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y'all ever think about how people say fresh water is gonna become more valuable than oil or gold in the near future

but also that there's so much fresh water in just Lake Ontario alone that the earth's population would need to be around 1.4 quadrillion to deplete it (that's 200,000x what it is now)

makes me 🤔

y'all ever think about the following two facts

1. There are 1.5-2 billion people living in extreme poverty
2. The "defence" budget of the US could give about 1.6 billion people a $75k annual income

makes me 🤔

i considered just being really heavy-handed about blocking people but that would kind of defeat the purpose of having an awareness campaign.

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ok so
does anyone know what the best way to forward masto posts to twitter is? i want to make a twitter account to talk about how fucked this city's transportation system and priorities are (cause that's where most eyes are) but i also don't want to use twitter.
any suggestions?

I mistype "really" as "reallt" so much that my predictive now text thinks it is an actual word

i live in a city where people have been showing up to apartment viewings with 12 months' worth of rent in cash and yet my dad has 3 whole rooms in his house in a location most people would kill for that he never uses.

why the fuck are there so many youtube channels that post nothing but text-to-speech askreddit comments, and why are my recommendations full of them

You leave Toronto in the summer. You return to Toronto come autumn. You swear that tower building was not there in the summer.

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The lady on the train repeats, "Union, Union station". The train slows, but the tunnel is still black. No one around you reacts. You can't see the end of the train down the hall.

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Welcome to Canada, where we are more down with a white dude who donned a turban and painted his face brown being our Prime Minister than an actual turban-wearing brown dude.

but hey at least it's not america amirite folks

"Everybody wants big dick energy"
-Sigmund Freud

the wackiest thing about psych trips is not even the trip itself, but rather all of the big thonks you keep having after the fact

every time i think about "stonks" i start cracking up

not pictured here that we listened to from my friend's collection: gong - magick brother and spacemen 3 - dreamweapon

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HALLOWEEN SCARE? reports of internet communists putting health care in candy apples ☠️ Inspect your children's candy!

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