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Trolls and shitposts literally originated in right-wing places. So I mean... If that's all you are/do... At the very least use CWs, but maybe just do us all a favor and just shut up. lol.

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pLeAsE dOn'T wRiTe yOuR pOsTs LiKe tHiS. it's ableist. It originated in a meme making fun of autistic people, or people with irregular speach patterns in general.

Just stop linking bigotry to physical features, physical or mental health in general. Don't be an Ableist.

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I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" disabled people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" queer people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" trans people 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" PoC 💖

I support angry, rude and generally "impolite" black women 💖

I support ALL angry, rude and generally "impolite" marginalized people 💖

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*thinks she might not be as perfect as you might think she might think you might think she might be*

amazon is bad because their small cardboard boxes are too small for my small cat

Does anyone have any tips on masks 😷 and makeup 💄 for trans women who need to conceal beard shadow etc?

At present there's a lot of times where I have to wear a mask, but I also take it off - the other day, I had to wear it in a seminar, but take it off for an outdoor coffee with a friend, and the concealer/foundation had rubbed off my top lip area in particular onto the inside of the mask 😱

Any tips for this not to happen? Laser is, as ever, pending (given lockdowns etc).


In Cardiff, Llanelli, or Swansea and want to know about the new lockdown rules? Here they are:

These take place from 6pm this Sunday (27th September). They're not actually different from what you've hopefully been doing already when/if possible, so no worries there. #Wales #Cymru #Lockdown #Swansea #Llanelli #Cardiff #Caerdydd #Abertawe

STEM without social science is tyranny.

Social science without STEM is a utopia.

Is the fediverse overly dominated by white people?

Please comment.

#Poll #fedipoll

I think we've asked this before, but we're thinking about it again: how do y'all feel about sleep?

if ur in west philly and want some covid safe coffee, or to support the local community, a trans owned/run coffee shop just opened up off Malcom X park. they're certified good noodles imo

I know dark clouds will gather 'round me
I know my way is rough and steep
But golden fields lie out before me

I'll soon be free from every trial
My body sleep in the church yard
I'll drop the cross on self denial
And enter on my great reward 🎶

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