Your Id Isn’t Your ID and don’t let them suggest otherwise is the 21st newsletter from People First.

Let me know what you think and BIG shout out to inside of it who unknowingly planted the dynamite under me to get this written and published.

Head of Airbnb’s ‘Experiences’ Division to Step Down — The Information

Wait ⁦⁩ ... another ?

Dear Verizon - I know you can do ‘most things on the web’ - but this particular thing you can’t - so here I am - 40 minutes and counting on the ‘hold’ music.

Why not accelerate this kind of call through?

”The world is not as impressed with Silicon Valley as Silicon Valley is with itself.”

Scott Galloway

Interesting - FeedBurner is closing, so I am moving away from RSS to a Newsletter.

Apparently we are about to experience a ‘wind event’ … alrighty then.

Anyone else suffering from not getting the contextual menu on posts in the app under Catalina ?

Seriously Apple - yet another different adapter to contend with?

When starting up a newsletter - don’t be shy on the pricing …

Things that people say that either put me on guard or switch me off ….

I don’t mean to interrupt …

With all due respect …

To be honest …

thanks for the jog … it’s totally connected!
Hi @rushkoff we would be interested in our Human2Human shirts that we had at the 29th .

We should talk. In fact just HAVE been talking to @csageland … we will make it happen.

// @philipsheldrake

This from Axios : A storm gathers around Big Tech … why is nobody writing about ‘Little Tech’ … it needs to be done to ensure that ‘Big Tech’ doesn’t get shortened to ‘Tech’.

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