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Trolls and shitposts literally originated in right-wing places. So I mean... If that's all you are/do... At the very least use CWs, but maybe just do us all a favor and just shut up. lol.

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pLeAsE dOn'T wRiTe yOuR pOsTs LiKe tHiS. it's ableist. It originated in a meme making fun of autistic people, or people with irregular speach patterns in general.

Just stop linking bigotry to physical features, physical or mental health in general. Don't be an Ableist.

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I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" disabled people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" queer people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" trans people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" PoC 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" black women 💖

I support ALL angry, rude and generally "impolite" marginalized people 💖

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*thinks she might not be as perfect as you might think she might think you might think she might be*

Is this thing on? Also, why is the official mastodon app not available yet?

Global heritage protection petition 

The uk government is trying to destroy stone henge. Sign here to stop them.

Covid Vax, food 

Biontech and fries! What a combo! 🍟☺️

This restaurant is literally right accros the vaccination center... lol

"edgy" (deutsch: "kantig") kommt von immanuel kant weil der mit seinen positionen auch oft angeeckt ist

Us pol, de pol 

Americans in 2016: what about her emails!

Germans in 2021: what about her resumé!

Abt the German language 

I just fucking resized that there is no singular for "die Kosten" (the expenses) and no plural for "die Kost" (the diet/food)


Why can I have more than double the amount of money in my account if I'm on student benefits compared to if I'm on unemployment benefits? 🙃🙃🙃

(This post was brought to you by me almost having a heart attack because "oh no. That's too much money. I''m gonna loose my benefits.😰😰😰")

Fake etymology 

Dolphins are called "doll fins" because they are the prettiest maritime mammals.

Dansk spørgsmål 

Hvorfor er Danmark så anti immigranter?
Hvad er antiindvandrerne venstre????

Heute will die GroKo beschließen, dass Apple&Google helfen müssen, Eure Smartphones mit Staatstrojanern zu infizieren.
Und die BPol soll das dürfen, ohne dass Ihr überhaupt einer Straftat verdächtigt werdet.

Von Seehofer war nichts anderes zu erwarten. Von der SPD… auch nicht.

capitalism will take your history and sell a gutted and dead version of it back to you

Basic comp Sci, artificial voice question 

Why does tiktoks artificial voice have an integer limit???? It's not supposed to calculate anything, it's just supposed read???? And why does it sound like it's having a stroke after reading a bunch of Hs?

Opinion: By forcefully equating love of the country with love of the Party, the Party is making it impossible for liberal-minded Chinese to love their country.…
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