A few days left before I return to work, and I am lucky enough to have this view while enjoying my morning coffee. Bliss.

Yesterday, for the very first time at this workplace, I said no to participating in a meeting I should have been at, simply because I was too damn tired to think.

My conscience has been bothering me ever since, but I’m also really glad I did it...

New blog post: "Tech veganism" nolanlawson.com/2019/05/31/tec

Wherein I try to understand what makes a "tech vegan" (i.e. someone who avoids closed-source software and big tech companies, i.e. probably you), and whether there are parallels with real veganism.

ICANN granted Amazon.com the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.


#GAFAM #GAFA #amazon

(via everest-pipkin.com/ , thanks ! )

@lauraritchie @dogtrax @cogdog @tellio @lightweight @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @Downes @hrheingold @ayior @wentale @dartigen Sorry to blast you, but Laura got me going (as did Harold, indirectly) to write something about an idea I've been mulling: a community space for artists, educators, thinkers to share, exchange support, teach, learn and connect. An adult version of youngwritersproject.org

Link for more: geoffreygevalt.com/onwriting/a I would love feedback. Boost if you could. THANKS.

France's largest free software organisation @Framasoft has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for an open federated events tool, Mobilizon:


Mobilizon would replace Facebook Events and similar closed services.

It would use ActivityPub, so people would be able to organise events on the Fediverse.

You can also follow its Mastodon account here:


#Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook #Events #Alternatives #Fediverse

Inspired by @katebowles #desirepaths β€” as the snow melts, this path reemerges through the farmers' field. Soon that field will be full of feed grass, knee high, but the path will persist.

Live Music Participation Project/ Also Fundraiser, but they don't have to mix 

I'd be curious to know what experiences people have with these alternatives to gmail: switching.social/ethical-alter

I've had a gmail account since 2006, but am finding it harder and harder to live with Google.

I'm considering Posteo; I don't mind paying up front and it seems like you get the most for your money β€” but would like to hear people's experiences.

I'm an email packrat, and would like to keep all my emails. Calendar and contacts are useful too.

For anyone interested in or the travelling life of a slightly eccentric genius type... the documentary about Bill Jay that I did the music for has just been put on Youtube so everyone can see it. (yay!) youtube.com/watch?v=wd47549knO

I am genuinely proud to have been a part of this project.

Our presentation ( @katebowles and I were in person) at in Ireland ended up being a giant shout out for mastodon. The topic was . Full details here, and the video is linked - our session starts at 53mins.

shout outs to @GeoffreyGevalt and our main author @tdorey and @Downes @dogtrax and @Ayior for being involved in our slides. :) @Gargron calendar.google.com/calendar/e

just had a good family laugh looking at these after looking up the classic AI problem dog or bagel... our favoiurites are the dog or towel and Afghan Hound or Saruman


Just had a look through #uBlockOrigin's readme, and I love them, such a good bunch of humans.

"[...] it's important to note that using a blocker is NOT theft. Don't fall for this creepy idea. The ultimate logical consequence of `blocking = theft` is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to #privacy."

Wanted to give them money, but:

"Free. Open source. For users by users. No donations sought."

✊ 🌈

#advertising #surveillanceCapitalism

I love my job, but increasingly I’m starting to wonder if it’s good for my health. I was hoping at some point it would become possible to work within normal (or somewhat normal) work hours, but it’s not. I’m drained.

A project that started as a Digital Humanities project, transfered with the Principal Investigator to various institutions, and has now been copyrighted and monetized under the PI's for profit company. A good example of why understanding Free Culture as a social movement is relevant to Digital Humanities.


I'll let you in on a secret: you can hate "real" taxi services for running a price kartel and refusing to modernize, AND hate @Uber@twitter.com and @lyft@twitter.com for making traffic substantially worse, not better. It's not one or the other: they're both terrible industries.

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