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Just a reminder that this account is mostly just for automatic crossposting from other websites. Please follow as well!

New post: fluffy rambles: A decaf coffee rant

Why do so many roasters seem to think that decaf coffee isn’t worth doing a good job on? The whole reason people drink decaf is because they like the flavor of coffee, but don’t want…

New post: Notes: Werner status for 9/22

As usual, rated on the PetMD quality of life scale:

Hurt: 5; he seems to be breathing somewhat shallowly, and he seems to have trouble finding a comfortable position to lie in, probably due to enla…

New post: fluffy rambles: Various updates

fluffy health

So, I had a very bad experience with my doctor with this latest chronic pain flare (and the short-term disability leave situation), and with encouragement from …

This is just where I post stuff for the wider world to see. If you want to follow my actual social media presence (which I'm still trying to limit), see instead.

Also digging into tax records to get my deadname to show that you're "going the extra mile" to get my business: not a good look

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Still trying to sell my condo. The Seattle real estate market is weird. Houses get snatched up immediately, but condos seem to need the right buyer.

New post: fluffy rambles: Current goings-on

Still on disability leave, and still in considerable pain. I’m trying not to work too hard on things, but it’s hard not to do things.

For example, I worked on a song wi…

New post: fluffy rambles: I am not having a great day

I got woken up at 7 AM by an onslaught of opportunistic vulture realtors trying to get my attention because my condo listing had expired, and it only went downhill…

also it'd be really nice if I could convince iOS to only accept calls and texts from people in my phoenbook

and if realtors didn't try to escalate getting in contact by CALLING MY MOM, I mean what the ENTIRE fuck

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PSA to realtors: inundating people with calls starting at 7 AM isn't a great way to ingratiate you to potential future clients. But it's an AMAZING way to get negative Yelp reviews.

Shout out to whoever keeps changing the goose game category title to different variations of honking

Reasonable people: Hey we're in drought conditions and everything's dry, could we maybe not?
Fireworks fetishists: It's our God-given right! And fireworks used safely won't catch anything on fire!
My neighbors: [rushing to pour water over a fire they just started]

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People are setting off fireworks so loud that I can feel them through the floor of my house.

Totally normal, reasonable hobby.

New post: fluffy rambles: Short-term disability leave

Over the past couple weeks my pain has been flaring up again, driven especially by work stress. A few days ago I hit a breaking point and realized that this is …

New post: fluffy rambles: Werner update

After he’d finished his course of antibiotics and antacid, he was doing pretty well. But today he’s started having bile vomit again, and he seems to be losing weight again as well. I think I also ca…

New post: fluffy rambles: 4th of July barbecue?

So hey, even though my birthday party got rained out, a bunch of people came and it was a good time. I suspect that an even better time will be had when it’s sunny. A…

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