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Trolls and shitposts literally originated in right-wing places. So I mean... If that's all you are/do... At the very least use CWs, but maybe just do us all a favor and just shut up. lol.

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pLeAsE dOn'T wRiTe yOuR pOsTs LiKe tHiS. it's ableist. It originated in a meme making fun of autistic people, or people with irregular speach patterns in general.

Just stop linking bigotry to physical features, physical or mental health in general. Don't be an Ableist.

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I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" disabled people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" queer people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" trans people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" PoC 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" black women 💖

I support ALL angry, rude and generally "impolite" marginalized people 💖

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*thinks she might not be as perfect as you might think she might think you might think she might be*

Gonna delete the tusky app. See you around maybe. 😊

So my wife's 2yo might have ADD.
Does anyone have links to information on how I can make the kid's life easier?
(Diagnosing information is not what I'm asking for, I leave that to the other parents)

Boosts appreciated.

:boost_requested: un'e ami'e recherche une instance 

Un'e ami'e non-binaire recherche une instance générale focus ou safe pour les personnes trans et neuroatypique :D (iel parle anglais et français); vous auriez des recommendations? :D

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:boost_requested: friend looking for an instance 

An enby friend of mine is looking for a general trans and neurodivergent friendly instance :D (they speak french and english); any recommendations? :3

i think people who use neopronouns are extremely cool

Food shitpost, alc adj. 

Just drinking a margarine, as you do.

there's nothing wrong with liking sea shanties but i feel like i have to point out that they're basically just as colonialist as the star spangled banner

weird coincidence that the part of the country that white hippies think should separate to be its own country was literally founded to be a white ethnostate in which Black people and people of color could not settle, and met with violent reprisal when they did!!!

if you live in portland and you dunk on the midwest you’re a piece of shit. i’ve decided this unilaterally and i will be yelling at people for it from now on.

@geet @georgespolitzer @zorotl i get really upset when people dunk on the south or write us off completely lmao


Ich habe in den letzten Jahren zahlreiche teils extrem gut bezahlte Jobangebote abgelehnt. Schreiben ist nicht meine einzige Option. Es ist tatsächlich die am schlechtesten bezahlte aller Optionen. Aber es ist eben das was ich tun will & das ist´s mir wert. 🤓

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Was übrigens besonders verletzend ist: Oft schwingt in derartiger "Kritik" auch der Verdacht mit, man "habe eben nix anderes gelernt". Als wäre das was wir tun quasi unser letzter Strohhalm. Ich kann hier nur für mich sprechen, aber...

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Wer anderen unlautere Absichten unterstellt, nur weil sie im politischen Bereich arbeiten oder hauptamtlich schreiben, stützt damit Positionen, die zu Ende gedacht darauf hinauslaufen, extreme Machtungleichgewichte in der Gesellschaft zu zementieren.

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Mich macht es traurig, dass wir immer noch dieselben Debatten führen, wie vor 20 Jahren. Ich dachte eigentlich, wir wären da längst weiter. Ich bin froh, wenn es Menschen gibt die Bücher zum Thema Antirassismus & Hass im Netz schreiben (🙏 Ihre Arbeit ist wichtig.

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