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Farid Abdelnour :movie_camera: @frd

sleepy.. but I'm waiting for the webm render to finish.

prepared couple of posts on Patreon.
uploaded the video to my homepage (not the webm one yet), Bandcamp and YouTube (cringey).

now waiting for the design of final webcover and later CDr packaging.


@Blort Older versions of Kdenlive were very problematic indeed, in part because it was very buggy but also because of distro packaging issues like using incompatile versions of MLT...

Currently things have gotten better, my problem aren't crashes anymore but buggy features and tools. The refactoring will definitely solve most of this issues. It is due in December for the 17.12 version.

Can we toot hashtags from the birdsite here?


Although it changes according to state of mind.

@lynX no no, what i mean is the git version of kdenlive as opossed to the latest stable release. Although saving your project in git versions is great to recover if a corruption happens.

How about we start something called *Workflow Wednesdays* where one would post a screenshot of the software they are working on and share a brief description/experience. So here it is:

Kdenlive-git using footage from 3 cameras (5DmkII and t4i) shooting a music show. Probably will do render 3 short videos from about 30 hours of footage.

Interesting or meh?


@taiganaut @eylul Nice, honestly I've encountered very few crashes in a long time, what bothers me are some bugs related to timeline corruptions which will be fixed once the refactoring is done. So avoid moving large ammounts of clips in the timeline through others and stay away from the speed effect. ;)

[pxChallenge] Five Frames of Familiarity discuss.pixls.us/t/pxchallenge

A different type of photo challenge for the Free Software community - this one is more focused on a thematic project and collecting images as part of a bigger vision. Come join us!

New article - The Road from AXIOM Beta Developer Kit to Production Camera:


In this article we describe 1) Some of the tasks outstanding prior to shipping AXIOM Beta II. 2) Our work on Pick and Place machines and pushing that open source development upstream.


In 15 minutes the monthly Kdenlive Café will start. Join us on IRC Freenode .

Jacques Lucke is the developer of Blender's cool Animation Nodes addon. Show him some 💗.


Today is the birthday of Ingmar Bergman, one of the great cinema directors of all time.


@evanarchitective I'm thinking of building a house with the structure of wood and then use adobe bricks.

@evanarchitective Which construction techniques might you be using?

So, some friends and I are forming a rural hackerspace / permaculture village / homesteading cooperative of sorts, up in the mountain northwest. Still in the land-searching, saving-up-moneys phase, but the 5 to 8 of us core members have already helped each other build off-grid homes and lived together as neighbors, so at least we have that proof-of-concept / experience / confidence, so it's maybe slightly less pie-in-the-sky than other similar ideas...


Questions and boosts welcome!