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Tangent Universe: Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy

art by Julia Lepetit

For dinner made some Aldi canned chili with beans, added a few drops of hot sauce, served on toast. Cheap and simple but tasty and filling.

Y'all are lifesavers. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry I keep leeching like this. It won't always be this way. :(

Filby @filby
I'm really tired of having to do this, and I'm sure everyone else is even more tired of me doing it, but if Elon Musk can crowdfund a damn couch then I can ask for some help buying groceries... :/

My car insurance payment is due tomorrow and I'm $10 short. Can anyone spare some money to help me pay my bills and get through the week? If not, please Boost?

having a really shitty week due to poverty and family pressure

And after my car insurance is paid I'll only have about $25 to live on for the next week.

I am sick and fucking tired of being poor and hungry. I can't go on like this.

My sister ate the last two waffles I was saving for myself. I have no food until my paycheck is deposited in 4 hours.

So me eating food that she buys is "stealing", her eating food that I buy is no big deal.

Made some delicious egg noodles with butter, black pepper, adobo, and a dash of chili powder

Mosura ya, Mosura
Dongan kasakuyan indo muu

"Weirdest bunch of guys I ever met. I like 'em."

he's a master of karate

and friendship

for everyone


fighter of the Nightman

champion of the sun

decided to apply for food stamps because I can't feed myself on my current wages and I can't keep begging my friends for money :/

had some delicious potato soup for dinner

ate waffles for breakfast (at 3:30 PM :P), they were yummy

can we please stop making Loss jokes in the year of our lord 2K18

eating microwaved gumbo from a can, it's really good actually

Work left me feeling like a broken shell of a human being.

Fortunately an hour in bed and a lot of Diet Coke (delicious black gold) made me feel better.