Here's a thingie I've been playing around with that seems like it would suit quite a few use cases: -- An open source high performance MILP and QP optimization solver in 2 MB of Wasm for easy client-side use!

What's driving the relatively huge COVID-19 hospitalization counts for the youngest children? Carefulness?

Kan nogen lige huske, om ens NemID-brugernavn indgår i ens (offentlige) certifikater? Sådan at når MitID defaulter til det at bruge det som brugernavn, men samtidig har ændret semantik så brugernavn nu er et kodeord, så kan folk slå ens før-brugernavn-nu-kodeord op?

So it's obvious that if vaccination has limited efficacy against omicron infection but still reasonable illness protection, then omicron is milder on the full population, but how do hospitalization per infection stats change in each group; unvaccinated, vaccinated, boosted?

As per tradition, I'll be putting all my Python solutions on -- they're generally post-processed, cleaned up, and I try to make them interesting for the beginner/intermediate level Python user.

If I mixed up the semantics of usernames and passwords, I'd expect it to be an automatic audit fail, yet that's exactly the level of quality we've come to expect from the Danish state authentication system, where all Danes, including the most tech-illiterate, are expected to know to choose password-like usernames.

Fun little hack: The Danish COVID-19 tracking data is a bit annoying to fetch automatically, so why not handle the annoying parts with a scheduled GitHub Action and expose the result as a GitHub Page to improve general accessibility:


Speculation in this corner of the world that current RSV case number surge is caused by lower-than-usual exposure during last season, but number of confirmed cases last season doesn't seem like much of an outlier; what gives?

Endnu et dumt affaldssorteringsspørgsmål nu hvor frugttræerne fælder: Giver det mening, at frugter skal sorteres forskelligt, alt efter om de rådner i haven eller i køkkenet?

What a wonderful night sky! The Moon dancing with Jupiter and Saturn, and ordinary binoculars can pick up some of Jupiter's moons: Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa easily visible. Here, an embarrassing attempt to pick them up with an old mobile camera.

Would be nice to include "severity", but data is lacking. Death counts available but vary too greatly to make much sense of trends (30 day means below).

Number of patients in intensive care/ventilator available in -- trends mostly similar.

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As we move into infection season, a look at the trends in COVID hospital admission count compared to same time last year.


Time for another round of "How's the most transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variant doing in Denmark?"

If this one gets a foothold, its growth in time will become representative of covid19 count growth in general, as was the case for B.1.1.7.

New blog post: Burau and the infinite parking garage.

On a fun open problem in mathematics, easy to explain and implement an algorithm for, deceptively hard to find the solution to.

Fraction of B.1.1.7 in Denmark is /down/ since last week. This is spooky. B.1.525 enough to account for some 4-5% of week 11 cases.

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