#GodotEngine 3.5 is finally released, and it's amazingly feature-packed!

🧭 Navigation
🏃 Physics interpolation
🧃 Better tweening
⏲️ Time singleton
📜 Label3D and TextMesh
🏷️ Unique node names
🌊 Flow containers
🎨 Async shaders
And more!

Episode 37: The Tears of the Phoenix [3/3]

Support Pepper&Carrot ❤️

Translation available (Français, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, Español, mexicano, Norsk (nynorsk), Kernewek, toki pona, 한국어 (한글) ):

License and credits:

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Been working a lot on design consistency and colours.

Next release will:
* upgrade to Material 3
* let you choose between 4 colour themes!
* maybe include a new, cute, mascot on the splash screen and "About" screens? This depends on the artist's timeline so I don't know yet :)

yesterday had a long discussion with... let's say the "director"... of possibly biggest local showcase music festival/conference about missing any critical content on the conference. with few exceptions there's general trend of industry-supportive talks and round tables - i.e. 'how to get into Spotify playlisys'. he was very receptive to my (sometimes radical) ideas and experiences (like fediverse etc). now it's time to propose speakers and content. let me know if you have ideas, fedi!

Recently had the chance to help out on Korn's latest music video, "The Worst Is On Its Way". These are a few excerpts of the stuff I created.

Go check out the full video on YT:

Hey, does any of you know people from the advertising and/or motion design industry in Vancouver 🇨🇦?

A great friend, with years of experience in the field, working with 3D and video just moved to town and is looking for connections.

Drop a line and I can make the intro : )

Free Risers Sample Pack!

I did a pack for using a modular a while ago.
It's made of 23 Risers for different genres.
I hosted it for a while on another platform, and as I'm moving to a more robust solution, I want to share it again with you all .

The risers are CC0, there's no E-Mail trap, no tracking, nothing. They are entirely free. Click the link, download them, et voilà!

Enjoy, make music

SCAM: Lightmoon IS NOT Kdenlive. Lightmoon is MALWARE.

We have been notified of a site that is using Kdenlive's name and likeness to distribute malware to users. We will not be linking to the site to avoid accidental downloads, but if a search lands you on a site offering "lightmoon", "a free video editor" that looks in the screenshots identical to Kdenlive, this is malware.

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