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In 2000, we were able to identify the Standard Model relationship with the confirmation of the existence of "Waluigi".

Some have proposed the Supersymmetry Model; I say this model does not go far enough.

What I am proposing is a radical paradigm shift from even just a generation ago: with the confirmed existence of Gooigi, the entire model as we've known it was thrown into disarray.

The String Theory Model attempts to reconcile that which we know to be true, and that which we do not yet know.

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@nico I'm still waiting for the Dutch to put out a bicycle version of top gear. Cargo bike races! How much can you load onto that touring bike and still pedal? Celebrities on bike shares! Boat race where the hosts try to turn recumbents into canoes! Something with tandems! The only cars reviewed would be cantas.

Main takeaway from Android Pie vs Oreo: slicker micro-animations give more UI feedback to the user.

Those waits when flashing and rebooting devices always take long enough without showing any activity to make you very queasy.

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What heretical software features can you imagine that would never fly at a growth oriented company but could totally work on free open source social media?

For example, algorithmic timelines are one way to deal with information overload. But what if instead your software offered suggestions for people to unfollow (this person posts a lot and you hardly ever interact with them)? Not necessarily a good idea but it's an idea we could implement that would NEVER happen on Twitter, Facebook, etc

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Defining Mistakeholder: someone relevant in a project, with the right mandate, but with the wrong attitude and fully incompetent towards the topic at hand.

I had a desktop with an Intel i3 processor and I named it monst3r.

I swapped in an i7 processor but it is still named monst3r.

This annoys me.

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Well-run societies don’t need heroes, and the way to keep terrible impulses in check isn’t to dethrone antiheros and replace them with good people.

Today I did stuff. Doesn't amount to much, but I did it and I feel fairly satisfied. I think I'll have some chocolate now.

*vein popping on forehead*

TIL you can actually install dpkg on Arch and install .deb packages.

Jibo the social robot announces that its VC overlords have remote-killswitched it, makes pathetic farewell address and dances a final step

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It's my pet theory that the availability of the Twitter-to-Mastodon cross-poster has harmed Mastodon's adoption by giving people an easy way to change nothing about their social media habits, and pretend like they have checked out Mastodon without ever being here.

Every time I bring this up I get responses à la "not all cross-posters!" and well, if you don't think it's about you, don't make it about you

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my math professor:

- keeps saying "hell yeah, baby"

- writes "function" as "FUNction" with the corresponding emphasis and pause when he writes it

- went "eugh, robots" when someones siri went off in their pocket

- said "you see that show tidying up with marie kondo? every single one of these sparks joy in my heart" while going over a bunch of example problems

- said "we're gonna go ham on this then" while factoring a polynomial

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more of my math professor:

"if you have a graph, don't worry about it. if you don't have a graph... start worrying." - on function symmetry

"The tech people they just, they don't respect me." - while wrestling with graph software

"I don't need no control panel, I'm just reading a book!" - while wrestling with adobe acrobat

"who the hell wants to cube like, negative three and do stuff to it like that."

"CAN YOU DIG IT!!" - upon graphing a function he thought was cool

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What if privacy law was as strict as copyright law nowadays? You are not allowed to copy any private information about someone until 70 years after their death, even if it was non-commercial, and you can sue the heck (that is: €€€) out of someone if they do.
And then do the reverse to copyright law: copying anything copyrighted is the standard, creators who don't want it are refuted with "Oh, but you don't have something to hide, do you?", and Big Tech and Government actively help people to copy work from creators and to spread it further.

One day I plan to write a treatise on the use of image distortions due to weak or failing analog signal transmissions in obviously digital communications channels in cyberpunk imagery and movies.

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