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fox news meta 

A word on the CWs we here at Fox News use:

โ€ข worldpol has to do with any massively inter-regional political event.
โ€ข three-letter codes before pol (ruspol, chnpol, frapol, etc) are always countries.
โ€ข two-letter codes before pol (nypol, wapol, ilpol, etc) are almost always US states or territories - the exceptions are uspol, ukpol, and eupol, for the US, UK, and EU.
โ€ข meta always refers to commentary on the previous word's topic.
โ€ข adj refers to adjacency - closely related topics.

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self, editorial, chicago, DHS secret police 

We here at Fox News consider it very unlikely that we will be disappeared or killed by the DHS in the coming days, regardless of any involvement or lack of involvement in or material support for protests.

That said, we'd like to have it on record that @CoronaCoreanici is not suicidal and will be continuing to post more news here at least once a week.

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covid meta, original analysis 

Pinning this because more information and analysis has already brought people some solace.

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meta, silly 

@starkatt all the same, here at Fox News, we AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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media recs 

I should put more thought into this later but required reading:

Debt (The First 5k Years)
Guns, Germs, and Steel
It Could Happen Here (podcast, very heavy)
Seeing Like A State
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Predictably Irrational
538, Vox, WSJ (economics only), NYT and WaPo to see what the centrists and liberals think
... more I can't easily remember, open to suggestions

re: zapatistas under pressure, solidarity request 

@garbados a note: to anyone who may be looking to support the zapatistas:

Costco sells coffee marked as "from the highlands of chiapas"

This is coffee from the zapatistas. Highly recommend getting this coffee if you're a costco member.

No one knows of Karel Raลกka, either, and we have him to thank for the end of smallpox.

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The most evil person in the world might be Henry Kissinger, and only needs know of him and what he did.

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I think a lot about the fact that few people know who Norman Borlaug, or Dowager Empress Cixi, or Shaka Zulu, or Robert Kaguja, or Abu Ali al Hasan ibn al-Haytham, or Gerhard Domagk are.

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Anyway what I guess I'm saying is ashcans and unobtainable dollars, young men weeping in the armies, old men sobbing in the park.

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Anyway what I guess I'm saying is definitely don't let me end up with the power to allow the world to be destroyed.

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Genocide after holy war after mass famine after plague after invasion after enslavement after nearly melting the crust into trinitite, with some occasional kindness thrown in for spice and contrast. Tell me I'm wrong. Genuinely please.

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And no, I don't know that for certain. But you have to admit, even a cursory glance at the history of the world is decently compelling evidence.

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Are we worthy of healing, if all we as a species will ever do is squabble and despoil the commons and limp along until something finally kills us?

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@fox_news I think about him a lot. How dirty the USSR did him. Today I'm wondering if he chose wrongly; if maybe he should have let the world destroy itself.

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tbh I kind of am resistant to like, annual celebrations of a specific person, but the entire point of the day is that Stanislav Petrov was just some dude who ate and shat and was probably an asshole sometimes and happened to prevent the end of the world.

So framing around the idea of him as an individual makes sense to me, because it's a reflection on that tiny thread of forbearance.

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Emergency medicine has a definition of mass casualty incident that I find really useful: Any situation where the number of injured people who need care exceeds the medical resources currently available.

Basically, any time emergency triage is needed. It's a functional definition, not a absolute one.

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"Casualty" is a word that can cause a lot of confusion. In common use it's often understood as "someone who was killed".

In conflict doctrine, it means anyone who has been killed or incapacitated such that they are no longer capable of participating in the conflict.

So, context is really important to understanding what is meant!

New research finds that crows "know what they know" and can ponder their own minds, demonstrating a higher level of intelligence than previously thought. I welcome our corvid overlords.

A Demonstratorโ€™s Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds

Even with no medical training, there are many things you can do to maximize the likelihood that a person who is shot in your vicinity will surviveโ€”like learning the location of the nearest trauma center. Working with an array of medics and medical professionals who have witnessed or treated gunshot wounds in the course of political conflict, we have prepared this guide for a general audience.

In most cities, the different departments select their own mottos, but usually these can be overridden by the elected city council

Which means, if you got enough of your friends elected to city government, you could change the police departmentโ€™s motto to whatever you would like

uspol/election scenarios 

A necessary hard read about the upcoming election

Headline: A wargame designer defines our four possible civil wars.

sub head: It matters which one we get.

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