if anyone in the Kansai area knows what to do with English-language books, I'd love to hear it. I've just got too many and I'm never going to read them again, let's be honest. Don't want to toss 'em, can't afford to ship 'em.

went out last night to a dessert buffet and got some nice pics of the family

How do you prefer to travel? — by TRAIN, trains rule. The only good thing about airplanes is their top speed because I am uncomfortable the entire tim… curiouscat.me/feitclub/post/73

Do you have good friend(s), whom you did not like at first? — I think it’s the other way around: I befriend people after they initially write me off as a cold weirdo. Only people who bother to push past my strange mannerisms & anxiety and decide that I’… lap78.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECPW7B6

I’m okay with pineapple on pizza, but pineapple AND apple feels like One Fruit Too Many

"Holding corporate executives accountable for white-collar crime is good. The problem is that Japan’s justice system is focused on forcing confessions, not on determining whether a suspect engaged in wrongdoing." bloomberg.com/opinion/articles

my son is so pure, we’re watching JoJo Golden Wind and he thinks the name “Sex Pistols” means there’s six of them.

That's a wrap for @ChasmGame@twitter.com! I wanted a game that scratched my perpetual Symphony of the Night itch and I got one.

I encountered my first ever “cashless” business this summer in NYC and while I was happy to pay with a card, I was shocked because I knew they were silently turning away so many customers who might not have the means nytimes.com/2018/12/06/nyregio

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*slaps roof of Switch* this bad boy could hold so many horror games

today I learned Panos Cosmatos was the son of George P. Cosmatos, a big director in the 1980s, and now MANDY makes a lot more sense to me avclub.com/mandy-looms-triumph

“When tech companies tackle large-scale problems with large-scale solutions, underrepresented groups are often further marginalized as a result” nytimes.com/2018/12/06/opinion

“I was expecting people to be heroic. But I'm the one who put in the feature that you could steal from the shops” this is a wonderful story on my favorite RPG of all time, Ultima IV, and its place in history as an inherently ETHICAL game usgamer.net/articles/history-o

“His jokes started out like ‘my life is hard now, I had a bad year, feel bad for me.’ There was nothing like “hey I ruined my own life by masturbating in front of women’” thecut.com/2018/12/an-intervie

“This isn’t about Japan becoming a multicultural society and it’s not about Japan opening its doors to become more globally oriented...This is just very plain labor market politics” nytimes.com/2018/12/07/world/a

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As least this thumbnail of Denis Dyack will never stop being funny

11:20AM on a Friday and Costco is PACKED, wtf

“I think they believe that they can railroad African American talent because they doubt that there will be any legal consequence” kotaku.com/rapper-2-milly-sues

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