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Clinton Freeman

Four things help Masto in this regard: a lack of quote-tweeting, a lack of plain-text search, a lack of trending topics, and the CW function.

:birdsite: makes it easy to find outrage with a single click. Masto does no such thing. 👍

We could argue indefinitely about gun legislation or we could put some of this dystopian AI/CV tech to good use by outfitting schools to auto-detect active shooter scenarios. Here's some interesting research on concealed weapon detection:

An interesting story/article describing how much information can be obtained through very basic traffic analysis of a "smart" home's IoT devices:

Someone with more experience could derive far more information.

#privacy #security #iot #metadata #iwillnotspendtimeinyoursmarthome

I think at least 35 people showed up at the tonight. It was epic. If you're in , come and join

We need to compile a list of people missing here and then lure them in one by one

Would you want me to stick some piece of Mastodon artwork on a tea cup? I thought recently I wouldn't mind having one.

That NYT article about the Twitter bots makes me hope even harder for Mastodon to succeed.

'Zuckerberg has repeatedly doubled down on the toxic idea that we should only have one self, one persona. That we should be the same person in all social circles, lest we be “frauds”.' -

I don't always see eye-to-eye with DHH but this article is pretty good

Exciting news: thanks to all the hard work from a team including @MediaGoblin founder Chris Webber @dustyweb, #ActivityPub has finally been made an official W3C recommended standard!

This month's issue of Wired has a really great treatment on the issue of free speech online. Even-handed and thought-provoking. It's worth just picking up an issue so you can read each article in context.

If you don't want to, though, you can just read Zeynep Tufekci's cover story, which is brilliant as always:

I will forever champion Mastodon since right now it seems to be the only social media site (IG is updating to do this soon) that doesn't do the invasive and gross practice of sharing your likes with everyone.

Unusually excited for these things to arrive in the mail! Now, where to put them...

Article on how the '90s culture-jamming idea, strong on the early internet, was itself sorta culture-jammed, leaving it unclear what a progressive way out might be.

Good article regardless, but especially works for me it b/c it's framed around a personal narrative of someone born in 1982 who grew up in a midwest suburb. (Though I was born in '81, and grew up in an Indiana suburb—not Ohio, thank god.)