J'ai pris une petite heure pour décortiquer la manière dont j'ai mis en place le projet "Cour des Comptes" et son rendu NPR, basé à la fois sur Blender et After Effects. En espérant que ça vous donnera des idées :


Nouvelle vidéo sur l'utilisation que j'ai faite des "UV Offset" du modifier "Array", dans la production de l'invitation pour la "Alchimie 2019". Ou comment automatiser le placement de dizaines d'étiquettes sur des tubes à essai :


Luxcore : I tweaked the engine to only need 1 minute per frame.Using one of my old tricks, only 1 frame on 5 is really rendered.The others are recreated using motion vectors and can be backpropagated via camera mapping, to temporally smooth the denoiser.Suitable for preview only.

I'm testing LuxCore 2.3 since this morning and I think I'll never use Cycles again. The quality of the materials and the light sampling, the numerous AOV available, etc ... all aspects of the engine are far better, for me. The scene contains only one light. Light portals are not required, LuxCore place them automatically through "Visibility Map".

(To my English/American friends, I plan to do en English version)

Pour celles et ceux qui veulent converser et/ou travailler à distance sans rien installer ou créer de compte, j'ai fais cette modeste vidéo sur Jitsi que j’utilise régulièrement :


Testing the Blender's "Function Branch" : Particles generating particles, moved by turbulences, falling down after a few seconds then generate another particles, affected by another force fields !

Quite unstable and limited for now, but very promising !

(FR) J'ai rapidement créé un support pour mon smartphone "Crosscall Trekker X3", pour les imprimantes 3D. Si vous avez le même modèle ... c'est gratuit.

(UK/US) I quickly created a dock for my smartphone "Crosscall Trekker X3" smartphone, for 3D printers. I you have the same model ... it's free.


Creating 39 trophies for the "VIP Demoparty" using my 3D printer was really challenging, but it was a great experience. 10 hours was required for each trophy (printing, gluing and painting)

After Godot 3.1, I experiment with Armory3D in Blender 2.8 for demoscene purposes. Dual Quaternion Skinning works well at 60 FPS, but the "Live mode" is quite unstable and recreating the "EEVEE look" is really tricky. It looks promising, though.

This week-end, I co-organized the "VIP Demoparty 2019", but I also submitted an invitation for the "Alchimie 2019" in the Animation category. I won the first place ! Created in 5 days, rendered 90% in Blender/EEVEE and finished during the party.


(FR) J'ai le plaisir de co-organiser cette l'année la VIP Demoparty 2019, année des 20 ans, à coté de Lyon ! Venez nombreux célébrer ces 20 années de folies créatrices !

(UK/US) This year, I co-organize with a lot of pleasure the VIP Demoparty, 20th anniversary, near Lyon ! Celebrate 20 years of creativity with us !


Adding secondary reflections with the help of a "Reflection Probe".
Really useful to show the roughness of the surface and to pump up the Normal Map a bit !

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Trying to put some elements of my "VIP 2019 Invitation" in Godot 3.1.1, using the GLTF2 exporter from Blender 2.8. It looks promising for realtime stuff !

Need to tweak a few parameters here and there, but I can achieve the same "EEVEE rendering" at 75 FPS !

Sur sa lancée des "Nanaroscope", Arté ajoute à la playlist de ses épisodes, des films entiers du cinéma Z :


I can't believe it ! I won the "Animation Compo" at Revision 2019 !

It's hard to come back after 4 days full of discussions, laughs, happiness, technical and artistic chat ... beer, curry wurst, and of course, so many incredible productions !

Thx to the organizers and all people I met ! I love you all !

At the "Revision 2019 DemoParty", I just released my Invitation for the "VIP 2019" in the "Animation" Category.

Made in 8 (intensive) days with Blender / EEVEE.


A first beta version of OrtogOnBlender is available for Blender 2.8 ! Facial reconstruction, volumetric scanned datas and Photogrammetry using OpenMVG and OpenMVS ... right inside Blender !


Demo video is here :


Great article about the making of the impressive "Gantz:O" by "Digital Frontier" :


Take a look a the other articles from this company, they are all incredibly interesting :


Suite à la destruction totale de mon serveur dédié il y a 2 semaines par des pirates, j'ai créé un nouveau site basé sur le système Hugo :


Un grand merci à Myke qui m'héberge et m'a aidé techniquement pour la mise en ligne !

Some details about FFMPEG 4.1, with initial AV1 support in MP4 (not WebM, yet) and the integration of libtensorflow for future "Super Resolution" features :


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