Haven't yet done much in Rust/Nim, now there're Zig/Odin/Beef/Jai 🤯

In a hindsight, buyout of Freenode (to @matrix ) might be the prelude of Musk/TWTR (to @Mastodon ).

For people live in the US, choices of streaming video content in Asian languages seem very limited (unless you speak Hindi or love anime). And if you love German/Italian/French content like I do, you won't be too happy with most of these streaming services either.

Data from: movieofthenight.com/compareser

看过《拉努埃大街》 🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑

If you operate both and servers, here's a tool to allow your Mastodon users to activate their Matrix accounts with same user id: github.com/freewizard/fedivers

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