I’m supposed to be on holiday! I shouldn’t be eating this healthily.

It went live just as I needed to leave to get the sleeper train last night, so I forgot to post about my latest video. From Powderhall to ALDI is a walk in Edinburgh with lots of industrial and railway heritage.

I’m off on a brief but epic adventure later this month (pandemic permitting). I will be packing at least three cameras, and teasing it during my journey.

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New video! This is different from usual, looking at a less well known local mineral spring. Also, experimenting with music.

St Bernard's neighbour

Something, something, ooooh 500 characters, waffle, waffle, verbosity.

Up far too early - hospital appointment, which means I had to test first. Was negative.

Twitter have done a stupid, and suspended my account because they cannot tell the difference between obvious satire and actual misinformation.


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