Spotted on LInkedIN … and I wonder … I wonder about

the person who posts it

if it is real the person who did it

the recipient, if there was one, and how they feel

what do they say about tortoises?

maybe they meant douches?

Florida Woman ‘in Fear of Her Life’ Arrested for Turning Her Estranged Husband’s Guns Over to Police

There is something very wrong with law, or how it is being interpreted.

Wouldn’t it be cool if photo libraries could be more easily swapped around?

I’m looking at you iOS.

Part Four of Episode ZERO : Episode 0.4 in fact.

After a four month hiatus, I once more commit voice to microphone and deliver the final part of Episode ‘zero’.

In this episode, I get back in the saddle, play around with Garageband and spend a ...

Samsung’s security reminder makes the case for not owning a Samsung smart TV

”This is another reason why I refuse to have a so-called “Smart TV” in my home. I just want a big, dumb piece of glass to show me pretty pictures.”

Sean King

Good Omens: Christian group petition Netflix over Amazon show

Good Grief, don’t these people understand humor.

Besides Gaiman and Pratchett nailed some stuff pretty accurately, like God’s pronouns.

I always believed that when God created man she ...

”The former vice president added: “I’ve not a racist bone in my body. I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career. Period, period, period.”

Joe Biden via Politico

or as Colbert would have it

dot - dot —- dot.

The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Nobody paid attention a couple of years ago - and still they aren’t.

There are going to be some very bad outocomes on this one. Very Bad.

Yes - I’m talking about Uber - again!

You don’t often see truth in straplines but I just did …

”There must be security for all, or no one is secure.”

”Everyone, we’re changing everyone,
you name them all,
we’ve had them here,
and the real stars are still to appear.

I’m sorry - sometimes you just have to say it - because if you don’t - well did it happen?

”Thanks for this lovely message. Great to read your pieces.”

Om Malik

Newsletter Index has just tipped to ten - and three more identified - not yet indexed. Who am I missing?

Next job - subscribe to the ones I am not subscribed to.

Just updated Micro Blog Resources, including consolidating, reordering and deleting.

Page includes work by

LMK if key ones are absent, hard to keep track sometimes, which is why I started ...

Via Doc Searls:

The Open, Privacy-Preserving Virtual Assistant

Almond translates your commands into a personalized program.

Any more light to be shed form others?

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