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[fr] J'ai eu la chance de créer quatre larges illustrations pour l’excellente équipe de #Framasoft sur le projet Contributopia , et c'est aujourd'hui la sortie: contributopia.org/fr/home/ 🎆 Bonne visite!

[en] I had the chance to create four large illustrations for the exellent team of #Framasoft on the project Contributopia, and the release date is today:
contributopia.org/en/home/ 🎆 Have a good visit!

framapiaf.org/media/AQq2TANPrh framapiaf.org/media/g823sum4FV framapiaf.org/media/llT0CszK9h framapiaf.org/media/zIaF2_hTX4

is currently down, sorry. The whole @Framasoft infra is having troubles. @framasky is on the bridge fighting!

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PostgreSQL 10 RC1 Released

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces today that the first release candidate of version 10 is available for download. As a release candidate, 10 RC 1 should be identical to the final release of the new version. It contains fixes for all known issues found during testing, so users should test and report any issues that they find.


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"So, uh, diaspora:// is now an officially registered URI scheme (htt..."

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"Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great. Too Bad They’ll Never Work"

(Don't shoot the messenger, I relay the article which seems interesting, and mentions #Mastodon, it doesn't mean I agree.)


I just had a dream, I was watching a game. USA was playing against Ireland. And in the back of the USA player, on their shirts, it was written "To debian stable". Yes, they were sponsored by . Weird dream.

Getting newer Linux Kernel on Ubuntu LTS with HWE.

How-to for each LTS version: wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnab

My 16.04 finally runs 4.10 after years of 4.4! As simple as apt install!

Downtime sur désolé, @framasky et moi sommes dessus.

27 August 2012 -> 27 August 2017.

Happy birthday community-run ! mastodon.social/media/zD6NS3gD

27 August 2012 -> 27 August 2017.

Happy birthday community-run !

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On me souffle dans l'oreillette qu'un groupe de hooligans de l'association serait possiblement en train d'organiser un sur . Stay connected.

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All the @Framasoft guys are having a this week-end. And we have a weird tradition there: buying useless domain names, because it’s fun. That’s why I bought forkmeiamfamous.com for example, or makemozillagreatagain.com. Well, because of my funny accent when talking about joindiaspora, I’m excited to now announce the (soon famous) johndiaspora.com domain. Quite awesome isn’t it?