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Or, alternatively - a version written using CPython, bridging to the Minecraft Java APIs using Rubicon-Java?

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The challenge now: Who wants to write a Minecraft plugin using Python compiled with VOC? twitter.com/Minecraft/status/1

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I've never even considered that...🤯

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A depression fact people don't seem to talk about: how *boring* the loss of pleasure from activities can get.

Just playing a mindless game or watching a mindless show for HOURS because nothing else is at all enjoyable.

Sure, I'm sad, but I'm also SO BORED.

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How mad at your CSS do you have to be to add 274 zeroes to your z-index?

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Everything about this headline is an indictment of us as an industry and as a civilization.

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Who currently has Python 2.7 still running in production? (please RT all you Pythonista friends)

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y͏̻̟͈̮̭o̺̗̙̪̞̙u͓̖̤̺͢ ̤h͟ą̤͖̗̺v̳̞͉͇̙͈e̳̫̗̟̕ ̳̩̲͇͔a͍ ̹̣̗͚͔͉͡ṋ̗͓̜̼̣̜͜ew̛̞̠͔̻ ̫̣̥̯m҉̳̼̥͇̙͚e̩͙̟̪̩͠ss͕̣̪̩̹ͅa̜͉̮̦̩̻̯g̼͍̗̗̫͓͟e͎̖̪̩̭͘ ͖͙̼͙ͅi̸̳͖͔̺̞̞̼n̳̰̼ ̥̥͉yo͈̩̝͚̜͝ṳ̣̺̗r̸̹͙̱̺̦ ͏̳̦̩̤my̗͙͓͙̗͖͉̕g͉͕͇͖͉̟̪͞o͍̺͙̳̼v̵̫̳ i̘͙̗n̦̙̲ḅ͇̰̯͇͠o̼̩̤x͇̯̦̞͙̼̖

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Dear @Bitbucket@twitter.com team: it is part of our mission to preserve the repositories you are now phasing out. May we give us a tech contact to help out with some issues we face using your API (see forge.softwareheritage.org/T18)? DM welcome, thanks! bitbucket.org/blog/sunsetting-

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Magic, coming soon to WebAssembly…

The same .wasm file running and using high-level types in:

✨ pure WebAssembly
✨ Python
✨ Rust
✨ Node
✨ The web

with no glue code required? 🤯

See how it works ↓


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All of my friends went to Australia without me and threw a big party, but, they brought me back this cute shirt so I guess we're 🆒.

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A follow on from yesterday’s Underworld revelation; The group that consistently shows up in a search for “Pendulum” is very much *not* the “Pendulum” responsible for the 1997 album “3 Knocks”. That group seems to have disappeared. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3_Knocks

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Greenland's chief of govrmnt wants to buy USA back. "It was Leif the Fortunate that discovered America, and his father Erik the Red who discovered Greenland. It's only natural." The price will have to be set relatively low, due to the huge government debt. "With Trump even lower" twitter.com/Steinklev/status/1

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(Corrected) In prepping for Friday talk, two highly-recommended keynotes: @freakboy3742@twitter.com Black Swans at PyCon and @llanga@twitter.com Python 2020 at PyLondinium bit.ly/2zhKA21 bit.ly/33QUrtK

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I’m running a petition to get Alan Jones off air.

(We’re at 13,000 signatures & counting.) adambandt.com/alanjones

It has been exactly 0 days since I realised that the Underworld that released the 1988 track “Underneath the Radar” is the same “Underworld” that produced the 2000 live album “Everything, Everything” and the soundtrack to the 2007 film “Sunshine”.

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Slack is kind of a technical solution to a social (in this case, organisational) problem. I, a software dev in Adelaide, get multiple email notifications daily about paper jams in printers in Melbourne. Eventually, I'll get those via Slack and we'll all shadow-IT something else.

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The Python Software Foundation is featured as a charity for the Humble Bundle by No Starch. Get your bundle today bit.ly/2Hf4H5n! The bundle will run from August 19th to September 2nd.

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