In FSMK Camps, 90% learning happens outside the classroom.
Here, students discussing about "Free Software and Society".

Day 1 of FSMK Camp. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Sathish, Registrar, VTU and Mr. H.D.Chowdiah, President, PET.
The students were initiated to GNU/Linux in the morning.
In the afternoon, Dr. Richard Stallman addressed the gathering.

"Free Software is almost always honest, and proprietary software is almost always a malware"
-Dr. Richard Stallman

"You can't trust your car, if it is self-driving, unless the software in it free"
- Dr. Richard Stallman

"I value my freedom more than I value any movie that's ever made" - Dr. Richard Stallman on the infamous Blu-ray attack.

"Freedom to run the program for any purpose, read source code, freedom to copy and freedom to modify and redistribute : Freedoms of Free Software"
- Dr. Richard Stallman

"In any program, there are 2 possibilities. Whether the user controls the program, or the program controls the program"
Dr. @rms

Day 0 of the camp got off to a great start. Training session for FSMK volunteers followed by preliminary interactions with the participants of the camp.

The "What"s and "Why"s of Free Software.
Here's some background information to prepare yourself for a talk by Dr. Richard Stallman.

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