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This is just where I post stuff for the wider world to see. If you want to follow my actual social media presence (which I'm still trying to limit), see instead.

People “cleverly” referring to Elon Musk as an “African American” as if that makes him any sort of minority is one of many reasons why the term “African American” was never actually a good idea.

Did the twitter mobile website really remove all the functions that made it functional? I’m not installing the fucking app

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Incidentally if I could just get Gmail to filter based on Received: headers this would be trivial. Normally I have running on my work laptop to do that but I like to turn it off over the weekend, but I still get work email to my phone for Reasons.

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Well, this was inevitable: badly-considered phishing tests with custom spam whitelist rules lead to actual phishing campaigns spoofing the phishing tests instead.

(Old news but found while searching on mitigations for annoying phishing awareness training)

Heck you could probably make an IndieWeb site made out of nothing but SVGs and PDFs. There's no specific technology requirement beyond http.

And you definitely don't need Kubernetes or AWS or whatever. Get a cheap shared hosting account with e.g.

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Oh also there's a pretty pervasive misconception that IndieWeb means "static site generator." But that definitely isn't true! You can hand-write HTML, you can use a dynamic publishing system like WordPress or Publ, you can even use MS Word or Dreamweaver or whatever.

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It's a *good idea* to also support some of the interop things like RSS feeds or the like, but it's absolutely not required. And there's tools out there that make it easier to generate those feeds anyway.

RSS is a great way to keep up with people you don't want to forget.

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Also IndieWeb doesn't necessarily mean "a blog" or the like, and it doesn't mean having to go down the rabbit hole of supporting the various push protocols. At its core, it just means:

1. Have your own web address
2. Publish something, *anything*, to it

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This is your regular reminder that IndieWeb principles and practices aren't just for nerds. Having your own website that you maintain (and ideally pay for yourself) gives you so much more on the web than relying on the currently-popular social media silos.

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Just a reminder, the best way to follow me and find ways of getting in touch is from my personal website, Personal websites are great since control of them can't be easily taken away from everyone en masse by a single unhinged billionaire.

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