staying focused and motivated is difficult when you're in bed and could just spend a few hours watching movies

this construction site has a window now

when the heating starts working again after months of cold and damp

RT My mom at 3 a.m.

Me in front of my PC


found a game that shipped with debug symbols and uses what looks like a debug version of the codec library

RT *very John Bercow voice* OR-durr


RT Rarely seen “eat your vegetables or we’re buying a puppy and going to Disneyland” parenting tactic there


reviving my icy fingers with hot water, damn, so good

amused how the Wikipedia page on "minced oath" (fudge, shoot, heck, etc) says "many languages have such expressions" but the article doesn't exist in any language other than English

I have coins in at least six different currencies now, people keep throwing them at me like I'm some sort of coin collector

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