Great anthology series ❤️☠️🤖 gets volume 3 on May 20th!

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 3 | Official Teaser

Most AIs seem to combine a whole lot of "A" with very little "I".

Guess what! Mastodon’s official app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

Interesting question and discussion!

What does microblogging give you that forums didn't?

I really like ¹⁾ protocol and ²⁾ so it looks quite logical for me to use ³⁾ protocol and go into ⁴⁾.

There are a lot of options for servers and clients as can be seen at Project Gemini website⁵⁾/capsule⁶⁾ so try it!

²⁾ gopher://
⁴⁾ gemini://
⁶⁾ gemini://gemini.circumlunar.sp


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