WHO just declared a pandemia!

A OMS acabou de declarar pandemia!

Hola a todos es un placer comunicarme y extender mis saludos a todos q disfruten la noche 👍👍🥃🥃🍷

ok, so here's my tentative chronology of XMLHttpRequest/ AJAX:

2000: Microsoft comes up with XMLHttpRequest (the cornerstone of AJAX) and implements it in Outlook Mail: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XMLHttpR

2002: Oddpost.com uses JavaScript to mimic a desktop mail application, using AJAX methodologies: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oddpost

2004: Google borrows several ideas from Oddpost to create Gmail: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oddpost

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These last days I've been using excel/sheets formulae extensively and for the love of FSM, I would love to somehow press something like ctrl + space on any app and have a menu like the one for Japanese or emojis, where I can put a formula and it writes the result back.

I'm still unsure if this is something that I really want or my lack of sleep and overuse of excel is driving me insane.

❓What smells bad when living but smells good when dead?

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Trying out pinafore (pinafore.mastodon.host)

Looks great so far!

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