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Never, ever leave money in a paypal account, especially if you’re too small a vendor to make a big stink in the press about it when they lock you out. Always cash out to your bank *as soon as possible* if you use them as a payment processor. twitter.com/snubs/status/13669

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if you ever hear someone referred to as "tireless" you should know that they are pretty fucking tired

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Slack is great if you like email but wish the emails were hidden in a bunch of different places

THIS. Most of my back pain stems from this exact problem; and the stretches in the article he links are the exact ones my physio has me doing. Your body may be different - but if you work at a desk all day, make sure you stay on top of this. Older you will thank you.
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Hi. I was a clinical massage therapist for a decade and chronic upper back, shoulder, and neck tension was my speciality.

Here's a thread on why…

This is another line in the “why open source is hard” column. Approaches to revenue generation are often so novel that you spend your life wondering about tax compliance, rather than engineering. Exacerbated by the fact the platforms follow US tax laws, not necessarily others.
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I have closed my GitHub sponsors account.

It's a bit of a shame, I find the program promising as it picks people up where they report issues…

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The Python Software Foundation (@ThePSF) has never had a t-shirt before (at least not that I remember)! We want to create one for our fundraiser during ! What would you like to see on that t-shirt?

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🎤 If you think you have something great to talk about at DjangoCon Europe 2021? Submit your idea.

The Call for Participation is now OPEN 🎯 When in doubt, submit your talk 😉!


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I keep seeing people comparing Bitcoin speculation to the Dutch tulip craze.

This is so ignorant and shortsighted.

Tulips are pretty and hold intrinsic (aesthetic) value.

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More macOS progress: Briefcase can now create Universal2 binaries for macOS! PyPI support for universal2 is still a work in progress, but Toga (and other pure Python libraries) work great! An official release containing this update will be landing soon.

I don’t know who thought “passwordless login by email” or “2FA by email” is a good idea, but… it *really* isn’t.

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If anyone has seen a public database of stats of how much companies give back to OSS, I'd love to mash it up with another project I have two or three years of data on.

Please reach out.

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.@ThePSF is excited to show off our new sponsorship program that offers , PSF, PyPI & CPython benefits. Join us as a sponsor & help make a difference in the Python ecosystem! PyCon 2021 is just 78 days away - don't wait to show your support. python.org/psf/sponsorship-new

Open source pro tip: if you’re going to be a tool on a project’s chat room, and the mods warn you to pull your head in, the correct response is *not* to take the abuse to private chat.

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I love this discussion and the thing I want to mention is that all of this context only exists where the FLOSS work can be used for profit generation. There's lots of FLOSS out there that doesn't lend itself to that and they're even further in the cold on getting paid. twitter.com/freakboy3742/statu

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Meanwhile on the shelves of Philip K Dick's Sporting Goods.

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution. But I *do* know that the current situation isn't healthy for maintainers or the ecosystem; & far too many companies extract *far* too much value from the system without any obligation to give back. Enforcing that obligation is the key. 4/4

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