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pLeAsE dOn'T wRiTe yOuR pOsTs LiKe tHiS. it's ableist. It originated in a meme making fun of autistic people, or people with irregular speach patterns in general.

Just stop linking bigotry to physical features, physical or mental health in general. Don't be an Ableist.

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Bilingual struggles , erasure, homomisia 

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I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" disabled people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" queer people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" trans people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" PoC 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" black women 💖

I support ALL angry, rude and generally "impolite" marginalized people 💖

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I have come here today to inform you all about the new, official term for people living in the E.U:

Brussel sprouts.

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*thinks she might not be as perfect as you might think she might think you might think she might be*

Aye. Don’t be a dick about not using Amazon. This isn’t a who is the best radical competition.

We’re all trying to get to a better place. Being an asshole about it doesn’t help.

My first work selfie without a lab coat lol 

They're not "preferred pronouns" they're "the only ones I go by, and if you purposely call me anything else, I'ma call you a list of unpleasant words and then block you..."

Buddy I work with just got out of 84 days served because it was that or pay some fines caused by an illegal traffic stop; paying the fines would've put his wife on the street.

If anyone in #ChapelHill knows of some work needs done, he's a good handyman, does basic lawn stuff, indoor paints well and even does some sheetrock stuff.

@gayalien bold of you to assume I can pronounce the word abalone

yesterday was national non-binary person's day

so is today

so is every day

you're all valid 🧡

Now I wonder what the bisexuals are distressed about though. Bi erasure? The worse health outcomes we experience than gay or straight people? Insufficient cake? No one laughing at our puns? #BisexualsInDistress

Spouse just asked "what's that on your leg?!" in such a concerned voice that I worried it was a big gross bug, or a bruise, or blood or something. I'd forgotten all about the temporary tattoo because this morning seems so long ago, heh.

So I told him that's what it was. "It's of a bi flag but I put it on upside down," I explained.

"You're just trying to tell everyone that the bisexuals are in distress!" he said. Which actually made me laugh a lot.

Trying some bi temporary tattoos as a favor to a friend.

Good thing they're temporary because I just put this one on upside down, ha.

You'd think the bi flag would be more forgiving about its orientation, honestly!

politics, slavery, capitalism 

politics, slavery, capitalism 

Bad news for astigmatism stans (selfies, no ec, please boost) 

eye contact, selfie, lesbian fantasy, boost+ 

Holen sie Popcorn, der Amazon Kundenservice diskutiert auf Twitter mit mir.…

“But people won’t work unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation!”

No, people won’t work for YOU unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation

everyone drank their respect women juice today?

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