I guess ‘block’ relates to ‘square’ more than ‘chain’.

“I stood on a hill and I saw the Old approaching, but it came as the New.”

💬 Bertolt Brecht

🎵🎶🎼 What do you call the first 10 minutes of a song by Yes?

‘The Introduction’

… as heard on ‘The Rockentours’ with Rick Wakeman

To replace my main computer I used to need to double 2 out of 3 of


before I even thought ‘replacement’.

The Mac I want has same RAM and Hard Drive as my current Mac

I guess I need to develop some new gating logic!

Any ideas?

I just got my first “dear john … I’m a dying widow with a massive inheritance” email in YEARS … love to know how it got through the spam filters!

‘Anonymized Data’ Is A Gibberish Term, And Rampant Location Data Sales Is Still A Problem

Exactly - people still spend too much time talking about the data - and not the connections between the data. THAT’s where the power is. techdirt.com/articles/20211110

I’m not a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk’s style of oral communication - but I don’t think there’s any doubt that he has a knack to see possibilities, learns and acts.

What is an NFT? is a case in point - and it isn’t ‘oral’. garyvaynerchuk.com/what-is-nft

Yesterday Once More.

Ever wonder why recommendation engines work so well - yet still fail to find ‘new’ stuff for you?

I means really new stuff. reallifemag.com/yesterday-once

Has my Mac really slowed down since Apple Silicon got released - or am I looking for an excuse?

If I was ‘world emperor’, google slides would not just be outlawed - but anyone found with a google slide on their computer would be locked up.

It’s even more annoying when it is being used by two people each with their own Mac - and therefore Keynote is already installed!

Things moving slow - so test time - posting this at 10:34am local time.

Nothing in the timeline since 10:24am local time.

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Turns out it’s just chance.

While wealth distribution follows a power law, the distribution of human skills generally follows a normal distribution that is symmetric about an average value. For example, ... john.philpin.com/2021/11/27/if

RT @TheBusEquation
Just got notification … if you have been part of the journey - thankyou. If you haven’t, it’s never too late 🥳

store.peoplefirst.business/mee instagram.com/p/CWo-a3SPiAO/?u

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