Are you or someone you know looking for music for a project? If so, please look this way. As well as an absolutely silly amount of freely available creations, I do make bespoke content for you and your business as well. Take a listen to a few offerings:

How to celebrate in-style with my crazy family.
Birthday Madness with the Kids

- ProjectSAM Lumina - Hidden Content, Key-Switches, Modwheels and Multiple Mics:

For this piece, I challenged myself to use only sounds from the Dystopia section of ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 - Lumina.

Only four tracks, no external effects. Logic and Komplete Kontrol.
This is what I came up with:

At night, all the things happen:

This is like some kind of period drama piece or something. Just a little thing I threw together using ProjectSAM Lumina. Introspective Introduction:

It's hard to believe that ten years ago today I married Kirsten. In that time we've moved house several times, had two beautiful children and I can safely say I'm more in-love now than when we started.
Music without words:
Ten years of marriage:

in 7/8 is hard. Playing it as a is something else, but that's what I set my piece to be this evening, so I thought I'd post a little video of me trying it out:

Before 1471 and Caller-ID, I remember calling 100 (the operator) from a payphone in a cafe, because I needed to know the number. I asked the lady what the number of the phone was, and she said it's on a sign in front of you.
I told her I was blind and therefore couldn't read it, and she accused me of lying and hung up on me. Not sure why I remembered this all of a sudden but I did. I remember being incredibly outraged that's for sure.

I was asked to make a short piece using only Native Instruments Noire, so have this. It's just four tracks, with a different preset on each track.
Talk to Noire:

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