New week recap is out. Highlights: great new features in @GIMP, @krita, and RawTherapee, new digiKam release, better sculpting tools coming to Blender 2.81, GSoC project in Pitivi bringing better UI and features, Ardour devs improving regions workflow.

Featured artwork by Jakob Scheidt.

O Estúdio Gunga realiza em julho a oficina “Introdução ao Blender 3D”, um poderoso software livre de criação 3D. Dois dias de oficinas para aprender sobre o software, sua interface e conceitos básicos de modelagem e animação.

TC and Layla at Casa de Cultura Tainã finished recording over the weekend the character voices for our short 3D movie Malaika. Bonus: The studio runs exclusively on free software. #ardour #b3d #blender #malaika3d #artwithopensource

The Intercept is hiring a digital security specialist in NYC, if anyone is interested!

You’ll work directly with journalists on operational security issues related to securing devices, communicating with sources, protecting document sets, and collaborating securely. You'll also develop curriculum for and help run an internal digital security training program.

This is a union job. POC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Rewrite of 's titler has started as part of @kdecommunity 2019 proposal. Leave a comment to Akhil in the comments if you have any questions:

Help us put this account on the front page of the #fediverse by boosting this toot. 😜

#lgm #lgm19 #lgm2019 #LibreGraphicsMeeting

Hey, if you are at the Libre Graphics Meeting don't forget to grab your nifty stickers.

Boris is just an awesome editor of and I'm super pleased that he shares some of his technique with us! But come on people, he only has a few hundred views! He is way better than that!

Boris Hajdukovic - YouTube


The first Kdenlive Café after the release of the refactored code will be held this Tuesday 7th of May at 9PM CEST. The team will to listen to the community’s reaction and answer any doubts or issues. As usual it will be at on IRC and the Kdenlive Telegram group.

Hey , the @kde community is having a wallpaper competition for their upcoming desktop release. The prize is a nifty little compact computer. Check out the rules and send your art:

If you're into and then you should consider sending some money to Andrea! He's making PhotoFlow, a really cool raw editor, and doing a bunch of great packaging work for Gimp, RawTherapee, HDRMerge and more!

The Kdenlive team released the 19.04 "Refactored Edition" version of the popular video editor today. Look forward to automatic audio-video splitting, configurable timeline layouts, different layout modes, and much more in their biggest release ever.

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