Students should not have to use proprietary software to participate in the educational process. The FSFE joins the Dutch coalition ‘Fair Digital Education’ supporting privacy-respecting solutions involving in schools. The coalition signed a manifest calling for more control and fairness in the digital solutions used for education

es crucial per el disseny eco i la sostenibilitat de productes i maquinari.

46 organitzacions han demanat el dret unirersal d'instal·lar qualsevol programari en qualsevol dispositiu. La carat oberta en català:

Traveling 🚋 to #GPN20 today. Looking forward to meet new people! I am going to share my love for #FOSS using the material @fsfe sent me. ❤️ Stickers! 😉 👋 @c3stoc

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Notre lettre ouverte sur le droit d'installer n'importe quel logiciel sur n'importe quel appareil reçoit beaucoup de soutien. Aujourd'hui nous avons ajouté comme nouvelles signatures Ubuntu-fr, French Data Network et Parinux

Mai-Newsletter: 46 Organisationen fordern Recht, jede Software auf
jedem Gerät zu installieren. FSFE-App für Transparenz im
Beschaffungswesen im EU-Datathon-Finale ⭐ Italienische Gruppen planen Rundreise. Züricher Gruppe fördert föderierte Netzwerke.

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Newsletter maggio: 46 enti sostengono l'installazione di qualsiasi software su qualsiasi dispositivo. App della FSFE sulla trasparenza degli appalti va alle finali Datathon UE ⭐ Tour di volontari italiani. Gruppo di Zurigo promuove social federati.

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Maj nyhedsbrev: 46 entiteter støtter retten til frit at installere software på enhver enhed. FSFE's gennemsigtigheds-app til offentlige indkøb kommer i EU Datathon finalen ⭐ Italienske FSFE frivillige forbereder tour. Zürich fremmer fødererede netværk.

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Boletín de mayo: 46 entidades por el derecho a instalar cualquier software en cualquier dispositivo. La transparencia de la FSFE en la app de licitación pública alcanza las finales del Datathon de la UE. Voluntarios italianos de la FSFE preparan un viaje.

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In de mei-nieuwsbrief: 46 entiteiten steunen het recht alle software te
installeren op elk apparaat. App voor overheidstransparantie haalt EU Datathon finale ⭐ Italiaanse vrijwilligers bereiden tour voor. Zürich promoot gefederaliseerde netwerken.

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In May Newsletter: 46 entities support the right to install any software on any device. FSFE's transparency in public procurement app gets to EU Datathon finals ⭐ Italian FSFE volunteers prepare tour. Zurich group promotes federated social networks.

As a contribution to a consultation organised by the European telecom regulator, , the FSFE calls for increasing the level of in the telecommunications sector by safeguarding and establishing the any software on any device:

Is it right for governments to force citizens to use Google or Apple's proprietary technologies to verify their online identities? 🤔 The Netherlands user case

A reverse proxy can protect your servers from attack, cut down on the time your visitors wait, and balance the load, but how do you implement one for a large number of docker instances? Docker2Caddy to the rescue!

Early this year the European Commission presented its proposal for the EU Declaration on Digital Rights & Principles. The European Parliament has agreed on a common text. We welcome that is included. We keep monitoring the ongoing process to make sure this remains.

Today the European Parliament passed a resolution on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a huge majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against, and 102 abstentions. We welcome that the text includes some references to the advantages of .

Diesen Mittwoch um 9:30 geht es um ! Sei dabei, wenn wir die aktuelle Situation in 🇦🇹 diskutieren, wo dieses wichtige Recht auf der Kippe steht.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Für alle Infos und Link bitte hier registrieren:

Just signed: @interhop Devtank Unbinare @computertruhe @libreitalia You can still sign our open letter and support the right to reuse hardware. Let's strengthen and in the .

@fsfe is asking the EU to introduce legislation that will help extend the life of hardware and recycle devices through the unlocking of bootloaders, publishing specs, and guaranteeing the right to repair.

The open letter:

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