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Great privacy software exists. But what the world needs next is privacy infrastructure on which to deploy that software.

To make your own infrastructure, just install the free private server system on a single-board computer.

We like the LIME2 made by Olimex. What single-board computer do you like?

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@freedomboxfndn I think this talk changed a generation.
I think this talk inspired:
- social web w3c group
- indieweb
- activity pub
- unhosted
- myself to create

These are just the few projects I know where inpired by this talk! And yes, definitely worth to watch it again!

Let the countdown begin! will be exhibiting at next month!

Last year, we had very popular . We came with a full suitcase, and left with an empty one!

We hope to see you again this year!

Learn more:


software version 19.1 has been released to Debian Unstable! It will be in Testing in ~10 days.

-4 updates to Radicale calendaring app
-Updated translations for 3 languages
-7 people contributed


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from Eben Moglen:

"[Freedom in the net means] the continuity of the very concept of human freedom that we won at great expense in hundreds of generations of lives...and which we will now either make more permanent or less permanent as we shift the fundamental technology of human communication."


9 years ago this month, Eben Moglen delivered the oration that started it all: "Freedom in the Cloud."

This speech inspired the project. Part history of the web and part call to action, this speech continues to orient our community today. It's worth revisiting each year.



Facebook's ex-CSO Alex Stamos:

"[The hypertargeting of ads is] negative for our democracy...Imagine you could afford to send a mailer to every single voter in the country and every single one of them is different. You’re not two-faced; you’re one-hundred-million-faced."

Centralized networks enable hypertargeting of ads. That's one reason why we want to with .


software version 19.0 has been released to Debian Unstable and will be in Testing in ~2 days!

-Switched to a new version number scheme (YY.N, i.e. YY is the year of release and N is the release number within that year)
-Improved 6 apps/features
-Updated translations for 3 languages
-6 people contributed


☎TOMORROW: community conference call!☎️

WHEN: Saturday, February 9th at 14:00 UTC

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <> using port 64738.

WHO: All are welcome! Join us!



software version 0.49.1 has been released to Debian unstable! It will be in Debian testing in about 2 days.

We're making moves. Many improvements since v0.48.0! 😎

-Made 10 Backups improvements
-Made 3 improvements
-Improved 4 apps and features
-Updated translations for 4 languages
-10 people contributed


The Times of India story about has gotten a lot of people excited about in rural India.

If you want to learn more about this topic, check out this excellent presentation by Joseph Nuthalapati (@njoseph) and Sudhamsh Kandukuri at ThoughtWorks XConf 2018 in Bangalore, India:

"Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox"

📰 NEWS: Times of India publishes major story about in India:

"Currently, [FreedomBox] is operational across 12 villages...The newly-Net savvy villagers are now getting online for everything from educating themselves on government policies to accessing better healthcare."

Shout-out to @swecha for leading this initiative and to our developers @sunilad and @njoseph, who were quoted in this article and do trailblazing work in India.


Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting today at @fosdem.

We had around a dozen participants, including our longtime developer @federico3! Experienced users and newcomers alike joined to talk about what they like and what they want to see in our software system.

Thanks for inspiring us to keep improving!

Meetup is scheduled!

If you're at @fosdem this weekend, please join us for a FreedomBox meetup on Sunday, February 3rd from 10:00am to 11:00am in room J.1.106.

If you can't be there for the full hour, that's no problem. Just drop by and say hello!

Please find the full details here:

Happening in one hour: Our lightning talk about at !

The talk will take place in H.2215 (Ferrer) at 12:00pm. Hope to see you there! @fosdem

Details here:

We're also working on reserving a room for a community meetup at . Stay tuned for any updates!

Good news! We'll be at the @fosdem conference this weekend in Brussels, Belgium!

Let us know if you'll be at !

And come to our lightning talk about :

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