Shout-out to past-me for buying this too-small Sega hoodie with the wild hopes of being able to wear it one day - that day has come!
(I paired it with the perfect t-shirt)

it is cold enough for sweatshirts in Osaka now so this is appropriate - *especially* in Osaka 🤜 💎 🤳

Very disappointed by the USGamer news, both for my pals and the rest of the staff who are now stuck looking for work. Also there’s a special place in hell for the person who decided employees can be declared “redundant.”
People are not a line item to be erased.

That's a wrap on Cloudpunk, quite an enjoyable ride! More sci-fi worlds built around exploration over combat, please.

I am sick at home right now and boy I wish I was of those people getting a new video game console this week but every retailer I tried to preorder with just shrugged and I wasn’t mad about it until today.

It's November which means my birthday is approaching! I'd share a wishlist but int'l shipping is bonkers right now, so if you'd like to send a gift...
Or if you're interested in long-term gratitude:

All those years Jean-Luc got it wrong: COLD is where it’s at!

I know nothing is over and people have lost so so much during this crisis but can I please enjoy the fact that Rudy Fucking Giuliani had to deliver a hasty press conference outside a New Jersey landscaper’s garage because Trump said so

Osaka people! I was interviewed this morning by MBS for Mint, a tv news show which airs weekday afternoons. Please tune in (and record maybe) to see me get riled up about the election!

Chrono Sword is on Kickstarter! I tried this at BIC Fest and enjoyed it. Yes, there is a demo.

If you had a million dollars to buy a gift for a friend, what would you buy? — A visa, so they wouldn’t have to worry about Immigration anymore.

oh nice I found that store that EVERYone on Twitter is into

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