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If you put "YourFavoriteBrowser `getfattr --absolute-names --only-values -n user.xdg.referrer.url %f`" in your file manager's context menu you get a neat workflow like:

what if I'm the sign-extension of 32-bit immediates

making a company, it's called Eggs Caliber

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can you buy shorts like what the US americans have but with a EU flag

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rice pudding for breakfast, that's just how I roll

i thought "darkness be my friend" was a song but it's actually a novel

haha, the 3900X must be pretty popular, Amazon says they can dispatch within 1-2 months

Friday is push-to-buildbot-and-go-home day

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Crashed a fancy party and lied to the mayor of Canterbury. This is not a shitpost, this is my life now.

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