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easy vegan pancake recipe for hungover assholes 

I hate Kingdom Hearts but when KH3 came out I still made sea salt ice cream for my roommate because I support all of my friends' interests and generally fucking rule

I forgot about Masto and I want to come back. Please accept my posts

What a day of sadness. No longer can we go around wishing David Koch was dead

So sad that David Koch had water spilled on him and melted

Help me learn programming logic 

i want to write a song in a Momus style about the dead Zack watching Cloud seduce his ex with Zack's moves, and cheering him on as he rails her

it is a bad idea to try and write song lyrics, get stuck, start listening to 'oh who's a good lyricist? i know. momus' for inspiration

now all i can think about is effeminate pervert schoolchildren and how inadequate i am

i probably shouldn't call my album Attic Helicopter

i've been trying to wriute lyrics for a trans cowboy song for a while but all i can come up with are unintentionally transphobic innuendos. maybe it's better to give up

(I made Sauerkraut for my German friend who can't find any here. i'm a saint i know)

i know hergestellt is more, like, 'manufactured' and gemacht is just 'made' but I don't know what is considered to be manufactured vs made from the POV of a German speaker.

German speakers: what's more natural to write on a jar of homemade Sauerkraut? "Gemacht am 17. März" or "Hergestellt am 17. März"?

AA, A, B, C, D... why are cup sizes and battery sizes measured in the same units? and how do i get 9-volt cup breasts?

Anyone got a site for posting text to that saves to the cloud? All the stuff I usually use is blocked

hey fellas and furries, I have A Lot Of Money and I want to buy a music production thing. What would be useful for doing live stuff?

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