Finally my latest course is ready!
Excited to see if people like it :)
Hopefully it'll get approved for also.


« #GIMP has been developed as a community effort since very early on, after its original authors left the project. This begs the question of sustainability when contributors wish to stay longer while not being able to afford being penniless volunteers forever. »

#Kdenlive Windows version of the 21.04.3 series is available to download. There is also a hotfix release for the AppImage fixing missing Lumas.

Greetings Meatsacks!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-c132466 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

(If you like this bot, you can now throw some money at the developer: )

If anyone is good with and wants to help @darktable refine our search results with , please see

The last maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with improvements to same track transitions, improved Wayland support, as well as fixing issues with rotoscoping and the speech to text module. This version also adds support for the WebP image format. Due to technical issues there won’t be a Windows version for this release.


📢 É hoje!

📡 Software Livre e Hacker Clubes
⏰ 16h

📡 Comunicação, tecnologias, coletividades e culturas
⏰ 18h30

📡 LIVE - Software Livre e Hacker Clubes 🎙️

Um papo aberto e compartilhado sobre #culturahacker e #softwarelivre.

Quem chega junto:

🔸 Tomaz Canabrava (KDE)
🔸 Otávio Carneiro (Calango Hacker Clube - DF)
🔸 Ka Menezes (Raúl Hacker Clube - BA)
🔸 Felipe Sanches (Garoa Hacker Clube - SP)

Today the people of Brazil took to the streets protesting against a fascist and retrograde government!

(foto by MPL-DFE)

Olá, mundo

Na próxima semana, realizaremos um ciclo de oficinas ministradas por nós e encontros temáticos com parceiros e coletivos que têm muito a trocar conosco.

É o Gunga na Roda!

Se liga na programação:

#kdenlive #inkscape #softwarelivre #hackerclube

Need a boost of inspiration. Check out the film, La Lucha Sigue (The Struggle Continues) online for free!

In Honduras, the most dangerous place in the world to be a land defender, the Lenca and Garífuna people are not backing down. They are fighting to uphold their rights and Indigenous and Black cultures in the face of state backed megaprojects and narco-traffickers who seek to assassinate them, destroy their lands, and erase their existence.

The best part of this presentation is you can listen to me at 2X speed. The second best part is seeing real-world creative work made with . See how @blender @inkscape @krita offer a Creative *Freedom* Suite for professionals:

Watch the videos from this year's Libre Graphics Meeting at

and don't miss the three Inkscape-related talks by @doctormo , Rania Amina and @ryangorley !

#lgm #artwithopensource #inkscape

☕️ Kdenlive Café ☕️

📆 Tuesday, June 8

🕘 9PM (Paris time)


#kdenlive #live

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