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hi nice to meet you I'm the guy who still makes Homestar Runner references on the reg in 2018

once again I point the blame squarely at tight pants

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hot take: Masto should not focus on acquiring new users

it should focus on providing its users a safe, stable, reliable place to form a community, and allow users to join organically

trying to emulate other systems by incorporating their flaws is a terrible idea and guess against the whole ethos behind most people who came here

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The best description of RPO I’ve found Show more

Hattori Hanzo, a.k.a. "The Gooch"

*hums the DuckTales moon theme*

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Dragons, and / or dungeons, possibly simultaneously.

we can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy
it's a do or die situation
we will be invincible

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Information wants to be free.

But potable water, nutritious food, clean air, habitable shelter, elements-protective clothing, life saving and improving medicine, and time, precious, precious time want to be just as free.

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The lion, the witch, and the z͝al̸͡g̢o͢͝ t̴̀͞e҉x҉̢͘t̸́


Loving Husband and Father
Rest in Peace

*clicks on intercom* price check on prune juice, Bob, price check on prune juice

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"How long should I sit on the loo to chase these Tuesday blues away?"

--Good Times Charlie

awesome awesome fancy danish totally diggity professional underdrawers

there once was a man from Nantucket

who was really nice and everyone liked him

the end

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grim societal distress Show more

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I have been informed that people pronounce AT-AT as "hat hat" and I understand why people join doomsday cults now