Whose got two thumbs, a custard Long John, a latte, and two doses of Pfizer in him? This guy…

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Welcome to the newest member of the BeeWare team - Sam Schott! github.com/samschott Sam has been doing great work on Rubicon and the macOS backend to Toga; we're extremely excited to have him on the team!

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As an Australian I find it odd that Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib are seen as the “far left” when they’re just fighting for things that, well, pretty much every other developed country has had for years.

Just my two cents.

I swear, if we could harness the engineering effort that is lost through wrestling god-awful UX bugs in Jira, we could solve all the world's problems...

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We're coming up to week in Australia. Did you know I'm a huge advocate for using the paper form? Ask me why.

Also, rejoice! You can request a form anonymously. Right after you give them your mobile phone number 🙄

I'd still recommend it: form.census.abs.gov.au/self-se

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I'm re-reading "Hope Is Not a Bird, Emily, It's a Sewer Rat" by Caitlin Seida and I thought you might like it too.

I hope the person responsible for selecting design of the NBN HFC wall socket enjoys their eternity in Hell. Who designs a cable that can’t be bent, and then fixes it to the wall using a socket that points *outward*?

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I wouldn't be so pissed about @Docker's required upgrades if, ya know, they would actually work.

Did you know our merch storefront is now open?

Did you also know that RedBubble has a 25% off Clothing sale for the next few days?

It's true! ✨👚✨


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I've spoken to 2,000+ companies over the last 12 months about their plans for remote work going forward

Here are a few things I've learned

[ a thread ] 💻🏠🌍

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Presidents of the 19th Century Medical Association: 🎶 “Millions of leeches, leeches for thee…”

I really want to be excited… except I find it highly unlikely I’ll be able to attend. Current timelines for international travel reopening in Australia are unlikely to allow for PyCon US.
Who's excited for PyCon US 2022 in Salt Lake City? 🙌 We are so excited to have our Python family reunited in person next year. Tag the Pythonista you can't wait to see at PyCon US 2022

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