Another one of my little epicycles going round. Sorry about the selfie.
Playing around with my Casio CDP-S100BKC5 as a midi controller and Garageband (or was it Logic?). Fractal graphics done with -sttill in love with this app.

Two private pupils booked for ABRSM guitar grade exams this term, one for grade 2 and another for grade 5 (and two more pupils taking grade in school). Few, but a small sign that things are going back to some sort of normality. Also looking forward to, little by little, begin to receive pupils in face-to-face guitar lessons.

Detail of my 1965 -or what's left of it after a long lifetime with me. Yes, I know I owe it some TLC. Decal didn't come with the guitar (long story) and was courtesy of @mondocatto

Nine year old pupil sends me recording of her playing the intro to the Cure's 'Friday I'm in Love', with which she was having difficulty, with the very syncopated rhythm on the guitar's melodic solo. And she finally gets it right! Teaching is not its own reward, I still have to pay the bills, but there are good moments

Night over Kentish Town
A bit blurry, but this was taken with a phone camera, I think it's not too bad. Next time, a tripod.

Happy New Year a little belatedly from London. Looking pretty much like the previous year, so far, alas. Patience.

Adding a guitar reference page to my little guitar lessons website. Not a lot in there as yet, and almost all of it classical guitar related but both things may change, time allowing (and time, alas, may indeed allow for the next couple of weeks)

Flavio (me) playing a quick take at home of 'Yacambú' by Antonio Lauro (excerpt 2)
Currently doing online guitar lessons!
for info on guitar lessons/presentations:

There have been a few enquiries about guitar lessons and a couple of new pupils starting. One is a young woman having done Gr 8 piano & theory and wants to do same on guitar. At least some good things happening in these strange, strange times!

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