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Just a reminder that this account is mostly just for automatic crossposting from other websites. Please follow as well!

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You know something's gone very wrong when Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are the good ones, relatively speaking.

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New post: fluffy rambles: Save the date!

Hey folks! That time of year is coming up… it’s my birthday in June! And what’s more, I have a new house to celebrate it at!

My plan this year is to have an outdoor cookout in…

Your daily reminder that while vaccinations help a lot they don’t completely prevent transmission or infection. Get vaccinated, but also keep on social distancing and wearing a mask!

New post: fluffy rambles: Resin printing adventure

So far I haven’t gotten a fully-successful resin print, but I’m inching closer and closer.

The current issue I keep running into is that it’s very difficult to separate a print from the be…

Hopefully they can get this sorted out soon, since supposedly this is the last for a while.

On that note, assuming they get their ordering stuff working again, doesn't have anything new or special for the occasion but, y'know.

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Looks like because of the impending , is having a bit of a meltdown. I bought a discography (forgetting bandcamp friday starts in like 45 minutes, oops) and all of the download links are failing with a 429 Too Many Requests error.

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I haven’t even put printer #3 through its paces yet, and I’ve just bought printer #4. Fortunately it’ll be a while before it gets here, and also I’ve been wanting a ceramic printer for even l…

New post: fluffy rambles: More updates!

My resin printer arrived today. It was a bit obnoxious to get a working print and holy heck it’s a messy process even when it does work, but this’ll be fun to mess with. (Ye…

(also something something scarcity on storage, but whatever, for the most part hard drives are being WAY overproduced and there’s a whole rant I could get into about how much storage we all don’t need, and I am absolutely a part of the problem)

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Just found out about chia-blockchain,

On one hand, it’s neat to see a proof-of-stake blockchain that is ACTUALLY low-compute (unlike, say, Filecoin, which still requires a lot of CPU).

On the other hand, they really should have called this “blockchia.”

New post: fluffy rambles: Today's accomplishments

For the past few days I’ve been having a major fibro flare so I was expecting this weekend to be a total waste. But somehow I ended up getting the wherewithal to do…

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Your periodic reminder that git is a blockchain

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