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Know your terms!
Gender dysphoria: an unease related to one's gender
Gengar dysphoria: an unease related to a spooky ghost type pokemon creeping RIGHT BEHIND YOU

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Hey, does anyone know what's happening with It's been down today. @postmaster

I'm disappointed that the pronoun stickers at were described as "preferred pronouns"...

Just call them pronoun stickers!!

Also, it would be nice to encourage everyone to take them, not just be like "oh there's preferred pronoun stickers"

Halloween costume idea for bisexual folks:

Wear a pumpkin costume and a bi pride flag.

Pumpkin Bi!

*quietly, but with force*

boost me u cowards

Happy Friday, lovely people.

Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale.

You're gonna be ok.

"Shuppet!" would make a really good clean expletive. I think i'm going to start using it.

I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

What happened with was a labor disaster. The gaming public has been taught that games as a product is more important than developer livelihood. It's a paradigm that only benefits profiteering management & it needs to end.

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What do you call a developer friendly database for storing popular a Hawaiian dish?

Poke MongoDB

Remember, when sorting alphabetically, place Neil before Zod.

@jonkoltz @lipsticksocialist

Why shouldn't you buy flowers from a monk?

Because only YOU can prevent florist friars.

Sorry. I'll see myself out...

trans women are real and you can kiss trans women!! it's true!

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