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fox news meta 

A word on the CWs we here at Fox News use:

โ€ข worldpol has to do with any massively inter-regional political event.
โ€ข three-letter codes before pol (ruspol, chnpol, frapol, etc) are always countries.
โ€ข two-letter codes before pol (nypol, wapol, ilpol, etc) are almost always US states or territories - the exceptions are uspol, ukpol, and eupol, for the US, UK, and EU.
โ€ข meta always refers to commentary on the previous word's topic.
โ€ข adj refers to adjacency - closely related topics.

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self, editorial, chicago, DHS secret police 

We here at Fox News consider it very unlikely that we will be disappeared or killed by the DHS in the coming days, regardless of any involvement or lack of involvement in or material support for protests.

That said, we'd like to have it on record that @CoronaCoreanici is not suicidal and will be continuing to post more news here at least once a week.

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covid meta, original analysis 

Pinning this because more information and analysis has already brought people some solace.

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meta, silly 

@starkatt all the same, here at Fox News, we AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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media recs 

I should put more thought into this later but required reading:

Debt (The First 5k Years)
Guns, Germs, and Steel
It Could Happen Here (podcast, very heavy)
Seeing Like A State
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Predictably Irrational
538, Vox, WSJ (economics only), NYT and WaPo to see what the centrists and liberals think
... more I can't easily remember, open to suggestions

Stranded anarkat 

Just called in to approve the work. Soonest I'm looking at having my car back is coming wednesday. Latest is monday the week after that. I should have the money together to be able to pay for the repair by the time it's done.

My next current urgent need is lodging. I can't afford to stay in this hotel. I can't afford one more night, and I really took this night because I needed the rest so much.

If anyone knows someone with space in Colorado Springs, or even Denver, to be able to put me up until my car is fixed, it would be greatly appreciated.

I can't afford both fixing my car, and staying in a hotel, or even a hostel, until the work is done.

I'm going to pick up a membership to and see if I can find anyone.

Every dollar sent to the "save anarkat" fund goes to saving anarkat! Well, not every dollar... some goes to processing fees. Ah whatever.
squarecash: $scree

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uspol, ilpol, chicago, leftpol, editorial 

The editor is proud of their adoptive city and happy to have played a role, however small, in bringing this to fruition.

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uspol, ilpol, chicago, leftpol 

5 of Chicago's aldermen have announced the creation today of a Democratic Socialist caucus in the Chicago city council.

uspol, twitter link (ABC News)

"Pres. Biden: "We won't ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism.""

Huh. He fuckin' said it, y'all.

Let's see if there's some action to back it up, but for the moment I'll be okay with words like this.

re: uspol (IRS), New York Times link 

I was going to have more of a reaction, then I saw I had 69 characters left after "Good."

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uspol (IRS), New York Times link

"Biden Seeks $80 Billion to Beef Up I.R.S. Audits of High-Earners

The presidentโ€™s โ€œAmerican Families Plan,โ€ which he will detail this week, will be offset in part by a tax enforcement effort that administration officials believe will raise $700 billion over a decade."

"Previous administrations have long talked about trying to close the so-called tax gap โ€” the amount of money that taxpayers owe but that is not collected each year. This month, the head of the I.R.S., Charles Rettig, told a Senate committee that the agency lacked the resources to catch tax cheats, costing the government as much as $1 trillion a year.

The erosion of resources at the I.R.S. was detailed in a Congressional Budget Office report last year that examined the agencyโ€™s work from 2010 to 2018. During that time frame, the I.R.S.โ€™s annual budget declined by 20 percent and its staff declined by 22 percent. Funding for enforcement activities fell by nearly a third.

With less money and staff, the I.R.S. was forced to become more lax at enforcing tax laws. Examinations of individual tax returns fell by 46 percent and audits of corporate tax filings fell by 37 percent, according to the C.B.O."


Signal just announced, in creative words, that they might exploit Cellebrite's UFED - which is used by LEA to search smartphones:

fucking with police tech 

Ok, so cops have this tool called Cellbrite they use to automate collecting data off of cell phones that they physically posses and are unlocked.

Turns out, Cellbrite has shite security, which means that you can drop an otherwise-inert file somewhere in your phone's system that, if scanned, will inject itself and allow arbitrary code execution on their Cellbrite device. I.E, you can make their hardware do literally anything you want, including compromising any data the device collects.

And in what they describe as unrelated news, Signal will start occasionally and randomly stashing some inert files in installations on established accounts.

george floyd trial 

The cop who murdered George Floyd was found guilty of all three charges.

We must still defund and dismantle the police.

update on George Floyd trial, twitter link as source (ACLU)

Derick Chauvin has been convicted of murdering George Floyd.

The only words I have are "good" and "I hope that murdering son of a bitch rots in his cell."

fuck the police

if you see a cop doing ANYTHING fucking film them

we're not locked in here with them. they're locked in here with US.

mh, doom, death, sui-adj 

I guess what I'm saying is, check up on me immediately if I release a twenty-page exceptionally well-researched whitepaper on why we've been doomed since 1850.

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mh, doom, death 

I guess what I'm saying is, all signs point to the light at the end of the tunnel being an oncoming train and I hope it at least kills us quickly.

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mh, doom 

Not sure if it's traumaversary shit or the half a dozen deliberately uncontrolled disasters going on right now but I'm stuck numbly awaiting the end again while I try to write my thesis.

Police violence 

Minneapolis rioted last night after cops shot and killed Daunte Wright -- a Black man -- at a traffic stop.

Posting this because I haven't seen anyone else here yet.

I don't really have words.

Evanston, IL will be the first city to provide housing discrimination reparations:

Since my family was involved in the white-flight segregation of the Chicago area, this is a step in the right direction.

Okay new PSA:

If you are in the U.S. or Canada, and identify /at all/ with "the Left," you /really/ should be reading all the news that comes out of Chiapas, Mexico. The region is the largest stable autonomous zone on the planet, controlled and protected by the Zapatistas. As such, it is a place where many of your theories are practiced, and things you've never even considered are also practiced. They routinely release updates about what they're working on and the political situation in the area. is one solid website with English translations.

Idle musings, capitalism is bullshit 

Let's see. In the past month alone I've seen:

-People in Texas being slapped with 5-6 figure power bills and companies not backing down.

-Context for the student debt crisis in which, well, if you have a so-called "useless" degree, how do you ever pay that back?

-Weeks of hand-wringing over means-testing for a stimulus that could be solved in a balanced way by nothing more than a flat distribution and a progressive tax take-back.

-Moratoriums galore but no forgiveness. There's a looming rent crisis being snowballed.

-Various forms of intellectual property lawfare and negotiations fucking up everything in medicine from ventilator repair to vaccine distribution.

-And more recently, context to a looming disaster in China. Cities build property to stay afloat, millenials buy it for marriageability, which is extremely competitive there. As it turns out when you mix sexism, abortions, tradition and capitalism together you get... literally entire cities where almost no one actually lives. They just "own". Sure politburo could bring the hammer (and imaginary sickle) down, but that would destroy their GDP. And as we know from the market, ZOMG DROPPING NUMBERS BAD! D:

-And don't even get me started on NFT. Just... don't.

re: Idle musings, capitalism is bullshit 

And not to be orientalist here, just I think whatever happens to a place with literally 1/6 of the human population is gonna make waves, ok? Especially given some of the property they're buying is out over here on the west coast.

Disclaimer aside, the real thing I'm wondering is how much longer this veritable 'sugar snake' is gonna keep reacting and growing until it topples over (it already has been in a lot of ways), because I'd rather see it coming in a way where it won't land square on my head.

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