Bluetooth headphones are such crap. Back to using the annoying lightning to 3.5mm adapter and much cheaper, better-sounding, doesn’t-constantly-cut-out earbuds.

Posting this solely to see how quickly FeedOnFeeds' WebSub support receives it.

okay wow this sure feels spammy, coming from me multiple times on multiple accounts. I'll just turn off the crossposter on this account for now :P

Hello friends! Starting right now and through the entire weekend, take 25% off any of my music at with discount code PLAIDFRIDAY at!

Okay, seems to be stable again, so I'm gonna switch back to this as my primary instance. Again.

At this point I don’t think I’ll be catching up on but oh well, I want to just like enjoy some time off before starting a new full-time job.

The best comment on the Bitcoin crash that I have ever read and will ever read:

"why is it still going down

why hasn't the government done anything to stop this"

A reminder that this Black Friday, rather than putting on an enormous sale, @itchio will be donating their entire revenue share from all sales on the site to a pair of LGBTQ+ and climate change charities

imagining an alternate history where adult fans of The Flintstones say "yabba dabba doo" in their dating profiles and throw temper tantrums when the promotional Brontosaurus Burger at McDonalds sells out in the first 24 hours

for real though, if i hadn't House MD'ed my own chronic illness, if i hadn't got disability benefits to keep me going while i House MD'ed that shit, if i'd missed one stroke of luck, i'd be homeless too. this system is broke

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