I am sitting in a 79° windowless room with 70% humidity and a grown adult next to me is crying in a baby voice “I’m coooooooooold”

I’ve seen plenty of Japanese people change seats to avoid sitting next to me on the train but today was a first: I got in line for the train and the lady in front of me *moved to another line*

Got a lot of attention today over my lunch photos, so here's the rest of the story: youtu.be/YI3ItTTweyY

I had Korean chicken wings served with molten cheese for lunch, how’s your Saturday going? t.co/aU66dJAsct

What is something you've accomplished in the past month? — I took two kids across the ocean to visit two different countries and then returned them home without even a single new scar. curiouscat.me/feitclub/post/95

The typhoon is gone but it's left a strange feeling because of this surplus of free time youtu.be/CMc0xoYdOF0

many of you wrote to me during my vacation to tell me about McDonald’s “New York Cheesecake” McFlurry so I wanted to report: I ate it.

If you play D&D and have time for a survey about yourself and your character, here is a survey for you: cccusocialsciences.az1.qualtri
(I do not know the person overseeing this, but I got it from my DM)

I never left the house today because I was waiting for the typhoon. It made me wait a long while. youtu.be/wfuEzQulcsE

I bought this chocolate bar in the US and wow, they went HARD with the flavor text here - with more on the inside!

"In one way, the localization of Metal Wolf Chaos XD indicates maybe America is ready to laugh at itself again. In another, more accurate way, things are so wretched under the current administration that we all need to laugh or else we'll start crying." usgamer.net/articles/metal-wol

I go to sleep tonight not knowing what state Osaka will be in when I wake youtu.be/_rHZ5kx9JGc

"Chinese officials have begun branding the [Hong Kong] demonstrations as a prelude to terrorism" nytimes.com/2019/08/13/world/a

here is a phrase I won't have much cause to utter very often in my lifetime: I got a great piece of mail today youtu.be/sShJYfYwew4

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