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Farid Abdelnour 🎥 @frd@mastodon.social

First Café of 2018 just started. :)

Two chances for Free Software artists and designers to meet up with fellow artists and developers at Libre Graphics Meeting 2018 in Seville, and for the first time this year Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) will have a Libre Graphics track also!

Come say hello to @GIMP devs at LGM, or my presentation on GIMP at SCaLE!


There is a version of over at Flathub. Please help test it. :)


Friends don't let friends get hooked on #Adobe and #Autodesk subscriptions. Share this article to help them start on the path to using free and open tools (e.g. #B3D #Inkscape #Krita #Kdenlive #GIMP). free.dijt.co/just-say-no-to-so

@apertus @frd can you spread the word about the libre graphics at SCaLE 16x this year? pixls.us/blog/2017/12/lgm-and-

We'd love to have some video presentations!

Contribute to the advancement of Free Software, support our community, fund your favourite KDE apps: Join us in our end of year fundraising campaign!


A new 2.9.8 release of @GIMP is now available (windows and macOS builds to follow)!


Have a look at some of the great new features (on-canvas gradient editing, clip warning, wayland support, paste in place, and more)!

Happy to see @archillect and @OpenCulture tooting over here even they are mirrors. (At least one of them is, I think)

I've setup an unofficial (for the time being) room. I recommend using on your phone to access it.


Let's chat.

Manipulating Social Media to Undermine Democracy - Freedom on the Net 2017 report:


A reminder that tomorrow is 's mini bug squashing day. Spread the word and join us!


@kde @kdeplanet

If you use , , , , or any other tool for or then you must be at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2018! The call for participation is now open!


OK, so if you feel your internet connection just got faster is beacause I closed all my tabs!

will be having a mini bug squashing day in preparation for the 17.12 release. If you are interested in participating in or , this is a great opportunity.

Join us!


"Well, I think we’ve gotten ourselves into a fix with our natural environment. We keep building and destroying and growing, and I worry that we might jeopardize everything if we can’t slow down and reexamine what we’re doing. Part of why I’m interested in studying these lost cultures is to understand how humans have lived for 95 percent of our existence, and to remind myself that things could be otherwise."