why are all the dope old polysynths so bloody friggen expensive

does anyone know if there is a news feed eradicator for instagram? I've had to make one for music promotion purposes but I don't want to be engaged with it beyond posting shit

Today, to demonstrate an example of a loaded question, one of my profs asked me in front of the class if I considered myself racially prejudiced.

My dumb ass, forgetting that this was not leftist self-crit time, answered "yes".

Now I'm pretty sure the whole class thinks I'm a nazi lol

lol at all the people who think the billionaires are taking us with them to space it they make it. you’re not buying a ticket not with your pay bb.

Either that or it's just a further manifestation of chronic gear acquisition syndrome, hard to tell really

Stayed up past midnight playing with synth plugins in Logic. Think I might have developed a new special interest.

Roads are dry enough that I can start riding this bad boy again

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If you play an instrument let me know so I can follow you

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sometimes praxis gets really fucking sketchy and it scares me but I also love it

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ok so apparently I just had to complain about this to enough people for one of the people to get back to me

still need to hear back from another but they're the less urgent query

I'm so fired up about this that I picked up the phone and dialed my own number

gg pinko

People are supposed to be getting back to me but they aren't and it is immensely frustrating

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