Tfw suddenly all windows disappear from your desktop and it takes you 8 seconds of slowly setting dread to discover you accidentally switched workspaces...

Ran a BIOS update with «fwupd» for the first time. Always a bit scary, but it worked flawlessly on my Dell laptop.

The good thing about an old HP Elitebook is that you can easily open it up, unscrew stuff bit by bit and fix it.

Right now I am cleaning the heatsink and radiator. Then I'll apply new thermal paste and reassemble.

Hope it was indeed the overheating that caused the graphical glitches.

I'll confess... I ate all the chocolate, finished the vodka and watched all of the sunset. The crickets ain't done yet though.

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Currently eating 90% chocolate and drinking vodka while crickets chirp to the sunset. Most excellent!

I've got an English manual from a Chinese manufacturer that is really pretty good and understandable apart from a couple of small mistakes and slightly weird grammar. Pleasantly surprised.

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@fschaap @nextcloud They must be called piracy company since they are stealing our data and selling it to others without our consent

I think we'd all benefit from looking up more often and wondering about it all.

Actually reading error/system messages when you think you know what you are doing is an art form!

I'm gonna say that 80% of time wasted on getting a system to do what you want it to do, is because you didn't properly read that fine message it gave you.

Interesting how the brain works when you try to dredge up details of memories like names or book titles from events long, long, loooong ago.

Project finished. I closed all related browser tabs and freed up almost 4GB of RAM.

Today I received a $17 Xeon cpu for socket 1156 from China. Put it in my PC and it just works.

On the one hand I'm happy. It does what is says on the box. On the other hand... this was just too easy!

So, at some point someone invented a machine that can crack walnuts and get the nut out of the shell fully intact (at least at a fairly substantial success rate).

Think I'm going nuts. This wacky motherboard has dual ethernet ports. Both ports manage 1000Mbps download but refuse to do anything above 100Mbps upload.

Guess I'll be downloading stuff from that machine for a week.

I love it how computers at heart are not really digital but analog. Setting a CPU to 500Mhz results in it running at randomly fluctuating frecuencies like 499487 or 500005 Hertz. I mean, it's flipping bits alright, but it can't keep time and is bound to the ever fluctuating ebb and flow of electrons.

Never mind me babbling to myself. The answer is no, after reading the docs.

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Sweet! Finally got around to testing a BTRFS install in combination with Timeshift and autosnap. That is a pretty awesome setup!

Wondering if I should get an esata-to-sata cable to add a spare SSD as cache...

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On the plus side... my 16TB 5 disk RAIDZ FreeNAS install is now working as intended.

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