I never cease to be amazed that, despite their importance in our industry, how fundamentally *awful* password manager apps are at handling the login pages for Google and AWS.

At least part of that is on Google and AWS for making their login pages so inscrutable.

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No idea who did the original, but "Chapeau!" whoever you are!

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The new Google phone uses a hand-wavy gesture interface and all I can think of is this paragraph Douglas Adams wrote in 1979.

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The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

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It’s hard to believe this was 1999. 🔥

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Sometimes the difficulty in accepting changes in a project is not about implementation complexity or whether the change fits and you like it. Sometimes it's in accepting responsibility for the consequences. @durin42@twitter.com, thanks for bearing with me on this one


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Want to view a single image on @imgur@twitter.com (literally its only job)? Good luck! You gotta successfully download (354KB) and run (1.21MB) of client-side React in order to get your image requested as resource 110 of 553. What should have been an IMG element became… this.

I feel ripped off. All I got was a floppy hat. And an inch thick book that exactly six people will read.
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A timely reminder that if you do a PhD in Finland you get to pompously march around the town with a sword.

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Do I know any peeps keen in Django / Python & FreeBSD who might be interested in working on something with me? Retweets *greatly* appreciated. DM's are open.

I just earned the '99 Bottles (Level 6)' badge on @untappd@twitter.com! untp.beer/s/b579770817

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As I watch people load their luggage into the overhead bins, I can only surmise that we need to introduce Tetris as a compulsory subject in high schools.

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Sydney airport just savaged my github so hard

Keith-Magee 2020: STOP
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Your 2020 campaign slogan is your name, plus 2020, plus the last text you sent. Mine?

Tripp 2020: Yaaaaaaaaaay

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I’m mostly impressed they’re able to get a > 842C (> 1548F) liquid metal into a mass commercially available plastic tube.

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I’ve been hunting for this part number for years.

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Speaking tip: Never *point* (i.e. lasers, fingers, etc) to things on your slides. Those actions turn your body away from the audience and they almost never make it to video. If you need to call out a portion of a slide, draw a box/circle on the slide itself.

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