And then, the infinite loop. How do we actually CTRL-C? Are the modified cells supposed to just get old and die by themselves? How can we be sure that we won't flood our body with spikes?

I trust science, I understand most of what's going on, but that really feels like the very first time we run a program on a computer. I'm pretty sure the first programs written had bugs and unintended side effects. We're in that situation now, except that the runner is my body, and that makes me uncomfortable

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About the very interesting article by bert hubert. (dispo en fr)

I still have some questions. First, can anyone be more precise about this "Through clever chemical means, the vaccine manages to get this genetic material into some of our cells." what are they?

Then comes the Ψ instead of U hack: our body is building things that are invisible to our immune system. That's freaking me. Can't the modified cells mutate to maybe generate something which could be bad for us?

Remember that the leak is supposed to be from 2019. That tell us that, 2 years ago, Facebook was already linking whatsapp data inside Facebook, even when you don't have a FB account, and pushing data from facebook to your data, like the gender. Two ways binding.

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Checking the , some people in there doesn't even have a FB account. But it turns out they have a WhatsApp one. In the leaked data WhatsApp users' ID seem to start with 1000. It also includes gender, which is not something one declares when registering on WhatsApp. 1/2

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I had to smile about the creative work on that #celebrite toolkit.

On the other hand it throws up the question how to de-escalate this emerging cyber-conflict?

The logical next step for celebrite would be to announce or leak information about a vulnerability in #signal, seed uncertainty to signal users, try to erode their trust in the software, not make the details public, but announce to exploit it in unpredictable cases.

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We're in the process to backport VoLTE support to /e/OS on Samsung Galaxy S9 (Exynos). We're looking for strong expertise here.

If you know some true experts in the VoLTE support field, please get in touch! (mailto:

Sorry, -fr is currently down, payment problem with the hoster...

Y'a des gens qui ont pris le TGV depuis le début de ce 3ème reconfinement ? Est-ce que y'a beaucoup de contrôles ?

The strategic advantages of Phosh for mobile Linux

Unfortunately the author doesn't know well... He misses the point here.

Utilisation de la paille de cannes pour la production d'énergie

Lauriane Mietton, Charles Vaulbert et Jean-Michel Gérard

Why Most Unit Testing is Waste

I didn't read it but I put it there so I will read it later :p

Rappel, parce que y a aussi des choses positives dans le numérique et l'État en France.


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