Any indy short film makers going to #bcon18?
I'm thinking of becoming one myself and would like to ask some questions, maybe even do a video or audio interview if you're up for it.
Boosts appreciated
#blenderconference #b3d

When was a software project you loved rescued from commercial overloards due to its free license? (e.g. > LibreOffice) Need examples for a article. Thanks for responding and boosting.

So you wanna try Slackware? There's never a better time, because here's a bonus episode of GNU World Order #linux #podcast to tell you everything you need to know:

And hey, after you've tried it and fallen in love with it, why not donate to Pat Volkerding, its maintainer for *25* years:

Wow, was on twitter for a sec and it was worse than r/linux.

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