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New post: Plaidophile: Song Fight! Live(stream) Night 3

Two major things happening Song Fight!-wise:

At 10 AM PDT today (that’s in about two hours!) I’ll be participating in a game show called Masoquiztic; the contestants will be me, Glenn Case, and Sp…

New post: Plaidophile: Social media break

Yesterday I decided to take a break from social media. This was for a number of reasons, but they all boil down to my increasing frustration with how interactions occur in rapid-fire quick-sharing spaces, and th…

New post: πŸ” Private entry [SFL2s] This entry has a restricted audience.

New post: Plaidophile: Song Fight! Live: Social and Distanced 2020

Every year, Song Fight! does a live show where a bunch of folks come from all around the world to perform for a couple of nights. Of course, because of current events this year’s show ha…

At the grocery store, there was a lady wheeling out a shopping cart that was packed full of chips. I noticed when someone said to her, "Dang, that's a *lot* of chips," and she burst out laughing.

I hope chip lady has a really good time planned with her many amazing chips.

Also, stop watching The Matrix and V for Vendetta, and for that matter, stop using phrases like "red pill." Those were all transgender metaphors anyway. (The red pill was premarin.)

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Hate trans people? Stop using things they made.

Find a cellphone that isn't based on an ARM CPU, designed by a trans woman.

Get a computer that doesn't uses superscalar execution, because that was invented by a trans woman.

Better quit using anything in tech, really.

New post: Plaidophile: My ever-increasing storage pool

I remember around 15 years ago being impressed with the fact that the total amount of hard drives in my home had crossed the 1TB threshold.

Nowadays I have around 25TB worth of spare hard drives ju…

Evolution: you can’t just make friends with every wild creature out there! Some of them are scary hunters!

Humans: ha ha cat go *prrrr*

Reminder that for the next 24 hours, is waiving their cut of all music sales on their site! It's a good time to buy some independent music that you like.

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