Looking for a job working on FOSS?

The free software job feed fossjobs is now on the fediverse, too:

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I can't really judge the current situation of FOSS-related jobs in Poland - but you can always contribute. Know a job listing that fits? Please, add it!

Also, spread the word 😊

@fribbledom oh, I don't know any, I'm just interested in having one sometime in the future


Also, check out the "Worldwide" section, which lists jobs that usually allow you to work remotely.

@fribbledom I don't think remote is a good choice for me cause I have enough problems keeping the work-life balance as it is now when I don't even have access to my work email at home

@Michcioperz Working remotely isn't necessarily the best option for everyone, I agree.

@Michcioperz There's one right now, posted today. So.. site has activity.

@Michcioperz Aaaah I misread your toot

Nu, it's the worldwide one

@snowyfox I'm afraid I have an allergy for companies with "block" and "chain" in name
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