Playing a Steinway D at the Royal Academy of Music, London - Dec 16 2018:

I’m a guy. Playing actual seems so ungainly and difficult to me.
Here’s me kind of failing on a D at the yesterday evening.

December 15 2015: I received my Piano. This is the first time I played it in my home:

Number 9: Unknown Documentary Music makes for a rather interesting Piano Exercise:

Jake Holt & Andre Louis Present: Delayed reaction (JBasic PsyTrance remix):

If radios weren't instant and acted like twitter and third-party clients do:

10:16:22: You there?
10:19:03: Yep.
10:22:13: Just to let you know your upstairs is on fire.

Five minutes earlier and you could've saved the building.
Should've been using approved radios only.

Glad Mastodon is not like this.

- Musical Breakdown - Relax and Reverse (And a question about this whole thing):

Now this, I am definitely proud of.
- Musical Breakdown - Nins and Peedles:

Did you know there are over 900 to use tracks available to right here? An absolute wealth of . If you make a , , need a sweep, sting or for your project at , etc, I've definitely got you covered:

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