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I'm still taking a break from social media, just posting here to say that I've noticed people unfollowing or even soft-blocking me and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for whatever I did to upset you, and I hope you'll someday let me back into your life.

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Just a reminder that this account is mostly just for automatic crossposting from other websites. Please follow @fluffy as well!

New post: πŸ” Private entry [datp] This entry has a restricted audience.

New post: fluffy rambles: Nearly 20 years on

Some recent conversations around Internet toxicity have been reminding me about some deeply traumatic, formative experiences I had nearly 20 years ago, with being doxed…

New post: fluffy rambles: Isso comment privacy update

So the reason for my recent mini-rantle was that I found a hidden API in isso that would have made it pretty easy for folks to trivially scrape every comment on my website, including one…

New post: fluffy rambles: A perfect comment system in 1 line of HTML

<a href="">Post a comment</a>

(that said, gosh darnit I really need to build a better comment system for my site. as al…

People always talk about exorcising their demons but has anyone considered jazzorcising them?

New post: fluffy rambles: SpinDizzy MUCK wants YOU!

Are you interested in whimsical, fun, weird, sometimes downright brain-ending roleplay? Tired of all RP spaces turning into public sex-a-thons?

SpinDizzy MUCK might be a pla…

New post: fluffy rambles: Meatboxing

My freezer is full again. Crowd Cow strikes again. (As always, click that link for $25 off your first box!)

This month’s haul:

Mostly unchanged from how it was a few weeks ago. The final inve…

New post: fluffy rambles: Distributed toxicity and the IndieWeb

This tweet has been making the rounds in IndieWeb spaces, and reflects a thing I’ve been thinking about on and off lately for obvious …

I just got some marketing spam from American Burger Co. addressed to my disposable address. Turns out Little Big Burger is not an independent chain, but is owned by the same parent company as Hooters?

New post: fluffy rambles: Miscellaneous goings-on

I’ve been on guanfacine for a few days and so far I’m not noticing that my focus has changed any, but on the p…

New post: fluffy rambles: Mac mini updates

First off, I am a dummy and completely failed to notice that there are in fact two USB-A ports on the Mini itself. The dock was completely unncessary for my initial setup. Oops!


New post: fluffy rambles: New Mac mini

Today I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of work done due to my brain still feeling like it’s been through a juicer, and also because my new Mac mini arrived today. So I g…

New post: fluffy rambles: So much for Wellbutrin

Yesterday I was feeling pretty off, in a β€œwow I think my blood pressure is spiking again” way. And I happened to have an appointment at the pain clini…

Looks like doesn't want to come back from winter vacation either.

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