When you can only find one spare mouse and it's PS/2 and you walk back cursing but then you discover this old PC you were working on actually still has PS/2 ports. Whew!

Scrolling through the special offers in the supermarket app is a special kind of pathetic sadness. It's all packaged highly processed sugar, salt and cheap fat.

While I thought my OS was well and truly b0rked, it turned out that my Bluetooth mouse was in my bag, still turned on with the right mouse button pressed. !

Firefox Multi-Account Containers are the best reason to start using Firefox again. Takes a bit of getting used to, but do give it a try! Keyboard shortcut is "ctrl+.".


Not having the right ingredients means I had to improvise with camembert cheese.

Adding camembert to this recipe has turned from something good into something great.

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Idea: a redundant, distributed cloud-like storage that uses other people's exposed databases as a backend.

Some days my body really wants a workout, wants to keep going. Today is not such a day...

So the hardware clock of the lil old chromebook with libre bios was way out of whack. Setting it right solved all the weird date/time issues I was having.

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"Are you magic?" the child asked
"What is your definition of magic?" the robot replied.
"Uhm... Things that can not be explained by science."
"Then I am not magic. But you are."
"All the best things of all you human people - curiosity, creativity, compassion - are magic."

tfw you can't be arsed to get a spoon to scoop the loose tea leaves so you just throw in a baggy

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Tip: either temporarily disable your firewall or figure out which ports Sonos needs to work.

Small correction: technically the audio output device is called Mkchromecast and not Sonos.

But it works 😃

Yes! I'm streaming to the office Sonos from my Linux laptop!

You can install mkChromeCast and add the additional Sonos device with sudo pip install soco. Now you have an audio output device called Sonos which you can select. !

I asked the French supermarket lady where the vegetarian products like tofu were. She sighed ever so slightly and took me to a shelf with the most dismal selection of carb laden, preprocessed products labeled 'vegetarian'.

She kept giving me the stink eye during the rest of my trek through the supermarket trying to piece together a good veggie meal with fresh products.

Ugh, this workout hurts my ego more than my body.

Adding a set at lower weight to get back into it.

Ooh boy! Mushy muscles after three weeks summer holiday.

@enkiv2 bandname of the day: Bad Actors.

Or did you already get that one?

I dreamt a toot but now that I am awake, I can't remember it...

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