil. Literally can’t concentrate on anything else. is this just how you live your life everyday, or do you take breaks??

This Week In Retro: I reflect on the 10th anniversary of Marvel's efforts to bring Thor to life that, against all odds, worked.

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Today I spent 90 minutes streaming a game at home and then played games for 3 hours at work. 2021 isn’t at all what I expected.

Since there's only a week left on their crowdfunding campaign, have you seen my friends' new game Spirit Swap? There's a demo and it is very cute:
(There's even a Steam page if you like what you see:

Pandemic shmandemic, I’m in desperate need of a haircut & shave and...nice

This Week In Retro: I reflect on a decade of Enoch, Lucifel, and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

cleaning out our freezer of ancient, rock-hard ice cream, we let it defrost and I dipped pretzel chips in it and I feel like I discovered a secret formula for pure joy

This Week In Retro: I slam the brakes on my Chrysler LeBaron and rush to the defense of Tom Green’s Freddy Got Fingered for its 20th anniversary

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For my new gig as a (part-time) esports English teacher, I've been playing Fortnite on the clock at work. By my math, that officially makes me a Pro Gamer now. ⌨️🖱️💴

when the fuck did people start using words like 'consumer', 'franchise', 'intellectual property', and 'content' to talk about shows and shit, i do hate it so very much

This Week In Retro: What happens when one of the greatest games EVER gets a sequel? One of the greatest games of all time, obviously! Happy 10th anniversary to Portal 2!

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Put ingredients into the automatic cooker and rice machine, set timers for both. Only then did it hit me: two robots are making my dinner tonight.
I live in the future?

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