We're in the final few hours of the CFP. Make sure you visit pycon.org.au/speak and submit your talk abstract! CFP closes *today* 12 July, Anywhere on Earth

Still not sure? Lets try and convince you in 3 minutes or less:

If you were hoping to submit a talk to ... now would be a very good time. The CFP closes at 11:59PM AOE 12 July. pycon.org.au/speak

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My mom is selling masks because the COVID hurt her housekeeping business. She was like “Dile a tus amigos”
..Pero no tengo
1/$10 3/$25

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Teachers and education folks!
Pitch an idea for a talk!

We want to hear about your experiences with Python in & outside the classroom. What works? What did you try that utterly failed?

Come share with a ridiculously supportive community!

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To be clear, this is how *everyone* does it. It feels scary but the pro-tip is the time it takes for procurement to get their act together is longer than you need to write those features and get complant. twitter.com/_shahedk/status/12

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hey friends
@excitedleigh would be super happy if I could tell her she got a bunch of @PyConAU submissions overnight.
just saying <3

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The AI was created to help improve writing, but it was also created with the ability to learn and improve itself. In a few short years, it decided that the problem with writing wasn't the writers: it was the language. twitter.com/KMKWrites/status/1

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Since PyCon 2020 was cancelled this year, the Python Software Foundation needs help covering a shortfall in funds.

I'll match up to $1,024 of donations. Just reply to this thread with the amount you donated.


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I missed the chance to mention this when it posted, but now that I'm off the PSF board, this will be my primary focus in the PSF going forward. We're looking at more ways to get funding to projects in the Python ecosystem. The blog post gives a lot more context, so check it out. twitter.com/ThePSF/status/1278

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My body is a temple. Specifically, this temple. Decrepit, crusty, and more or less chicken-shaped.

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Me: Pytest is hard. I can't get full coverage
Coworker: Have you tried mocking things?
Me: *at code* You're not even a real python.

It seems like the Model Trademark Guidelines are something that more Open Source projects should know about. modeltrademarkguidelines.org/i Thanks to @pchestek for the link to this one.

I spent over a year of my presidency of the DSF developing trademark policies for @djangoproject. I'm certain most FLOSS users don't recognise how important it is. I'm not sure of Open Usage Commons is the right approach, but I'm glad that the issue is getting attention.
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The same principles that shape open source licenses should shape open source project trademarks. The Open Usage Commons is going to help the open sourc…

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You have a 0% chance of being accepted if you don't submit anything!

Worst case, you don't get accepted, but you get experience in writing/proposing talks 💚

If you need help, reach out to our mentors and they will help you!



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The entire framing of tax as an individual burden rather than an investment in our society and future has melted the brains of multiple generations at this point.

Friends: if seeing a Quokka isn't enough to entice you to visit Perth (post COVID, of course), perhaps a visit to Dr Russell's Imaginarium will seal the deal?

(I kid you not - this is a real place swanvalley.com.au/Business-Dir)

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