In retrospect I should have researched other options instead of nuking all tracker related packages off of this Gnome desktop.

Installing an OG Raspberry Pi. Reminder of how far we've come even when using trailing edge hardware.

I don't get it when people accept the default suggested name for their machine when installing.

Naming your new machine is such an important part of getting to know your machine and imbuing it with the right kind of mojo for the job.

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Family fridge: not only will family members consume stuff that's in there and not tell you, they also put stuff back in fridge in any random spot instead of where they got it. They will even move stuff they don't use to a new spot so they can put stuff they actually used and got from another spot in the spot of the stuff they didn't use.

"Trying to figure out whether you should use a null modem or straight through cable, which is usually easiest to do by experimentation, is just the first of the many fun steps in successfully using a serial device."

Computers are bad, I really enjoy this blog!

I used to think the transfer speed to my NAS was pretty good. Then I upgraded my internet connection from 100Mbps to 500Mbps.

Getting 600 to 700Mbps write speed on my NAS now feels much slower than it used to.

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Just a reminder guys
Don't use facebook
If you have facebook apps installed on anything delete them as soon as possible and consider resetting the device

The only reason that Facebook's actions are legal are because the people who make the laws are old and haven't accounted for the kind of (currently legal) criminal activity Facebook does.
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Turns out I have a single core Athlon64 3200+ PC with 1GB memory, which I can probably upgrade to 2GB if I dig deep enough in the old parts crates.

Any suggestions for doing something useful with it?

It actually boots to the desktop of the latest Manjaro from USB... very slowly, since it is USB1.

Got one mailbox down to zero.

It's a start, but I've got too many other mailboxes left...

So, installing @nextcloud on TrueNAS is dead simple. But getting Collabra to run means doing all kinds of manual, complicated tasks.

Why not make a/the online collaborative office part of the base install? Or at least a one click plugin install?

It's not that I can't figure it out, but I don't look forward to having to maintain and support it, exactly because it is a complicated manual install...

Tfw suddenly all windows disappear from your desktop and it takes you 8 seconds of slowly setting dread to discover you accidentally switched workspaces...

Ran a BIOS update with «fwupd» for the first time. Always a bit scary, but it worked flawlessly on my Dell laptop.

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