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Friends, I have studied the cubes, I have studied the planes, I have consulted scholars and sages, and I now present to you the grand unified theory of food:

✨ Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space ✨


I know have the most organized sticker collection in the world! FEAR ME!!

What does this melty-snowman cookie know that the other ones don’t?

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RT if you've silently screamed so much in 2018 that your internal monologue is hoarse.

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An open letter to @Facebook, @Twitter@twitter.com, @instagram and @Experian@twitter.com regarding algorithms and my son's birth:

<background planning on project to build 3D-printed keyboard intensifies>

NOOOOOOO! Spilled water over my Apple keyboard, and Apple doesn’t make or sell this model any more, preferring to sell wireless models with awful keys :-(

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KubeCon has a sponsor party featuring Ice Cube.

Ask me how many highly effective outreach programs I could run with that appearance fee. Go on. Ask.


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At long last, we have the most elite profession: rocket surgery twitter.com/lorengrush/status/

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Software companies like 1Password already discussing potentially not hiring Aussie staff because of the impact of /cc @terrimbutler @billshortenmp

🎶 You’re a mean one, Mr Spinch… 🎶
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You ever laugh at something stupid so hard that you cry, and go to show your partner and they just look disappointed? Yeah

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Playing Stardew Valley with the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack playing makes this a very different experience and I think I have to go lie down now.

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First ! I’m feeling healthy, energized and whole. This is me on . go.nasa.gov/2Qn6Pi6

My pet peeve version of this? The macOS Mojave update notification. Every couple of days, it tells me I can upgrade! And there’s no way to dismiss the notification - you have to click on it, which opens App Store, which takes a couple of seconds to load, then close App Store.

'When [creeps] do this to us, it’s reprehensible. When software does it to us, it’s considered normal or “just business.” And yet th…

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the deep irony here is that the coalition is literally falling apart before our eyes due to a lack of the “soft skills” of teamwork and critical thinking. twitter.com/abcnews/status/107

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