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Fredrik Graver

If there's anywhere that will have an answer to this, it's Mastodon... #FLOSS Show more

I was pretty much in crisis management mode at work from December to July. All in all, the end result seems to have worked out well, but now - 3 weeks into the new semester - I am finding it very hard to get down to an everyday routine and regular work...

Just dropping in to say "hi".


Today is my last day of work before taking summer holidays, and when I return I will no longer be acting Dean and my replacement as Head of Studies will be in place. I will be able to devote all my time and energy to our exciting new project.

The past 3 months or so I have felt emotionally quite "flat", but this week as I thank coworkers for their help and support I feel a constant urge to cry.

Folks PLEASE put your politics under CWs

I hear you. I generally agree with you. I know it's super important. I promise I read them most of the time.

Still, I don't want to be flooded with it all the time like I was on the birdsite. That's why I left there for here.

Boost if you agree!

9 days left and I'll be on vacation. When I return, I'll no longer be acting Dean.

I can't wait!

The mastodon stages:
1. new users flow in and are amazed and/or flummoxed by the UI and its affordances

2. some users stay, finding that they rather enjoy the aforementioned affordances, and the overall lack of twitter shenanigans

3. suddenly, you discover you have things to say on the nature of sexuality and interpersonal relationships that you never knew you were uncomfortable talking about until you came here

4. there will be hugs, for those who want or need them

Some days are better than others.

And some are not.

Looking forward to coming up for air and engaging with my community here again. I miss you.

This post by John Gruber (citing Dave Winer) about why Facebook is so problematic, is great:

On academic change Show more

On academic change Show more

On academic change Show more

On academic change Show more

So many people here expressing the same exhaustion I feel. I feel empathy and I empathize, but also I wonder: why?

Are we more concentrated here, or more comfortable expressing it here? Less concerned about the social media facade?

Or is it something else? Since most of the people I see expressing this are in / work in academia - is there something wrong about the places we work?

improvised, unpolished fiction Show more

Foggy day off the coast of southern Norway. The wisps alternately hide and reveal a beautiful landscape.

Mastodon doesn't have any ad code and will never have ad or 3rd party tracking code in the source code.

Also, some website pretending to be a "mastodon ad network" is an excellent example for why the silly ™ mark after the Mastodon name is not such a silly thing