We regret to inform passengers that due to track works, stops at Gallbladder have been suspended.
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I love trains…and the GI tract.

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What is a Python topic that isn’t usually covered in depth that you’d like to see covered? Thinking up talk ideas.

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@WholesomeMeme being suspended but @/libsoftiktok still being up after all the horseshit they pull truly shows that @twittersupport really is no better than Facebook when it comes to meaningful steps towards combating right wing extremism.

Fuck em’.

2 pro-tips for sales folk:

* Always provide yours when proposing a meeting.
* Make sure you get your prospect’s name right.

Why yes, this is related to a sales interaction I just had. Why do you ask?

Dear @apple - I would very much like you to stop sending me push notifications from Photos encouraging me to look at an auto-curated slideshow of my dead cat.

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Field crops as tech companies: a thread

*the audience for farming x tech jokes is literally like five people but whatever let's have some fun

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Not everything since 2016 has been bad: the population has grown by 100% since then! 252 are alive today. Pic: Deidre Vercoe

Great thread summarizing the state of writing on blockbusters, from the EP of one of my favorite underrated shows (Middleman), with a shoutout to one of my favorite kids shows (Octonauts)
one of the big lessons i have learned reading endless "little golden book" and "five minute stories" adaptations of marvel, dc, star wars and other tentpole franchises is that by and large...

I look forward to a Eurovision where all the acts perform wearing traffic cones on their heads.
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We're over the moon to see Glasgow shortlisted to be the host city for Ukraine for Eurovision next year! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇦

Hopefully everyone in Scotland will be rallying round this bid for Glasgow! 🌠


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how likely is it that you are the only person with your first and last name combo?

It’s happened again; here’s everything I’ve been able to capture from the tips people provided last time: gist.github.com/freakboy3742/0

FWIW: it appears that it is consistently (but not reliably) occurring in the middle of a big Makefile that is configuring a build of CPython on iOS.
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Brains trust - I’ve started seeing something *really* weird. Twice in the last week, my mac…

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My first blog post in four years (!) —

How the seemingly innocuous "in-app web browsers" on iOS/Android are a really bad thing, and a proposal for how to fix that. With a little web history thrown in.


Brains trust - I’ve started seeing something *really* weird. Twice in the last week, my macOS machine has stopped running shell scripts. e.g:

echo “hello”

will start, but not finish, print anything, or generate an error. It’s fixed by a reboot. Ideas?

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Check this out, I got to talk about the next steps of ppb (like the fact that we'd love folks interested in using ppb in the classroom so we can start developing exactly what's needed!)

Also, I shared some of the games I've published using @pursuedpybear and @PyBeeWare twitter.com/brianokken/status/

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Code isn’t readable if you need to use your eyebrows:
🤨 Confused!
😳 Surprised!
Keep working on it until it’s easy to read: 🥳 😍

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Yep. Apps need to use native OS metaphors. Users don’t care about the unified codebase. Apps need to look like the system they are running on. twitter.com/0xTim/status/15541

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🎉 How to turn your Website into an App (and why maybe you shouldn't!) by Russell Keith-Magee @freakboy3742

➡️ Talk information 2022.djangocon.us/talks/how-to

In-person & Virtual Tickets

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Do you:

– Use Python or pip behind a corporate proxy?
– Use an internal / custom CA?
– Run an internal PyPI repository?

If yes then we need your help to test the future of trust stores in . Please RT and share this article with others for reach 🙏

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Google please hire people older than 30 I beg you, don't name your programming language the same as a major OS X/9 API

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