When I did math for money, I regularly had to explain to skeptical engineers the value of fundamental research with no immediate applications to society. And then there's this:

‘Milestone’ Evidence for Anyons, a Third Kingdom of Particles Physicists have long known that the universe is made from two kinds of particles: fermions and bosons. Now there's a third that behaves totally differently. wired.com/story/milestone-evid #wired #news #Science/PhysicsandMath #QuantaMagazine #Science #physics #quantum #math

Fun little article (Danish) on how Zetland have minimized the CO2 emissions of their data transfer: zetland.dk/historie/sO0E9bnv-a

The client-side version is that local caching of data can matter. Download your favorite podcast or playlist rather than stream it using mobile data on your commute, and you'll help reduce energy consumption a bit. We're talking "remember to turn off the lights" levels of savings, but easy enough to do.

I've been finding it somewhat unsettling how this one piece on simplifications included in particle physics education material effectively cleared up my outsider view on the field immensely: iopscience.iop.org/article/10.

At the same time, it takes so much more effort to un-learn poor analogies than to learn them in the first place. If you are unable to provide an analogy for your theory without risking creating misconceptions, then don't provide any at all.

How do you all synchronize documents between multiple devices?

I was planning on starting to use Keybase's KBFS to set up simple encrypted sync between devices (in particular to get documents from a real OS to a tablet where UX puts hard constraints on how complex solutions can be), but with Keybase being sold [0], that's now a non-starter, and it's back to self-hosted Owncloud with all its moving parts. Is there a good replacement available these days?

[0]: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

To a Dane, this is probably the most metal particle physics experiments to have been conducted: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%98_

DeepMind's David Silver (paraphrased): For lack of better, let's take (thermodynamic) entropy as our reward. youtube.com/watch?v=uPUEq8d73J

DeepMind's Marcus Hutter (paraphrased): For lack of better, let's take (Shannon) information as our reward. youtube.com/watch?v=E1AxVXt2Gv

Mathematics is the science of getting a bunch of signs right.

grønstrøm.nu er det nu muligt at få et overblik over, hvordan strømproduktionen i Danmark er sammensat.

Det hjælper nok ikke i sig selv til at finde ud af, hvornår man skal bruge strøm, men kan være med til at give en idé om, hvor tallene kommer fra.

Need an adrenaline rush of a green pastime for quarantine Easter? Why not defrost your freezer and shave some 10W-20W [0] off your electricity bill (assuming you're as lazy about it as I've been)? Today is even a great time to do so (if in Denmark). [1]

[0] bolius.dk/saadan-afrimer-du-fr
[1] grønstrøm.nu

Had missed the official release of JupyterLab's visual debugger a few weeks ago. This could rather completely change the workflow for those like me currently using a Jupyter/vim/PyCharm mix, with a greater part of the work now being possible in Jupyter.

And I can already see how this will shave off multiple seconds in speed-coding.


Danish society will start reopening next week. Notably, herd immunity is "not a strategy". Indeed, we're left with what appears to be a strategy of "let's throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks".

Being one of the people likely to be infected with the concrete reopening initiatives, I'd certainly feel more a bit comfortable with an understanding of where this is supposed to go.

First order of the day: Port over @co2prognoser; a bot providing updates on the Danish CO2 emissions caused by electricity usage, allowing anyone to minimize their CO2 emissions by shifting their own electricity usage.

Hello world! Figured I'd give Mastodon a chance after an encounter with Twitter's automated suspension system on twitter.com/fuglede/status/124

Am I on the right Mastodon instance, or should I really be somewhere else?


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