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fox news meta 

A word on the CWs we here at Fox News use:

• worldpol has to do with any massively inter-regional political event.
• three-letter codes before pol (ruspol, chnpol, frapol, etc) are always countries.
• two-letter codes before pol (nypol, wapol, ilpol, etc) are almost always US states or territories - the exceptions are uspol, ukpol, and eupol, for the US, UK, and EU.
• meta always refers to commentary on the previous word's topic.
• adj refers to adjacency - closely related topics.

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self, editorial, chicago, DHS secret police 

We here at Fox News consider it very unlikely that we will be disappeared or killed by the DHS in the coming days, regardless of any involvement or lack of involvement in or material support for protests.

That said, we'd like to have it on record that @CoronaCoreanici is not suicidal and will be continuing to post more news here at least once a week.

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covid meta, original analysis 

Pinning this because more information and analysis has already brought people some solace.

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meta, silly 

@starkatt all the same, here at Fox News, we AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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media recs 

I should put more thought into this later but required reading:

Debt (The First 5k Years)
Guns, Germs, and Steel
It Could Happen Here (podcast, very heavy)
Seeing Like A State
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Predictably Irrational
538, Vox, WSJ (economics only), NYT and WaPo to see what the centrists and liberals think
... more I can't easily remember, open to suggestions


The standouts: rejoining the WHO and Paris Accord, coordinating an actual federal response to the plague, extending eviction/foreclosure moratoria and pauses on student loans (though no forgiveness as yet), blocking Keystone XL and driling in National Parks, counting undocumented immigrants in the census and protecting Dreamers, promoting racial and GSM equity and rolling back the 1776 project, ceasing the Muslim ban, and curtailing ICE.

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Incoming President Biden will be signing numerous executive orders today. Some of these are focused on rolling back Trump's 11th-hour pushes, and a couple are delivering on campaign promises.

scotpol, transphobia 

Wish I could say this was surprising but the SNP has been ignoring its transphobia issue for fuckin years. Some of its biggest politicians are terfs and transphobes.

Fuckin good oan Mhairi Black fir bein one o' the few decent MPs in the party. Solidarity wi Teddy

bunker time: y1, d310, uspol 

Here we are, bloodied, but unbowed.

As is customary, I will give it a full three days before I start talking about how almost nothing has changed and we're all fucked in multiple ways on multiple timescales once more.

bunker time: y1, d310, uspol 

Delightful - it's looking like we really *have* bought ourselves a couple of years' reprieve.

uspol, poorly written headline 

Biden Cabinet picks face confirmation hearings ahead of the inauguration

The Cabinet has picked face confirmation hearings?

Oh, no, the Cabinet picks will be facing confirmation hearings.

minimum wage, just the coldest take 

minimum wage shouldn't be $15 in 2021, it should have been $15 in 2010, which is $17.85 now, and it should remain pegged to the CPI and continuously updated

re: Uspol/Ruspol/Parler/Surprise!!! 

What’s really weird is Matze’s wife and their meeting and her instagrams posts about their family, and her mother’s role as a “Builder of Rossiya”

This is all getting delightfully geopolitical.

Also, this turn of events just decomplicated recon on what right wing extremists are planning on Parler, as the CIA/NSA can now be involved without a warrant.

Good luck Parlerites.

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re: Uspol/Ruspol/Parler/Surprise!!! 

Maybe they’ll release the peepee tapes on Parler.

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Quiet, perfectly legal psyops towards government officials (3/3) :boost_ok: 

Given all that, let’s talk optimization. These bits aren’t strictly necessary, but will increase effectiveness.

* One subject per letter. People have only so much working memory, so they’re only going to remember one.

* Heavier than normal paper. Not so heavy that it doesn’t fold well into an envelope, but something with _presence_. That which has more physical weight, has more emotional weight.

* Handwriting that’s tidy, but a little on the small side. If somebody has to pay attention to parse it, they’re more likely to remember it. That’s true for every step in handling the thing, from the basic admin. assistant who first screens it for relevance, all the way to the final recipient.

* Somewhat formal phrasing. This emphasizes that you thought about what to say before you wrote it, not to mention being a class signifier.

* Use pen. Even erasable pen says “I really mean this” more than pencil does.

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Quiet, perfectly legal psyops towards government officials (2/3) :boost_ok: 

3) All thought is embodied. You can’t touch an email, and a phone call to somebody’s office almost never results in them hearing your own voice, with your own emotions. But due to their rarity, a physical letter is quite likely to end up in the addressees’ own hands. That means all the brain machinery which tells someone ‘this is really real’ kicks in. The physical is naturally important to us.

This is among the reasons that people who grew up before email have an outsized influence at every level of government. They shouldn’t be the only ones.

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Quiet, perfectly legal psyops towards government officials (1/3) :boost_ok: 

Handwritten letters. Not joking.

It takes hundreds of emails and phone calls to make a member of the government even pretend to give a fuck about what one wants. But as few as two physical, handwritten letters can hit the action threshold.

Let’s unpack the why of that, shall we?

0) More than one sender. If only one person is known to have any particular opinion, it’s automatically dismissed. (If you’re encouraging them to continue a stance which they’ve already taken, you’re already the N+1th person.)

1) Rarity value. They simply don’t get many, so hardcopy stands out.

2) Time investment. Sad to say, but ‘took the time to sit down and write this’ carries more weight than ‘took the time to compose a message that’s clear and to the point’. (It’s best to do both, of course.)

Annoying tech libertarians think that I'm an ardent luddite about the idea of a cashless society because I think the government cares what kind of cheeseburger I order, which is inane. I care because you can't use panhandling money in a McDonald's staffed by touchscreens connected to POS terminals that only accept cards or phone e-wallets.

uspol, minimum wage, "the good ol days" 

Conservatives: "I miss the good ol days of the 1950s"
Me: "Grocery clerks made $18/hr adjusted for inflation"
Conservatives: "Not like that"

What they usually mean is they miss the racism/sexism/child abuse.

Financial Donor will attempt to scuttle NRA bankruptcy filing 

Major financial donor to the US National Rifle Association (#NRA) will challenge the Association's Bankruptcy filing and reregistration in Texas over alleged financial fraud by the NRA


I guess they found a home at Epik.

Looks like they didn't require AWS after all.

plague tracking 

The world incidence rate is roughly 1 in 82; the US incidence rate is roughly 1 in 14. About 2.87 new confirmed plague cases arise somewhere in the world each second, and of those, 0.73 of those are in the US.

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plague tracking 

As of yesterday, the novel coronavirus has been confirmed to have killed at least as many US residents as WWII did; almost as many people live in the Flint, MI metro area. It has done so at a rate of ~1.14 9/11s per day over the past week.

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