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writing a song that is so heterosexual no-one will ever listen to my music again

as much as I stan for I Feel Love this is probably the greatest disco song ever

youtube keeps recommending i watch this and i usually just do and haven't yet regretted it

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multiple people had diagnosed the fact that consolidation of "online" into 2 or 3 large commercial malls was fucking with our psyche, whether or not you ultimately want to branch out into smaller or more curated spaces is a separate question but clearly, Twitter and Facebook and their ilk have been making everything worse

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please retoot my cat he has low self confidence

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Name a really stupid weapon. HARD MODE: no Davy Crockett portable nuclear missile launcher, no Russian bomb dogs, no Lockheed-Martin F-35.

shitting myself as i crawl through shadow moses, hoping meryl doesn't notice

:103b:​ ALOLAN
:103b:​ SAYS
:103b:​ FUCK
:103b:​ TERFs

I'm watching Mad Max 2 and it is a bit like watching someone play Far Cry, also I find it interesting how Mel Gibson is clearly beautiful but I find him utterly impossible to fancy

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