After last week’s newsletter, received a nice email that contained the following quote. Seemed appropriate.

“If you don’t think you can & believe you are not good enough, you are absolutely correct!”

Tom Conway (via Randall Rospond)

To really understand this is well beyond my pay-grade

Your Computer Isn’t Yours

Bottom line … Apple are tracking us all - in a very sneaky way …

”It sucks that they’ve let the NSA, CIA, your ISP, et al slurp up this unencrypted pattern-of-life ...

Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to criminal charges related to US opioid crisis.

Remember them?

Doesn’t it feel like another lifetime?

Very early days … BUT … if you are interested in joining the People First Network …. we are here :

No Facebook, no Twitter, no algorithms …. just people.

Is there any movie that features Miami that doesn’t open with a camera out at sea - rushing toward the shore line across the water at speed?


Leisure centre Oasis took their name from closes down

Now if only the band would as well, the world would improve at a stroke.

Where is the ‘webp’ format suddenly coming from - and if it is THAT standard - why don’t all apps recognize it?

”This is not a jungle this is a garden at the Google campus.”

I’ll come back with the credit later this week. Until then - any ideas?


You sent the email, so you know the address and if you don’t, why on earth am I going to give it to you now to add it to all the other lists.

I do know where you got this email from, message marked as spam, domain reported.

Have a good day.

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