#Kdenlive 20.12 beta is out and ready for testing. There are 2 new features to be tested, same track transitions and subtitler, and although they are still under heavy development they are ready to be tested. Let us know what you think so far...


É amanhã! Bate papo sobre #Qt, uma plataforma para criar interfaces de usuário para suas aplicações. Bora?

Qt: por onde começar? Quinta, 29/10/2020, 14h.


It took us only 66 years to get from a flight of 37 metres to landing a person on the moon.

#Kdenlive 20.08.2 is out bringing back the automatic scene split feature, experimental GPU rendering and a new crop effect besides the usual round of usability improvements and bug fixes. The Windows version gets new audio and video effects.


Nosso estúdio está abrindo uma vaga de estágio, estamos crescendo e queremos compartilhar isso com mais colaboradores.

Sobre o estágio:
Cooperar na criação e desenvolvimento de projetos e peças gráficas digitais, na comunicação de ações, eventos e tecnologias culturais, ambientais e sociais.

Experiência com os softwares:
#inkscape *Essencial
#Gimp / #Krita

Carga horária:
Segunda a Sexta | 4h (manhã ou tarde) | Taguatinga Norte

Envie seu portfólio para

Professinal video editor Massimo Stella will be giving a #Kdenlive talk at #akademy2020, check it out:


⚠️Don't forget to register⚠️

Funkwhale 1.0 - first release candidate 

Funkwhale 1.0 first release candidate is here! 🎉

This is mostly a bugfix/enhancements release but there are a few interesting new features too!

- A brand new search page
- It's now possible to launch a scan from the UI
- Themes and language are now persisted accross sessions
- A new plugin system, with a scrobller plugin

The full changelog is available at dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/

This releases requires python 3.6 or higher to run, so be sure to check your server before upgrading.

If everything goes smoothly, we intend to publish the final 1.0 release in a couple of weeks, around september 7th.

In the meantime, we'd really appreciate if you could test it and report any bug or issue!

Episode 49 is here and it's a good one! Listen to @patdavid and I talk about PIXLS.US, his work with GNU Image Manipulation Program, and a whole host of other topics around creative work and Free Software.
#podcast #artwithopensource #mastoart


#Kdenlive 20.08 is out with nifty features like Interface Layouts, Multiple Audio Stream support, Cached data management and Zoom bars but one may argue that the highlights of this release are stability and interface improvements.


Help test the upcoming #Kdenlive release. Expect less crashes (none from my tests) as well as many UI/UX improvements and a ton of bug fixes. Some highlights are multiple audio streams, zoom bars in clip monitor, new layout management and predefined layouts, and performance improvements in image sequence playback to name a few.

WARNING: This version has a new project type that is not backwards compatible... so you won't be able to use older versions to open new files.

Get it: files.kde.org/kdenlive/unstabl

Just released: DtLapse by @jchnkl for creating smooth timelapse videos from photos with @darktable_org! An alternative for something like LRTimelapse. Check it out:


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