I’d never heard about Zetkin before, but it seems like a very useful platform for organising activists. Owned (collectively, of course) and operated by Swedish socialists. zetkin.org/en/foundation

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Watching the Champions League final between Lyon and Barcelona and eating home made banana cream pie. Life is good.

Today is Norway’s national day, and all across the country people are gathering in festive crowds for a boisterous celebration. The dog and I celebrated by going for a 9k walk in the woods…

So. The Zoom meeting I'm about to start has a meeting ID that starts with 666. Should I be worried...? 😁

He who desires to worship God must harbor no childish illusions about the matter, but bravely renounce his liberty and humanity.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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Revolutionary methods must be in tune with revolutionary aims.
-- Emma Goldman

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Introducing fediverse.info - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects!

Mastodon provides several tools for managing your timeline.

You can add notes to any profile. Why did you follow them? Are they a repeat offender? Remind yourself.

You can disable boosts on a per-user basis. Maybe you want to see a user's posts, but not everything that interests them.

You can temporarily mute an account while they get something out of their system.

You filter out posts with specific words, hashtags or phrases.

And when all else fails: block, unfollow, or mute indefinitely.

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All the years I lived in Canada, and all the Canadian music I listened to — I think this is still my favourite album by a Canadian band. The music is pure joy, and the songs encapsulate the essence of Canada (minus the hockey).


May Bank Holidays are the absolute best. Brought to you by unions, co-operation, striking for your frickin' rights, and Sticking It To The Man.

Indigenous Open Educational Resources: Respectfully Uplifting Community Voices with UBC's Kayla Lar-Son Indigenous programs and services librarian at the Xwi7xwa Library and the program manager librarian for the Indigitization program. Free & open webinar. More details & registration at bccampus.ca/event/indigenous-o

If revolution results only in a change of dictatorship, then it is hardly worth while.
-- Emma Goldman

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Starting on a major review and revision of our BFA programmes, and finding inspiration in my collection of Canadian music...

First Gordon Lightfoot, then Leslie Spit Tree-O, The Rankin Family, now Mary Margaret O'Hara.

Thinking I'll line up the Rheostatics next.

I forget how much I enjoy the music of Gordon Lightfoot.

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