**‘Trump spent 10 minutes praising himself for every 1 minute he spent expressing condolences’ in 13 hours of COVID-19 briefings: analysis**

"As the world runs out of words to account for or describe the unhinged rantings of President Donald Trump when it comes to his daily briefin…"


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If your official answer to "How do I reset my password?" is "log out and click 'forgot my password'", you need to rethink your service.

Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests

"We've seen a lot of success at the state level, particularly starting with Oklahoma in 2017," said Derrick Morgan of American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers ift.tt/2MscCAJ

**Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover - senior China official**

"Hong Kong is facing its worst crisis since it returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997, the head of China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office said on Wednesday, as more protests were set to rock the Asian financi…"


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1 moose = 2 meese

RT @ShowerThoughts: 2 teeth = 1 tooth. 2 geese = 1 goose. therefore 2 sheep = 1 shoop

The resolution of a movie or video randomly jumping from 144p to 1080p feels exactly like when your nose clears up during a cold.

From birdsite 

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Stay safe and choose #Android apps from #FOSS app store @fdroidorg@twitter.com wherever possible.

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Public trans: @TransportrApp
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When Drake said "Pull the lever Kronk... WRONG LEVER".

I felt that.

I feel broken
RT @Karalela@twitter.com u ever drink water rlly intensely n it's dripping down ur chin n shit but ur lettin it and in that moment u really and truly are a dirty slut for water

For the first time since I started taking the train twice a week, I walked to the train station without needing to stop or use a Lyft.

Finally got access to my account again, thank you mastodon.social support!

i want a crisp pickle and a block of ultra sharp cheddar 😶

I can watch unlimited free porn on the internet all day but I have to pay $15 a month if I want to read one study paper

there should be a browser extension that intercepts requests for location info and sends false info back on your behalf

yes hello i am browsing from the middle of the Indian Ocean

privacytools.io/ is a pretty good resource for privacy and anti-surveillance related information. You can find a lot of useful tools there.

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just changed my passwords for all websites I can remember having signed up for, plus many other ones, with secure 20-character monstrosity passwords. no-one will ever hack my ello now.

Remember in the 90s, when teens were more tech savvy than adults, and everyone assumed that the savviest would just keep getting younger? Now it's 2017, and the people who were teens in the 90s are the most tech savvy generation and probably will be until they die.

Kids don't grow up with computers any more, they grow up with iPhones. If it's possible to learn to code on an iPhone, it's despite Apple's best efforts.

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