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So of course right after I say something silly like "I'm back on this instance for the long haul," comes back online. Oops!

Okay so @fluffy continues to be my main instance but I'll probably get in the habit of checking both of them. Feel free to follow me in both places!

trying to decide if I want to go to the seattle indies social tonight, anyone I know going? And as usual, all it took was a bit of Twitter outrage to get them to actually pay attention. That is how customer service works in 2019, I guess. Also as far as I can tell the reason they refuse to close my account is because I changed my name as part of my gender transition, so throw in some systemic transphobia as part of this issue. But now they consider the $35 I didn’t want to pay in the first place to be β€œpast-due.” Legal threats for your own incompetence aren’t a good look, I don’t want my account. I haven’t used it since 2012 or something. I tried to close it but they wouldn’t. And they weren’t charging me for it anyway. And then they started trying to charge a dead credit card. And said my account would just be closed in a month which I wanted.

Wow, started charging me for a long-inactive account I wasn’t using, couldn’t charge my long-dead credit card on file, said my account would be closed if I didn’t update it, refused to close my account when I asked, and now they’re threatening sending it to collections

Giving away some random album downloads. to redeem


What if instead of a third and fourth season is stranger things we had gotten more than one season of tuca and bertie

Once again I need to add more friends on PokΓ©mon go just to finish a field research. Please consider. 2464 5359 5842

This is the most confident roux technique I've ever seen: take notes

also feeling kinda pissed at myself for buygin an Eve V windows tablet and then finding that oh wait it has all the same fucking problems as the Surface Pro that I bought years ago and returned a few days later

everything just feels so hard always, and i used to be able to do so many things and now i struggle to remember what any of it's like

trying to remember that right now i'm adjusting to a new dose of gabapentin and that's probably why everything feels so fucked up

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