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does anyone know if there is a news feed eradicator for instagram? I've had to make one for music promotion purposes but I don't want to be engaged with it beyond posting shit

Nothing like taking a 20 minute phone call from someone who takes you for granted

I acquired a digital copy but fell asleep before I could listen to it ;_:

Fuck nooo I don't have a digital copy so I can't listen to it outside where it's nice and cool

damn I really want to listen to spiderland right now

Today I suggested that all software has always and will always suck and the best advice I could give on the zoom thing is burn your computers, run into the jungle naked and hope for a quick death and I feel like that’s the best advice I’ll ever possibly give so what I’m saying is does anybody know how to get to the jungle from here?

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota will be striking during Prime Day, July 15!

In solidarity, don't order from Amazon, visit the site, or use the app.

#labour #work #solidarity #strike 🐘

Right when I'm expecting a call for work, my cell service craps out

I just missed a full day of work because no one told me I was supposed to show up and I'm fucking livid

aaaaaaaaand an ex-friend of mine from high school is going to be there so there goes that idea

TFW multiple people you follow online are doing a meetup down the street from your house

love all those industry gurus on youtube who think that "Nobody Cares About Your Music" is an original or constructive take

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