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Just a reminder that this account is mostly just for automatic crossposting from other websites. Please follow @fluffy as well!

Just got around to putting my Novembeat 2019 stuff on as per usual. Might tweak it a bit over the next few days before I submit to Spotify etc but I kinda don't GAF about Spotify etc

To clarify though the psychiatrist I saw today and her entire support staff are amazing.

Like gee I wonder why the doctors who are dismissive of my pronouns and quick to blame my estradiol for my issues are also the ones who tend to make me wish I were seeing literally anyone else for medical care

Also like any larger health org they are very hit or miss about trans stuff. There is also a correlation between the ones who are savvy or at least affirming, and the ones I actually like seeing, even irrespective of trans-related issues.

Having integrated care is great but having to deal with the extra layers of bureaucracy, the lack of appointment availability for certain specializations, and a handful of doctors who make me really wonder why I even bothered, not so much.

Also gah why is Kaiser Permanente so good at some things and so terrible at others

Likes: my general practitioner, my psychiatrist, the support staff, that one lab tech who is REALLY into pins
Dislikes: nearly everything else

oh yeah I finally have a formal dx of ADHD and I'll be trying Concerta first.

Also Tangled is interesting in that it’s from the princess’s perspective when the story of Rapunzel is traditionally told from the man’s POV

And does the man normally even have a name, or is he meant to be a stand-in for the male audience with a savior complex?

I just realized that most Disney Princess movies are from the perspective of the princess and the only ones I can think of which aren’t are Aladdin and pre-Disney Star Wars

(I don’t have a point here, I’m just noticing things)

One Pun Man, a superhero with the power to take anybody out with a single pun.

He gets so many dates.

Um, region as in player region (like France or Japan), not as in PokΓ©mon region (like Kanto or Alola).

I recently discovered that if you trade a PokΓ©mon from another region in Sword/Shield, its locale and evolution names transfer along with it. Neat!

Gah looks like IFTTT’s RSS feed service is having unspecified errors again, so my stuff isn’t posting.

Anyway, a reminder for anyone who is relying on twitter or mastodon to follow my posts: it’s better to just use a feed reader and take back control of your experience.

I tried doing one last today but I had too much computer/keyboard/hand/brain trouble, so I'm calling 2019 done. I still managed to get 24 songs done and a few of them are way more than Novembeat normally calls for, so I'm calling it a win.

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