In his interview, Georg Greve @ggreve, founder president, reminded us the difficulties during the first steps of the FSFE and the rewarding experience of overcoming them.

Also, he encouraged us to increase our focus on cutting-edge technology issues.

In 2009, we sought to remove advertisements of Adobe Reader from websites of public administrations in Europe.

We contacted them with emails & letters.

1125 out of 2104 advertisements were removed. ⭐

You still have these old from your activities years ago on your hard-drive?

Send them to us and make them part of our birthday celebrations:


The advantages of in short:

✅ reduced bottlenecks due to high efficiency sending
✅ established standard since 1990
✅ relatively cheap
✅ everyone is warned, even short-term tourists
✅ independent from mobile internet
✅ works even if telephony/SMS/internet is overloaded
✅ no apps required

➡️ Warning apps are a useful *extension*, but not the *basis*. [2/2]

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The recent flood events in and beyond triggered a discussion about how to warn citizens reliably and effectively. The current proprietary app environment failed at this – again!

Already last year we called for [1/2]


Did you know the FSFE maintains the world's largest professional network on legal issues related to ?

Learn more about our accomplishments in the last 20 years on our birthday page:

20 years is a time to celebrate our international community.

If you are reading this, you are probably a part of it. Thank you!

Let's look back on what we have achieved, and share our dreams for the future.

20 years of FSFE means 20 years of empowering people to control technology:

We highlight the importance of in Europe and look back at important accomplishments since 2001. ⭐

Above all, we shed light on our community with a birthday page! 🙂 Celebrate with us and share your own story under


Get help with clarifying the and status of your project, and become compliant! Register today to receive support by our legal experts:

Wie sieht es eigentlich gerade mit aus? Eine schöne Zusammenfassung mit Input von mir @fsfe:

Kurzum: Gar nicht gut. Die @EU_Commission versteht nicht, dass diese weltfremde Richtlinie durchweg schädlich ist, trotz Gutachten und viel Kritik.


Seit mehr als zehn Jahren bietet die eine psychosoziale Online-Beratung. Juni 2020 hat die Caritas die zu grunde liegende Software unter 3.0 veröffentlicht. Warum steht sehr schön erklärt hier:

"Wegen der Ähnlichkeit der Ziele, [...] oft auch dem Einsatz öffentlicher Gelder erscheint es naheliegend, dass Software für gemeinnützige Zwecke von gemeinnützigen Trägern viel mehr und vielleicht sogar grundsätzlich im Quellcode veröffentlicht werden"


A giugno, abbiamo lanciato REUSE Bootster per suggerimenti legali sul copyright a progetti di Software Libero. Abbiamo intervistato Torsten Grote, che ha insistito per liberare Android fin dagli inizi. Il team olandese richiede più diritti digitali.

*Our June Newsletter has been translated to German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish with the kind help of our translators.*

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SFP#11: For our new Software Freedom Podcast episode @mxmehl and Bonnie Mehring talk about the newly launched . For everyone out there who wants to make licensing easier

In juni lanceerden we Booster om Software-projecten te
helpen met licenties. We interviewden Torsten Grote, die de noodzaak om onze
te Bevrijden onderstreepte. FSFE-team Nederland eist meer
digitale rechten.

Onze juni-nieuwsbrief:

*Our June Newsletter has been translated to German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish with the kind help of our translators.*

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Im Juni haben wir Booster gestartet, um -Projekten
bei Lizenzen zu helfen. Wir sprechen mit, Vorreiter bei der
Befreiung von -Telefonen. Das FSFE-Niederlande-Team fordert mehr
digitale Rechte.

Unser Juni-Newsletter:

* Our June Newsletter has been translated to German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish with the kind help of our translators.*

In June, we launched REUSE Booster to share legal advice with projects on copyright.

We interviewed Torsten Grote, who stressed the need to Free our early on.

In The Netherlands, digital autonomy is undermined; meanwhile, demands for Free Software are rising

In our June Newsletter.

Photo: FSFE spot in a non-profit hacker-camp. The Netherlands, 2017.

Torsten Grote explored Free Software alternatives for smartphones as early as 2012. ⭐

In our interview we look back at the start of Free Your Android campaign.

Of course, we asked which options are available for liberating our phones today.

The interview was conducted in the context of celebrating 20 Years of the FSFE 🙂

Do you maintain a project?

Taking care of proper licensing is important for you and your users. Following the standards will take most of the load off your shoulders.

Register with REUSE Booster until 8 July to receive tailored support from us!

Today we launch REUSE Booster! 🚀

is a set of best practices to make Free Software licensing and copyright much easier for developers. With REUSE , we give direct support for interested projects.

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