HackerOne is the gig economy of infosec :/

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Nope it just got weirder, there was a girl sat in a cardboard box in the hallway and a guy next to her all like "I don't know her". I think she's secretly a cat in human form. Wtf is going on in our block today????.

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I'm listening to the soundtrack of The Secret of Kells

damn, I really hope it doesn't stop at milkshakes

my ideals are socialism and environmental protection

I've come to the conclusion that I can't live with voting tactically if it means sacrificing my ideals

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megacon is the only con just for this and this only

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need a Mastodon cross-poster that has a global view of its users and boosts existing cross-posted toots instead of duplicating them

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foreigners living and voting in the UK, which country's parties do you get to vote for? I'm so confused

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Another milestone: Orbital boots into Safe Mode from PS4 5.xx kernels on PC, with graphical output! This is possible by fully emulating the AMD GPU (CI) via @Vulkan@twitter.com and recompiling GCN bytecode to SPIR-V.

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