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Frank :sheep:

It turns out people have researched how to do algorithmic recommendations without users having to reveal their personal preferences, and I am intrigued. Apparently, in principle we could have the good parts of, say, Netflix suggesting more things you might want to watch, without exposing ourselves to entities like Facebook selling all our data.

See "Distributed Differential Privacy and Applications" by Narayan, for example. (Also that's the first CC-BY licensed PhD thesis I've seen!)

Vet, suiker, zout. Wat je verder ook toevoegt, het smaakt goed.

"The child will notify the parent when it dies"

"If the parent dies before the child, it has no parent to notify, so it becomes a zombie"

Someone didn't think these terms through when inventing processes

100TB SSD hard disk announced. Just imagine resilvering a raid of these things when one has kicked the bucket...

De grootste oorzaak van het verleden is de tijd.

Thinking of Z80a and how we used one byte to record 8 states because bytes were expensive then.

Kan niet iemand een virus schrijven dat wereldwijd alle PDFs direct en onherstelbaar wist en daarmee tot in de eeuwigheid doorgaat?

In de trein op weg naar @BraytonHouse HQ om dagje met @Lustigson samen op kantoor te kunnen werken, wat een luxe :-)

En voor de liefhebber op 45 toeren: Speedy J - De-Orbit

12jarige afgelopen jaar in Star Wars geïntroduceerd. Vanavond samen Spaceballs gekeken. Opvoeding compleet.

The future is now. Reminds me so much of Tron's lightcycles: PERFECT Combo in Beat Saber! (Hard Mode) in Mixed Reality -

oh wow i really love the new episodes of Oops, this content is not available in your country :(

"Slagroomijs Light". Dan heb je het niet begrepen.

It's nice to see that over the years I have gotten pretty good at burning bread in the toaster. All that practice paying off!