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Fernando Mumbach @fermuch@mastodon.social

Me : I wish I was a sparkly Disney princess


Kick back, relax and enjoy the summer with a NASA movie night. Here are 10 space videos from our collection that you might want to check out! From watching two galaxies collide to learning the secrets of the Red Planet in 60 second chunks, put on your comfy clothes and watch them all: nasa.tumblr.com/post/174572811… squeet.me/photos/nasa/image/14…

With each episode, I feel more and more like Kaos-sensei.

I'm living right now that moment when your boss casually tells you you have 20 days to practically create something as complex as the Google search engine and you go full panic mode

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そういや6月になったのでこの半年で伸びた絵はどんなかなあと思って個人的に調べてみたら上から順にこの四つでした 精進しますRTふぁぼ本当に有難う御座います

Chuck Norris can retrieve anything from /dev/null.

datacenters do not imbue computers with special powers. if you own a desktop less than a decade old, congrats! you already own a server more than capable of hosting any and/or all of these:

- #gogs
- #nextcloud
- #pleroma
- #rocketchat
- #discourse
- #prestashop
- #funkwhale
- #hugo
- #radicale
- #standardnotes
- #prosody
- #wallabag
- #wordpress
- #etherpad
- #dokuwiki
- #ttrss
- #kanboard
- #pixelfed
- #loomio
- #pihole
- #taiga
- #kodi
- #searx
- #homeassistant
- #znc

(for free, forever)

For some reason, mosquitto 1.5-0mosquitto1~jessie1 on debian arm uses 100% cpu and makes the rpi3 cry. Going back one version solves the problem.

There's a Richard Stallman message for every occasion.

mentiras da humanidade:

* fica, vai ter bolo;
* você possui total controle sobre seus dados

@Gargron there's no "go back" button on the trending tab. Seems really weird to me.

I feel bad for @Gargron. I know he has good intentions, but not everybody sees that. He works hard, and I know what that feels like.

We need to work together, if not for us, for our grandchildren.

The fediverse belongs to


FLOSS community:
> hey let's put all our eggs in this one GitHub basket
> what could possibly go wrong
> GitHub is so convenient