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easy vegan pancake recipe for hungover assholes Show more

should clarify, it's a man's arse. and it's very good.

French speakers, what's a sexy word for an arse?

got bored in math class and made a language. have fun trying to parse this nonsense

is it bad form to steal a song you wrote for someone who ghosted you and do it yourself

Just let lesbians do all the writing and character designs on your sexy girl fanservice game! I guarantee it will be better!

alright so you remember FOIL from high school algebra right? the reason it made no sense wasnt because you were dumb and bad at math, its because its a horseshit method for memorizing an out of context symbolic manipulation.

the rule goes as follows:
(a+b)^2 = (a+b)(a+b) = a^2 + 2ab + b^2

in ancient geometry, numbers werent just formless abstractions - they represented actual quantities, like length or area.


just got sent a dick pic DM and told the guy that it was inappropriate and he apologised, lol

is it possible to be on the aspie spectrum but your special interest is in a total fascination with immediately reading, processing and handling all microtypes of human social interactions, such that you're actually more socially astute than most NTs?

@fireh9lly i think when i wrote the joke the answer was "lol brian cells aren't real" but now i'm closer to shitposting "doctors advise you kill any brian cells found in or around your body. they are considered armed and dangerous"

bureaucracy Show more

you're not a true music ho until you are writing songs in languages you can't speak

how to block images in the same way as wordfilters so i never have to see any of the Elon Musk joint photoset ever again

anti-Palestinian racism Show more

someone today tried to sell me a £40 Dead Sea salt scrub set and so I was doing by not being able to afford it

UK crime and politics Show more

does anyone know somewhere where i can buy the zebra outfit from Heavy Metal Parking Lot

For those who want it:

A tool that allows you to quickly see if Reddit users are subscribed to evil subs is available at

Thanks to @zyx for finding it for me!

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