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Robert Holmes villain

so i spent a while doing some deep sampling of a really adorably shitty analog synthesiser i have, and then i googled 'how 2 make a kontakt???' and i'm terrified. how is this possible

Video Games Are Boring

I’m really glad I read this article. For a while now I’ve been feeling pretty bad about video games, and started to wonder if I still liked them. This article pointed out why and made me feel a lot better!

I hope I can make games that are interesting, positive and caring. ♥

i found the MGS kink meme that got made since I left the fandom, and I'm just too old for this shit [TW: NSFW nightmare scenario involving a pterodactyl]

i finally have a take that's too hot for ME to handle

it's, 'double denim is good actually'

the alternate universe where John Foxx did Do They Know It's Christmas instead

just the part of Do They Know It's Christmas where Sting sings the line "the bitter sting of tears" looped for three minutes

@fireh9lly i dont believe in volts anymore. thats what we built FM for

I know I've been really outspoken about my hatred of DX7 piano sounds on here. I have not changed that view. BUT I must also offer the take that the DX5 piano sounds... are good

why can't the UK just do an Italo disco entry to ESC

"I don't understand that there's a world outside of the US".jpg

CBS' old Saturday morning bumpers are amazing and I want to know who made them and how

for the record, the game is not a dating sim and not necessarily an investigative sim. I was thinking about borrowing mechanics from Snatcher, but it doesn't quite work.

hey duders, can someone help me come up with game mechanics for a VN?

it is sparkly cape o'clock in my prog project

I'm so burned out and I'm trying so hard

I just want love and friends and attention and validation and instead I'm £60 overdrawn and can't finish any of my personal projects and nobody loves me