Это мне так кажется, или только в России занижают оценки играм и приложениям, потому что в них нет русского (то есть соответствующего родного) языка?

Those linens and pillow, nice :D

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Home Sweet Home. I have just joined the RRS Sir David Attenborough ⁦@BAS_News@twitter.com⁩

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There's this annoying recruiting company that scrapes e-mail addresses from GitHub and spams "remote work opportunities" :/ Any good way to report them?

I suggest you actually go support them, it's a darn good HTTP API client for macOS

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Paw · The most advanced API tool for Mac (REST & GraphQL) paw.cloud · Our insane 2020 Black Friday offer: Retweet this and get a free Paw license (worth $49.99) 💸 Still want to support us? Buy 50% off from our website 💙

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I truly appreciate websites that have a "Reject all" button

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Someone just shown me this. And it’s perfect 😂😂😂

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Someone just shown me this. And it’s perfect 😂😂😂

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YES! Celebrating with our friends @Firefox@twitter.com. Thanks for making an HTTPS-only future attainable today for the end user! 🎉 twitter.com/nappy_techie/statu

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Следуя этой логике, раз чacтоты заняты гoсстрyктyрaми, то гoсстpyктyры чипиpyют нас?

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Представляю, как сейчас бесится билгейц из-за провала чипирования России. Спасибо, силовики twitter.com/tjournal/status/13

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So that's where cyan goes all the time!

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Guess who decided to eat the inkjet cartridge?

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Is the mural art piece available online? Looks fantastic!

Is the mural art piece available online? Looks fantastic!

Is it just me or trustd is timing out a lot on ? Whole system is freezing a lot when connected to the internet.

Про совместимость App Store врёт, конечно

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Using our ISRG intermediate is a big change for the Web as we continue to become a self-sustaining CA. We are excited to be able to bring you reliable, fast, easy-to-use (and of course, free!) TLS certificates for years to come. letsencrypt.org/2020/11/11/own

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Hm, they present shared memory as something new and cool. But integrated graphics on Intel always did that o.O

И ведь ничего не утекло!

Same with using non-standard "fonts", which are actually special-purpose Unicode characters for mathematical formulas and such

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PSA: avoid spamming clap hands after every word to emphasise your point. Screen reader users will have a very bad time if they run over your tweet since it will spam “claphands emoji” after every word and it’s hard to stop it until the sentence is over. Be kind to the blind ❤️

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One of the less known @tweetbot@twitter.com features – filtering using regular expressions

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@swappopotamus@twitter.com @sillahillone@twitter.com Когда вводишь один из специальных символов, появляется дополнительный переключатель.

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