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An enormous creature that dwells in the mountains of Colorado, though only ones that slope at a higher than 45 degree angle. It uses its fluked tail, which has hooks at the tips, to latch on to the top of the mountain. When groups of people pass by at the bottom, it lets go, sliding downwards with its large mouth gaping open. The creature is so big, it knocks down trees in its wake.

whatever else happens in this sick, sad world, we'll always have David S. Pumpkins

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Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau is my role model

cuz its my birthday alla youse mooks gotta do what i says. and i says youse gotta put clown shoes on yer hands and ride a unicycle. get to it ya palookas

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Fearsome Crittober Day 11: The Goofus Bird.

A bird with a turkey-like head, a long green neck with silver scales, a black right wing and a pink left wing. The Goofus Bird always flies backwards, never caring where it’s going - only where it’s been. It also builds its nest upside down.

He-Man and She-Ra is mlm/wlw solidarity

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I am remembering that time where Johnny Storm a) had swapped powers with Sue, b) had them amped up by the Power Cosmic, and c) as a result of that, Sue's power to make invisible things visible went into overdrive and he could see the true selves of the other members of the Fantastic Four. This is:

✔️ comics bullshit
✔️ the most comics bullshit
✔️ the best comics bullshit

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Fearsome Crittober Day 7: The Hoop Snake.

A snake that holds its tail in its mouth an rolls around like a wheel.

once, I was a Grand Admiral, but now I am a mere Wounded Edgeboy

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"I'm a male feminist! You're welcome, society."

Bojack is great

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